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【Kubara Honke】 Caesar style lettuce salad kit of large croutons 12

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Welcome. We will ship goods from the central wholesale market in the kitchen in Osaka! We celebrate the 54th anniversary of our foundation and we will deliver lots of delicious fruits and vegetable sweets etc. to more people!
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6 pieces of dried persimmon from Nagano prefecture
[en] There is also a sweet and rich texture with a sticky texture. The surface of the fruit is covered with fine white powder (white powder is crystallized glucose which exudes from the inside of the fruit during drying process), and the flesh is a beautiful candy color. Taste is a sticky texture like oats and has a sugar content of 65 to 70% and is characterized by an elegant sweetness of natural sugar. Ichida Nishiki is a high quality natural sweetener. Please use it as a cooking ingredient. Especially, "Ichi-don" which is compatible with dairy products is cheese, butter, yoghurt, etc. It is easy to change into delicious snacks and sweets simply by sandwiching, rolling, and mixing. Please prepare a new taste.
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Potato chips of a greengrocer 12 boxed
[en] We use "Akari Toba" which is high in starch value and sweet and delicious made at Abe Farm in Hokkaido. It is a product that uses the taste by slicing the potato as it is without using any seasoning such as salt as it is thick. It is also recommended for toppings of salads and rice · bread. Considering flavor and health 100% rice oil used. ■ Contents: 75g ■ Ingredient name: Potato (Hokkaido: not genetically modified), vegetable oil (rice oil)
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Three kinds of apple chocolate
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Dried apples 6 pieces
[en] It is a healthy apple chip with carefully selected leaves, Sanji Fuji, dried without sugar. With the power of the sun, the apple chips which dried the apple which grew smoothly as it is, with a texture which is sweet and crisp, the taste of the apple made in Aomori prefecture is condensed. From sliced to dry processing, packages are handled by a couple. Because it is an apple farmer, it is a safe, safe and delicious snack of natural materials that can be made. ■ Contents: 1 bag 15 g entered 6 pieces (boxed)
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Apple jelly 6
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[en] I wrapped carefully selected La France with soft jelly. ■ Ingredients: La France, sugar, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), fragrance, acidulant, antioxidant (vitamin C) Contents ■: 400 g 6 pieces
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Dessert Jelly 400 g 6 pieces
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Mango jelly 400 g 6 pieces
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Three types of fruit jelly 400 g 6 pieces
[en] I covered the most familiar fruits (yellow peach, mandarin, pineapple) with soft jelly. ■ Raw material name: fruit (yellow thigh, pineapple, mandarin orange), sugar, pine apple juice, pepper juice, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), fragrance, antioxidant (vitamin C), acidulant Quantity: 400 g 6 pieces
4.93  U.S. Dollar
Three kinds of apple chocolate
[en] It is a product that you can enjoy the sweetness of the apple wrapped in three kinds of chocolate and the taste of three kinds of chocolate on the moistly finished one which dried the apple 16 segments and dried for one day. Contents amount 60 g
4.93  U.S. Dollar
Apple Chips
[en] Sanji Fujirigin rice which has been collected from trees older than 100 years old is sliced to a thickness of about 4 mm and dried with warm air for 24 hours. The appearance will be about 1/10 by drying, but since the flavor and taste become ten times stronger and tasty than fruits, please try the flavor of the apple spreading full of apples once and for all! There is sweetness peculiar to apples, and it features crisp tactile like potato chips. Vitamin C is plentiful ♪ ■ Contents amount 35 g
Product description:
1回 2~3人前 × 12入
<乳化液状ドレッシング>食用植物油脂(大豆油、菜種油)、糖類(果糖ブドウ糖液糖、砂糖、水あめ)、醸造酢、食塩、乳等を主要原料とする食品、調味料(アミノ酸等)、増粘剤(加工でん粉、キサンタンガム)、液鶏卵、チーズ加工品、魚醤、レモン果汁、魚介エキス、酒精、香辛料抽出物、香辛料、乳化剤、酸味料、トレハロース、酸化防止剤(V.E)、香料、カロチノイド色素 <クルトン>小麦粉、イースト、食塩、ショートニング、甘味料(キシロース)、イーストフード、V.C<スパイスミックス>ブラックペッパー、レッドベルペッパー、オニオン、マスタード、コリアンダー、バジル、ガーリック
Caesar salad style like special thick dumplings and large croutons, spices set. Just mix it with tipped lettuce, you can serve authentic lettuce salad. Once a day 2 ~ 3 servings × 12 entering <Emulsified liquid dressing> Food mainly made from edible vegetable fat and oil (soybean oil, rapeseed oil), sugar (fructose dextrose sugar, sugar, syrup), brewed vinegar, salt, Seasonings (amino acids etc.), Thickeners (Processed starch, Xanthan gum), Liquid chicken eggs, Processed cheeses, Fish sauce, Lemon juice, Fish extracts, Sake, Spice extract, Spices, Emulsifiers, Acidulants, Trehalose, Antioxidant (VE), fragrance, carotenoid pigment <Crouton> flour, yeast, salt, shortening, sweetener (xylose), yeast food, VC <spice mix> black pepper, red bell pepper, onion, mustard, coriander, basil, garlic
凯撒沙拉风格像特别厚的饺子和大油煎面包块,香料集。只需将它与生菜混合,即可提供正宗的生菜沙拉。每天一次2~3份×12次进入<乳化液体敷料>食物主要由食用植物油脂(豆油,菜籽油),糖(果糖葡萄糖,糖,糖浆),酿造的醋,盐,调味料(氨基酸等),增稠剂(加工淀粉,黄原胶),液体鸡蛋,加工奶酪,鱼露,柠檬汁,鱼提取物,清酒,香料提取物,香料,乳化剂,酸化剂,海藻糖,抗氧化剂(VE),香料,类胡萝卜素色素<Crouton>面粉,酵母,盐,起酥油,甜味剂(木糖),酵母食品,VC <香料混合物>黑胡椒,红甜椒,洋葱,芥末,香菜,罗勒,大蒜
凱撒沙拉風格像特別厚的餃子和大油煎麵包塊,香料集。只需將它與生菜混合,即可提供正宗的生菜沙拉。每天一次2~3份×12次進入<乳化液體敷料>食物主要由食用植物油脂(豆油,菜籽油),糖(果糖葡萄糖,糖,糖漿),釀造的醋,鹽,調味料(氨基酸等),增稠劑(加工澱粉,黃原膠),液體雞蛋,加工奶酪,魚露,檸檬汁,魚提取物,清酒,香料提取物,香料,乳化劑,酸化劑,海藻糖,抗氧化劑(VE),香料,類胡蘿蔔素色素<Crouton>麵粉,酵母,鹽,起酥油,甜味劑(木糖),酵母食品,VC <香料混合物>黑胡椒,紅甜椒,洋蔥,芥末,香菜,羅勒,大蒜
Ensalada César como albóndigas espesas especiales y crutones grandes, set de especias. Solo mézclelo con lechuga con la punta, puede servir una ensalada de lechuga auténtica. Una vez al día 2 ~ 3 porciones x 12 entradas <Aderezo líquido emulsionado> Alimentos hechos principalmente de grasa vegetal comestible y aceite (aceite de soja, aceite de colza), azúcar (azúcar de fructosa dextrosa, azúcar, jarabe), vinagre de cerveza, sal, Condimentos (aminoácidos, etc.), espesantes (almidón procesado, goma xantana), huevos de gallina líquidos, quesos procesados, salsa de pescado, jugo de limón, extractos de pescado, sake, extracto de especias, especias, emulsionantes, acidulantes, trehalosa, antioxidante (VE), fragancia, pigmento carotenoide <Cruton> harina, levadura, sal, manteca, edulcorante (xilosa), levadura, VC <mezcla de especias> pimienta negra, pimiento rojo, cebolla, mostaza, cilantro, albahaca, ajo
시저 샐러드 바람의 특제 걸쭉한 드레싱과 굵은 크루통, 향신료를 세트로했습니다. 뜯은 상추에 혼합하는 것만으로 본격적 양상추 샐러드를 드실 수 있습니다. 1 회 2 ~ 3 인분 × 12 입 <유화 액상 드레싱> 식용 식물성 기름 (콩기름, 유채 기름), 당류 (과당 액 설탕, 설탕, 물엿), 양조 식초, 소금, 우유 등을 주요 원료로하는 식품, 조미료 (아미노산 등), 증점제 (가공 전분, 산탄 검), 액체 계란, 치즈 가공품, 생선 소스, 레몬 주스, 해산물 추출물, 알콜, 향신료 추출물, 향료, 유화제, 산미료, 트레할로스, 산화 제 (VE), 향료, 카로티노이드 색소 <크루통> 밀가루, 이스트, 소금, 쇼트닝, 감미료 (크 실로 오스), 효모 식품, VC <스파이스 믹스> 블랙 페퍼 레드 벨 페퍼, 양파, 겨자, 고수, 바질, 마늘
สไตล์ซีซ่าร์สลัดเช่นเกี๊ยวหนาพิเศษและขนมปังกรอบขนาดใหญ่ชุดเครื่องเทศ เพียงแค่ผสมกับผักกาดหอมปลายคุณสามารถให้บริการสลัดผักกาดหอมแท้ วันละ 2 - 3 ครั้ง× 12 ครั้งเข้าสู่ <น้ำปรุงแต่งอีมัลซิไฟเออร์> อาหารส่วนใหญ่ทำจากไขมันผักและน้ำมันพืชที่บริโภคได้ (น้ำมันถั่วเหลืองน้ำมันเรพซีด) น้ำตาล (น้ำตาลฟรุคโตสเดกซ์โรสน้ำตาลน้ำตาลน้ำเชื่อม) เครื่องปรุงรส (กรดอะมิโน ฯลฯ ), Thickeners (แป้งแปรรูป, Xanthan gum), ไข่ไก่เหลว, ชีสแปรรูป, น้ำปลา, น้ำมะนาว, สารสกัดจากปลา, สาเก, สารสกัดจากเครื่องเทศ, เครื่องเทศ, อิมัลซิไฟเออร์, Trehalose, สารต้านอนุมูลอิสระ (VE), น้ำหอม, carotenoid pigment <Crouton> แป้ง, ยีสต์, เกลือ, shortening, sweetener (xylose), อาหารยีสต์, VC <เครื่องเทศผสม> พริกไทยดำ, พริกหยวกแดง, หัวหอม, มัสตาร์ด, ผักชี, โหระพา, กระเทียม
Gaya salad Caesar seperti ladu tebal khas dan crouton besar, rempah ditetapkan. Hanya campurkan dengan salad, anda boleh berkhidmat salad salad asli. Sebaik sahaja sehari 2 ~ 3 hidangan × 12 memasuki <Perencatan cecair yang digali> Makanan terutamanya dibuat daripada lemak sayur dan minyak yang boleh dimakan (minyak kedelai, minyak rapeseed), gula (gula fruktosa dextrose, gula, sirap), cuka bubur, Bumbu (asid amino dan lain-lain), Penoreh (Pemprosesan kanji, Gula Xanthan), Telur ayam cair, Keju yang diolah, Sos ikan, Jus lemon, Ekstrak Ikan, Ekstrak Spice, Spice, Emulsifier, Acidulants, Trehalose, Antioksidan (VE), wangian, karotenoid pigmen <Crouton> tepung, ragi, garam, pemendek, pemanis (xylose), makanan ragi, VC <campuran rempah>
Салат «Цезарь» по вкусу: особые густые пельмени и крупные гренки, набор специй. Просто смешайте его с заправленным салатом, вы можете подать настоящий салат. Один раз в день 2 ~ 3 порции × 12, входящие в <эмульгированную жидкую заправку> Пищевые продукты, в основном приготовленные из пищевого растительного жира и масла (соевое масло, рапсовое масло), сахара (фруктоза, сахар, декстроза, сахар, сироп), сваренного уксуса, соли, Приправы (аминокислоты и т. Д.), Загустители (обработанный крахмал, ксантановая камедь), жидкие куриные яйца, плавленые сыры, рыбный соус, лимонный сок, рыбные экстракты, саке, экстракт специй, специи, эмульгаторы, подкислители, трегалоза, антиоксидант (VE), ароматизатор, каротиноидный пигмент <Crouton> мука, дрожжи, соль, шортенинг, подсластитель (ксилоза), дрожжи пищевые, VC <spice mix> черный перец, красный болгарский перец, лук, горчица, кориандр, базилик, чеснок
Caesar salat stil som spesielle tykke dumplings og store croutons, krydder sett. Bare bland det med tippet salat, du kan servere autentisk salat salat. En gang om dagen 2 ~ 3 porsjoner × 12 går inn <Emulgert flytende dressing> Mat hovedsakelig laget av spiselig vegetabilsk fett og olje (soyaolje, rapsolje), sukker (fruktose dextrosesukker, sukker, sirup), brygget eddik, salt, Krydderier (Aminosyrer etc.), Fortykningsmidler (Stivelse, Xantangummi), Flytende Kyllingegg, Bearbeidede oster, Fiskesaus, Citronsaft, Fiskekstrakter, Sake, Spice ekstrakt, Krydder, Emulgatorer, Acidulanter, Trehalose, Antioxidant (VE), duft, karotenoidpigment <Crouton> mel, gjær, salt, forkorting, søtningsmiddel (xylose), gjærmat, VC <krydderblanding> sort pepper, rød paprika, løk, sennep, koriander, basilikum, hvitløk
Caesar-Salat-Art wie spezielle dicke Knödel und große Croutons, Gewürze gesetzt. Mischen Sie es einfach mit Kopfsalat, Sie können authentischen Salat Salat servieren. Einmal täglich 2 ~ 3 Portionen × 12 Portionen <Emulsified Liquid Dressing> Lebensmittel, die hauptsächlich aus essbaren pflanzlichen Fetten und Ölen (Sojabohnenöl, Rapsöl), Zucker (Fructose Dextrosezucker, Zucker, Sirup), gebranntem Essig, Salz, Würzmittel (Aminosäuren usw.), Verdickungsmittel (verarbeitete Stärke, Xanthangummi), flüssige Hühnereier, verarbeitete Käse, Fischsauce, Zitronensaft, Fischextrakte, Sake, Gewürzextrakt, Gewürze, Emulgatoren, Säuerungsmittel, Trehalose, Antioxidationsmittel (VE), Duftstoff, Carotinoid-Pigment <Crouton> Mehl, Hefe, Salz, Backfett, Süßungsmittel (Xylose), Hefefutter, VC <Gewürzmischung> schwarzer Pfeffer, rote Paprika, Zwiebel, Senf, Koriander, Knoblauch
Caesar estilo salada como bolinhos grossos especiais e croutons grandes, conjunto de especiarias. Basta misturá-lo com alface inclinada, você pode servir salada de alface autêntica. Uma vez por dia 2 ~ 3 porções × 12 entrando <Molho líquido emulsionado> Alimentos feitos principalmente de gordura e óleo vegetal comestível (óleo de soja, óleo de colza), açúcar (açúcar de dextrose de frutose, açúcar, xarope), vinagre, sal, Temperos (aminoácidos etc.), Espessantes (Amido processado, Goma xantana), Ovos de galinha líquida, Queijos processados, Molho de peixe, Suco de limão, Extratos de peixe, Saquê, Extrato de especiaria, Especiarias, Emulsionantes, Acidulantes, Trealose, Antioxidante (VE), fragrância, pigmento carotenóide <Crouton> farinha, fermento, sal, gordura, adoçante (xilose), levedura, VC <tempero> pimenta preta, pimentão vermelho, cebola, mostarda, coentro, manjericão, alho
Insalate di Cesare come speciali gnocchi spessi e grandi crostini, set di spezie. Basta mescolarlo con la lattuga a punta, puoi servire autentica insalata di lattuga. Una volta al giorno 2 ~ 3 dosi × 12 in entrata <Medicazione liquida emulsionata> Alimenti principalmente a base di grassi vegetali commestibili e olio (olio di soia, olio di colza), zucchero (zucchero destrosio al fruttosio, zucchero, sciroppo), aceto di birra, sale, Condimenti (aminoacidi, ecc.), Addensanti (Amido lavorato, Gomma xantana), Uova di pollo liquido, Formaggi trasformati, Salsa di pesce, Succo di limone, Estratti di pesce, Sake, Estratto di spezie, Spezie, Emulsionanti, Acidulanti, Trehalose, Antiossidanti (VE), profumo, pigmento carotenoide <Crouton> farina, lievito, sale, accorciamento, edulcorante (xilosio), lievito alimentare, VC <mix di spezie> pepe nero, peperone rosso, cipolla, senape, coriandolo, basilico, aglio
Phong cách salad Caesar như bánh bao dày đặc biệt và bánh mì lớn, gia vị đặt. Chỉ cần trộn nó với rau diếp, bạn có thể phục vụ món salad rau diếp đích thực. Mỗi ngày một lần 2 ~ 3 phần × 12 nhập vào <Chất lỏng nhũ hóa> Thực phẩm chủ yếu được làm từ chất béo thực vật và dầu ăn (dầu đậu nành, dầu hạt cải), đường (đường fructose dextrose, đường, xi-rô), giấm ủ, muối, Gia vị (axit amin, v.v.), Chất làm đặc (Tinh bột chế biến, kẹo cao su Xanthan), Trứng gà lỏng, Phô mai chế biến, Nước mắm, Nước chanh, Chiết xuất cá, Sake, Chiết xuất gia vị, Gia vị, Chất nhũ hóa, Axit hóa, Trehalose, Chất chống oxy hóa (VE), hương thơm, sắc tố caroten <Crouton> bột, men, muối, rút ngắn, chất làm ngọt (xyloza), thức ăn men, VC <trộn gia vị> hạt tiêu đen, ớt chuông đỏ, hành tây, mù tạt, rau mùi, húng quế, tỏi
Caesar sallad stil som speciella tjocka dumplings och stora croutoner, kryddor uppsättning. Blanda det bara med tippad sallad, du kan servera äkta salladsallad. En gång om dagen 2 ~ 3 portioner × 12 in i <Emulgerad flytande dressing> Livsmedel som huvudsakligen är framställd av ätbart vegetabiliskt fett och olja (sojabönolja, rapsolja), socker (fruktosdextrosocker, socker, sirap), bryggd ättika, salt, Kryddor (aminosyror etc.), Förtjockningsmedel (Bearbetad stärkelse, Xantangummi), Flytande kycklingägg, Bearbetade ost, Fisksås, Citronsaft, Fiskextrakt, Sake, Spicextrakt, Kryddor, Emulgatorer, Acidulanter, Trehalos, Antioxidant (VE), doft, karotenoidpigment <Crouton> mjöl, jäst, salt, förkortning, sötningsmedel (xylos), jästmat, VC <kryddblandning> svartpeppar, röd paprika, lök, senap, koriander, basilika, vitlök
Sałatka Cezara w stylu specjalnych grubych pierogów i dużych grzanek, zestaw przypraw. Wystarczy wymieszać ją z sałatą, możesz podać autentyczną sałatę z sałaty. Raz dziennie 2 ~ 3 porcje × 12 wchodzące <Emulgujący płynny sos> Żywność otrzymywana głównie z jadalnego tłuszczu roślinnego i oleju (olej sojowy, olej rzepakowy), cukier (cukier dekstrozy fruktozy, cukier, syrop), ocet winny, sól, Przyprawy (aminokwasy itp.), Zagęszczacze (przetworzona skrobia, guma ksantanowa), płynne jaja kurze, przetworzone sery, sos rybny, sok cytrynowy, ekstrakty rybne, dobra, ekstrakt przypraw, przyprawy, emulgatory, środki kwasobójcze, trehaloza, przeciwutleniacz (VE), zapach, barwnik karotenoidowy <mąka Crouton>, drożdże, sól, tłuszcz piekarski (ksyloza), drożdże, VC <mieszanka przyprawowa> pieprz czarny, czerwona papryka, cebula, musztarda, kolendra, bazylia, czosnek
نمط سلطة قيصر مثل الزلابية سميكة خاصة والخبز المحمص كبيرة ، مجموعة التوابل. فقط اخلطها مع الخس المائل ، يمكنك تقديم سلطة الخس الحقيقية. مرة واحدة في اليوم 2 ~ 3 حصص × 12 دخول <المستحلب سائل الاستحلاب> الغذاء مصنوعة أساسا من الدهون النباتية الصالحة للأكل والزيت (زيت فول الصويا ، وزيت بذور اللفت) ، والسكر (سكر سكر سكر الفواكه ، سكر ، شراب) ، الخل المخلوط ، الملح ، توابل (أحماض أمينية ، إلخ) ، مثخنات (نشا معالج ، زانتان صمغ) ، بيض دجاج سائل ، جبنة مطبوخة ، صلصة السمك ، عصير الليمون ، مستخلصات الأسماك ، ساكي ، مستخلص التوابل ، توابل ، مستحلبات ، حامض ، تريهالوز ، مضادات الأكسدة (VE) ، العطر ، الصباغ كاروتينويد <كروتون> الدقيق ، الخميرة ، الملح ، تقصير ، التحلية (الزيلوز) ، طعام الخميرة ، VC <مزيج التوابل> الفلفل الأسود ، الفلفل الأحمر ، البصل ، الخردل ، الكزبرة ، الريحان ، الثوم
Caesar salat stil som specielle tykke dumplings og store croutoner, krydderier. Bare bland det med tippet salat, du kan servere autentisk salat salat. En gang om dagen 2 ~ 3 portioner × 12 indtastning <Emulgeret flydende dressing> Fødevarer, der hovedsagelig er fremstillet af spiseligt vegetabilsk fedt og olie (sojabønneolie, rapsfrøolie), sukker (fructose dextrose sukker, sukker, sirup), brygget eddike, salt, Krydderier (aminosyrer osv.), Thickeners (Processeret stivelse, Xanthan gummi), Flydende kyllingæg, Processerede oste, Fiskesaus, Citronsaft, Fiskekstrakter, Sager, Spiceekstrakt, Krydderier, Emulgatorer, Acidulanter, Trehalose, Antioxidant (VE), duft, karotenoidpigment <Crouton> mel, gær, salt, forkortelse, sødestof (xylose), gærfoder, VC <kryddersammensætning> sort peber, rød paprika, løg, sennep, koriander, basilikum, hvidløg
Salade César à la manière de dumplings épais et épais et de grands croûtons, ensemble d'épices. Il suffit de le mélanger avec de la laitue taillée pour servir une authentique salade de laitue. Une fois par jour, 2 à 3 portions × 12 dans <vinaigrette liquide émulsionnée> Aliments principalement à base de graisse et d'huile végétales comestibles (huile de soja, huile de colza), sucre (sucre de fructose dextrose, sucre, sirop), vinaigre brassé, sel, Assaisonnements (acides aminés, etc.), Épaississants (amidon transformé, gomme xanthane), œufs de poule liquides, fromages fondus, sauce de poisson, jus de citron, extraits de poisson, saké, extraits d'épice, épices, émulsifiants, acidulants, tréhalose, antioxydant (VE), parfum, pigment caroténoïde <Crouton>, farine, levure, sel, shortening, édulcorant (xylose), levure alimentaire, VC <mélange d'épices> poivre noir, poivron rouge, oignon, moutarde, coriandre, basilic, ail
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