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11.68  Dollars américain
Motekon maquillage Anekon 2 semaines 1 boîte de 4 pièces (Motecon Anecon couleur contact contact degré de Colorcon il existe un degré sans-à-Semaine 2week 2 semaines)
[en] Motecon ~ Motekon MAKEUP 2week ~◆ Number of sheets 1 box 4 sheets◆ Use period 2 weeks◆ DIA 14.0 mm◆ Coloring diameter 13.2mm◆ BC 8.6 mm◆ Water content 38%Frequency ± 0.00 to 8.00◆ Advanced Medical Device Approval Number 22300BZX00173A03◆ Manufacturer Distributor Mary Sight Corporation◆ Seller Sweet Co., Ltd.◆ Advertising censure TF CO., LTDTEL: 0120-1132-81Advanced medical device sales permit license number◆ Producer Korea◆ Segment Advanced Management Medical Equipment ※ Prescription is unnecessary.※ Please purchase from receiving an examination at an ophthalmic clinic.
14.47  Dollars américain
Merle Meruru
[ja] ★材質 meruruピンセット:樹脂部分 ポリカーボネート meruruピンセット:先端部分 シリコーン meruruスティック:シリコーン ★meruruピンセット (1)長さ 75mm 幅 20mm ポリカーボネート (2)レンズ装着部 直径6.5mm シリコーン 成人男性の人差し指の先1/4程度でレンズの位置がよく見え斜めや横にしてもレンズが落ちにくくできています (3)レンズ取り外し部 4×7×9mm シリコーン ★meruruスティック (1)長さ 62mm 幅 6mm シリコーン (2)レンズ吸着面10×7×15mm シリコーン
12.63  Dollars américain
degré Colorcon il y a un degré sans le diamant d'une journée par boîte 10 pièces 14.5mm
[zh] ■商品名Diya ■商品説明 适合所有闪耀的女性 ■彩色隐形眼镜专门店设计制作 人气「Diya」系列万众期待的日抛新登场! 四种颜色适合每天各种妆容♪ ■棕色 /巧克力色 /黑橄榄色 /美式丝绒 ■高度管理医療機器承認番号22500BZX00252A06 ■含水率38.6% ■镜片直径(DIA)14.5mm ■BC8.8mm ■度数±0.00、-0.75~-5.00(0.25ステップ)、-5.50、-6.00 ■使用期限:1天 ■数量:1箱10片 ■生产地台湾 ■制造贩卖有限公司El Dorado ■贩卖有限公司サンシティ ■区分高度管理医疗器械 ■分类:单回使用 (非)矫正视力用彩色隐形眼镜(整日佩戴・开封后1天)
33.15  Dollars américain
Couleur rose
M/Mika ninagawa
[Couleur lentilles de contact / 1 jour/30 feuilles]
[en] Ninagawa real flowers direction brand "M/mika ninagawa. And collaboration / COLOR / NADESHIKO / First / industry Art & art drawer BOX package ♦ special package of four interwoven with vivid colours, Used up lenses also varied. ★ "12 Pack cans." ★ Small accessories such as earrings, rings, Finer things such as lenses or eye drops to put into a convenient Palm size. Not scattered all over the bag tightly closed the lid, so to worry about! ★ 30 pieces BOX type ★ Or, store makeup accessories Sweets and stationery for use in the Office and uses. ★ suitable for daily use. Comfortable cozy closet ★ Looking for interior/exterior 3 tone reins, though surprisingly natural and pleasant. Fun for the whole day always your 3 tone reins. Represented by mixing three colors that do not overlap Martian successor nadesico as dot. Familiar with good eyes the inherent sense of transparency and the color is very natural in your eyes feel adult poise and grace. The lenses are thin and, believe in eye health. Also, maintaining oxygen through a calculated dot in space, feel good, 1, even when eyes are less tired is has. ◆ 1 box 30 pieces. ♦ product name: nadesicocolorwander ♦ trial period: 1 day ♦ color:KOHAKU, BENI, HACCA, RURI ♦ DIA:14.0mm ♦ colored diameter:13.2mm ♦ POWER: ± 0.00,-0.50~-6.00(0.25 step)-6.00~-10.00(0.50) ♦ BC:8.6 ♦ water content: 38% ♦ sales source: company Mary suite ♦ manufacturing vendor: Inc. Mary suite ♦ country of origin: Taiwan ♦ product category: highly advanced controlled medical devices ♦ medical equipment approval number: 22200BZX00889A15 * Department of Ophthalmology, clinic of ask.
12.63  Dollars américain
Livraison gratuite lentilles de contact de couleur japonaise "PienAge" 1 jour jetable / 12 pièces, livraison gratuite
[en] ◆ Pienage ◆Model: MAGGY (ViVi exclusive model)Brown/natural◆Product name:Cute view 1◆Color:NO,1_レーシー  LacyNO,2_テディ  TeddyNO,3_ベリー  BerryNO,4_レディー  LadyNO,5_ガーリー  GirlyNO,6_ファンシー  FancyNO,7_ミステリー  Mystery◆Number of degrees:± 0.00 (once without), 0.50--6.00(0.25 step)◆Expiration date:1 day disposable.◆Set contents:1 box of 12 pieces ◆Lens diameter:14.0 mm◆Lens BC:8.6 mm◆Moisture content:38%Center thickness:If the 0.06mm(-3.00D)◆Purpose of use:Vision correction for lens (throughout the day for interior/exterior)◆Manufactured and sold:Co., Ltd. Mary suiteVendor SHO-BI co., Ltd.◆Category:Made in Taiwan / advanced controlled medical devices◆Medical equipment approval number 22200BZX00889A04
548.54  Dollars américain
Dispositif mobile de génération de gaz d'hydrogène KENCOS (Kenkosu) 2-S Starter Kit
[en] Product name KENCOS 2-S (Kenkosu SS) Starter kit Features Safety design with gyro sensor. Detects inclination of 75 degrees and stops hydrogen generation Switching function between normal mode and hydrogen only mode that can be used according to the usage environment Long and stable generation of hydrogen Hydrogen generation only while pressing the four electrode buttons Supply two clean screw caps to supply clean hydrogen Supply kit Contents KENCOS 2 - S Body upper lid, electrolytic cell, atomizer, coil and screw cap · Carrying case × 1 screw - Screw Cap × 1 piece · screw cap case × 1 piece · trial silicon nozzle cap × 3 piece · replacement coil × 4 · dummy coil × 1 piece · suction upper lid (with nozzle cap) × 1 piece · USB charging cable × 1 piece · electrolytic solution (30ml) × 1 piece · aroma liquid (10ml) × 3 kinds (menthol · lemon · honey juice candy) · nozzle eradication spray × 1 book · instruction manual · handling note · product user Recording of guidance, notice, the contents of manual warranty card power rechargeable lithium-ion battery battery capacity 7.4Wh (3.7V 2Ah) Charging power 5 V / 1A (USB) Charging terminal microUSB Charging time Approximately 3 hours Electric energy maximum 18 W (hydrogen generation: maximum 8 W) (flavor generation: maximum 10 W) Hydrogen generation method Electrolytic electrolytic water electrolyzed water exclusive electrolytic water (sodium citrate) Hydrogen generation maximum 8 ml / min (Hydrogen 67%, Oxygen 33%) (Mixed gas maximum 12 ml / min) Electronic cigarette system Liquid heating type Exterior material Glass, aluminum, ABS, PC Operating temperature range 5 ° C to 35 ° C Dimensional width: 22 mm × length: 50 mm × height: 162 mm Weight 165 g * At the time of suction top cover installation, electrolyte and aroma liquid are not included Usage time Hydrogen only suction 40 min / aroma heating combined 18 min development / manufacturer AQUA BANK Corporation
11.68  Dollars américain
Colorcon GIVRETOKYO 1DAY Gee Bull Tokyo One Day 1 boîte de 10 pièces
[zh] ◆GIVRE在法语中是冰花、冰霜的意思。花以及树沾上冰霜所以变成冰花以及树挂。平凡的花以及树等身穿冰霜变成冰花,树挂。使你的双眸从平凡变的闪耀。显示出大人的光辉。 ----------------------------------------------- ◆TRUE HAZEL[丝绒]不经意的丝绒色的透明感~洗练女性的瞳孔。把2种色调的色彩混合成的丝绸色,使瞳孔散发明亮魅力。 ----------------------------------------------- ◆ORIENTAL MIST[东方雾色]重点突出大人的双瞳。~像熏衣草颜色的东方眼睛。发光的天然的透镜诞生。 ------------------------------------------------ ◆AMBER BROWN[棕色]~比平时要更稍微华丽。~边缘溶化于瞳孔的棕色设计自然的混合颜色。 ◆BC:8.6mm ◆DIA(镜片直径):14.1mm ◆度数(D):0.00、-0.50~-6.00(0.25单位)、-6.50~-10.00(0.5单位) ◆商品名称:GIVRE ◆承認番号:22600BZX00011A12 ◆着色直径:13.4mm
14.21  Dollars américain
Colorcon bonbons magique mensuel [1 boîte 2 pièces] degrés sans 14.5mm Saeko bonbons magie 1 mois 1 mois couleur mensuelle de contact Kyanmaji
[zh] 商品名 Candy Magic换了新的包装! ◆KING系列最盛期的王道KING系列☆因为是作为标准规格的式样供使用所以平常也可以使用♪ ◆BIG Candy 系列小鹿斑比的双瞳一般的大眼睛滴溜溜的转☆黑色边缘充满水润感 ◆NATURAL系列轻柔的边缘给人温柔印象的茶色平常也可以使用的刚刚好的颜色,很可爱♪ ◆GOSSIP系列优雅名流系混血双眸充满明亮豪华感☆ ◆CRYSTAL系列带有度数的四种颜色,闪亮双眸☆主角级别的灵气华丽双眸!四种色调混合搭配,加强深邃感♪ ◆AQUA系列好评热卖的のCandymagic1day 系列第三位人气商品和不同于特别有人气的GlassBrown颜色的月抛新系列登场。适合想要拥有有颜色但是还想看起来自然的彩色隐形眼镜的人 ◆系列・颜色 KING棕色/ KING灰色/ KING黑色/ BIGCANDY棕色/ BIGCANDY黑色/自然棕色/ GOSSIP棕色/ GOSSIP灰色/ CRYSTAL金色/ CRYSTAL银色/ PLUS棕色/ PLUS暖棕色/ 百合丝绒/ ルミエール棕色 ◆高度管理医療機器承認番号 22300BZX0005600022700BZX00215000(AQUQ系列) ◆含水率 38.5% ◆镜片直径(DIA):14.5mm ◆BC:8.9mm 8.6mm(AQUQ系列) ◆度数 无度数 ◆使用期限:开封后1个月 ◆数量:1箱2枚 ◆产地:韩国 ◆製造販売元 有限公司El Dorado有限公司プランA(AQUQ系列) ◆販売元 有限公司Lcode ◆区分 高度管理医療機器 ◆分类:可以重复使用 非矫正视力用彩色隐形眼睛(整日佩戴・开封后1个月交換)
9.08  Dollars américain
★ Colorcon 1 mois ★ « #CHOUCHOU Tutu (par boîte 1 pièces) Série 2 de la boîte (Wanmansu)
[zh] ◆像甜甜圈一样的に色彩鲜艳充满个性! ◆难以选择的6种流行色彩 ◆“在这个世界上只有一个的我…和谁一样的话就很无聊” ◆现在,这个瞬间最闪耀 ◆找到只有自己喜欢的♪ ◆颜色オリーヴ、奶糖色、新鲜柠檬色、橘棕色、牛奶桃子色、宝宝蓝度数 ◆度数:无度数 ◆使用期限:1个月 ◆内容量:1箱1枚 ◆DIA(直径):14.2mm ◆BC:8.8mm ◆含水率:38.0% ◆生产贩卖公司:アイクオリティ有限公司 ◆贩卖公司:アイクオリティ有限公司 ◆产地:韩国 ◆区分:高度管理医療機器承認番号 22400BZX00457000
12.63  Dollars américain
Colorcon 1 mois Revere degré 1 boîte 1 feuille
[en] Product Name Revere One Month Color Within 1 month after opening the expiration date Color PaleMirage (Brown) Nostalgia (Brown) PennyChoral (Brown) Praline Bran (Brown) Gypsy Amber (Brown) Sales frequency-0.50 to-5.00 (0.25 units) -5.50 to -10.00 (in 0.50 units) DIA (diameter) 14.1 mm Colored diameter PaleMirage12.9 mm Prarine Bran 13.5 mm Nostalgia / PennyChoral / Gypsy Amber 13.6 mm BC (base curve) 8.6 mm Moisture content 38.5% (low moisture content) Manufacturing method Cast mold manufacturing method Quantity is in 1 box and 1 sheet Sales management permit for advanced management medical devices Permit number: 18N04713
29.99  Dollars américain
Colorcon Pienaju Un jour 30 pièces pienage degrés Aucun 0.00 1 jour
[en] Pienagh pienage Image Model: Maggie 14.2 mm / 14.0 mm / 8.6 Adult cute color combination favored in natural ★ The borderless lens is imitokoiyuuuuuu eyes! It is! ◆ Sales name: Cute view 1 ◆ Number of sheets: 30 boxes per box ◆ Water content: 38% ◆ DIA: 14.0 mm / 14.2 mm ◆ BC: 8.6 mm Center thickness: 0.06 mm (in the case of -3.00 D) ◆ Color: LACY TEDDEY BERRY LADY GIRLY FANCY MISTERY ◆ POWER: ± 0.00, -0.50 to-6.00 (0.25 steps), -6.50 to-8.00 (0.50 steps) ◆ Purpose of use: A lens for visual acuity correction (all day wear · 1 day disposable) ◆ Classification: Made in Taiwan / advanced management medical equipment ◆ Medical device approval number: 22200BZX00889A04 ◆ Manufacturer selling agency: Merry Sight Corporation ◆ Distributor: SHO-BI Co., Ltd. Image Model: MAGGY
12.3  Dollars américain
Colorcon Revere 1 jour degré sans degré 1 boîte 10 pièces
[en] [Product information] -Product Name: Revere One Day -Name of sale: Revere Aqua -Expiration date: 1 day after opening Sales frequency: ± 0.00 (without degree)-0.50 to-5.00 (0.25 unit)-5.50 to-10.00 (0.50 unit) ・ DIA (diameter): 14.1 mm -Colored diameter: 12.6 to 13.6 mm ・ BC (base curve): 8.6 mm Moisture content: 58% -Lens manufacturing method: cast mold manufacturing method ・ 10 pieces per box ・ Medical equipment approval number: 22700 BZI00009A09 · Vendor: Lcode Inc. ・ Classification: advanced management medical equipment -Country of manufacture: Made in Taiwan ・ Development color: Pale Mirage Mist Iris Nostalgia Shiasaburu praline Blanc Gypsy Amber Sales management permit for advanced management medical devices Permit number: 18N04713
12.63  Dollars américain
Dessèche pas Colorcon Motekon Con Ane Un jour 10 degrés feuilles Oui mais sans 14.2mm Brown boîtes douloureuses naturelles non naturelles 1
[zh] ❤Motecon×Anecon人气女性的必备日抛与旧版相比较,价格更低,对眼睛更温两方面来考虑,推出了新版日抛隐形眼镜!! 【 Milktea Ash 】日常中可以随心佩戴的自然颜色❤灰色系の奶茶灰色 【 MochaBrown 】很显色的深灰加上水润感。给人很漂亮的感觉。 【Lady Pearl】日常佩戴的自然色❤艳丽的棕色给人有品位的感觉 【 Lady Doll】日然棕色,像人偶一样❤不止为了让眼睛醒目,还能看起来很有品位有质感的双瞳 ■数量:1箱10枚 ■使用期限:日抛软性接触眼镜 ■DIA14.2mm ■着色直径13.6mm ■BC8.6mm ■含水率38.5% ■度数±0.00(无度数) -0.75~-5.00(0.25单位) -5.50~-8.00(0.50单位)(有度数) ■制造方法キャストモールド製法 ■产地:韩国 ■医療機器承認番号22700BZX00120000 ■製造販売元フロムアイズ株式会社 ■販売元株式会社スウィート
28.42  Dollars américain
Refrear BIJOU degré Colorcon il existe un degré sans une journée Rifurea Bijou une boîte de 10 pièces 2 coffret Brown d'ajustement naturel naturel 14.1mm 8,6 1 jour jetable
[en] Based on the concept of an adult color contact that is easy to use everyday, Refreya Biju finished in a design that anyone can easily use as an item for improving girls' ability. Brown 1 finished with a sense of glitter with hazel gold and brown giving a sharp impression with bitter 5. To the eyes of a glow like a jewel (bijou)! Selling name One Day Refrea Bijou Color Brown 1 / Brown 5 Frequencies ± 0.00 (no degree) -0.50 to -6.00 (0.25 D Step) -6.50 to -8.00 (0.50 D Step) Use Purpose Visual Acuity Correction Lens Usage Period One Day Disposable Set Contents 1 box 10 lenses lens diameter 14.1 mm lens BC 8.6 mm moisture content 38.6% classification advanced management medical equipment manufacturing distributor From Eyes Co., Ltd. Medical equipment approval number 22700 BZX 00120 A 011 Advertising censure TF Co., Ltd. TEL 0120-1132-81 Advanced management Medical device number No. 6839 ◆ The prescription is unnecessary. ◆ ※ Please purchase from receiving an examination at an ophthalmic clinic. ● Post posting, delivery date designation · arrival confirmation can not be performed. Also, there is a possibility that it will be returned if the nameplate, the name of the post is different from the surname of the recipient. ● It will be shipped after confirming your order or after confirming payment. It may change depending on the area of ​​residence, weather, road conditions. ● Bundled with other products will be impossible. In the unlikely event, we will ship it by courier. ● We can not assume responsibility such as unarrival, damage etc. after shipment of goods. Please note. * Mail shipping only shipping fee If you receive a cash on delivery service or convenience store, it will be shipping courier and shipping costs will be borne by you.
25.26  Dollars américain
amour Holic 1 jour oeil luce modèle une jours vivi « emma » un jour prescription à usage unique requis 20 feuilles 0,00 à -6,00 Fuchiari degré Colorcon sans marge il y a un degré sans amour Holic Un jour 1 boîte de 10 pièces 2 coffret de base Brown 14.5mm 8,9 Quartier demi naturel 10P05Nov16
[en] A cute face, a cool face, a girl with various facial expressions, pursues a lens that I really want to use in various scenes. Love holic 1day eye luce oneday vivi model "emma" number of sheets 1 box 10 pieces entering 2 box set ◆ use period 1 day ◆ DIA 14.5mm ◆ coloring diameter 13.8mm ◆ BC 8.9mm ◆ moisture content 38.6% ◆ frequency ± 0.00 ~ - 6.00 ◆ Advanced medical equipment approval number 22300 BZX00212000 ◆ Producer Taiwan ◆ Manufacturer selling agency Aile Co., Ltd. ◆ Sales agency LECAX GROVE ◆ segment advanced management medical equipment
12.63  Dollars américain
Luena MAKE (maquillage Luna) Colorcon nouveaux produits Un jour 10 pièces Shibasaki degré Kou Oui degré Aucun 0,00 à usage unique prescription requise 1 jour 1 jour
[zh] 延续了透明隐形眼镜Luena的规格、新発想的圆形隐形眼镜登場! 自然的设计,提升对双瞳的印象。 推荐使用透明隐形眼镜的您使用这款。 经常佩戴圆形隐形眼镜的人、希望您选择这款别的公司没有的细腻的设计感和颜色的隐形眼镜。 ◆规格 ・商品名 :Luena ・度数  :±0.00~-10.00(0.00D~-6.00D 0.25单位)(-6.50~-10.00 0.50单位) ・カラー :Original Black01・Basic Brown02・Dark Brown03・Accent Brown04・Khaki Brown05 ・使用目的:一次性矫正视力用隐形眼镜 ・装用期間:1日 ・数量:10枚 ・含水率 :55% ・中心厚 :0.060mm~0.111mm (±0.00⇒0.111mm -3.00⇒0.090mm -10.00⇒0.060mm) ・DIA   :14.2mm ・BC   :8.6mm ・承認番号:228000BZX00332000 ・製造販売元:エイショウ光学株式会社
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