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HOT supplement

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Life support supplement shop
We are developing to use natural materials (no additives) instead of synthetic (additives) as much as possible. We hope to promote cells, blood vessels, blood, nerves, immunity and provide real things. We are keeping in mind that we deliver "realizable products" to ourselves.
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226.91  U.S. Dollar
Rutin glucoside
[en] Rutin glucoside Content / 72 g (1 content 250 mg) × 180 grain raw material name / Germinated buckwheat fermented extract, linseed oil, perilla oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil containing vitamin E, gelatin, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester, beeswax Soy lecithin, β-carotene, and vitamin D This rutin glucoside is a fermented "buckwheat bud" with active vitality, which is absorbed and consumed easily by the body. It has been clarified that the main raw material "soba sprout" contains more nutrients such as polyphenols and rutin than buckwheat. Please take 4 to 6 tablets daily with water or white water. <This person has been tried> ● If you have trouble with cold ● If you have trouble with rough or dry skin ● If you have trouble with swelling of limbs ● If you are suffering from back pain · stiff shoulder <traditional Japanese food " The power of buckwheat noodles> Generally, since buckwheat noodles and soba are boiled in boiling water, rutin is broken. "Rutin glucoside" is squeezed and fermented at the time of the most abundant sprouts of the life force of the bag, and is confined in a capsule by a unique combination. On the seventh to eighth day of germination, in addition to rutin, which is a type of polyphenol, it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Germinated buckwheat is fermented by biotechnology to make it easy to absorb rutin and rutin green matter into the body. Nutritional ingredient indication: Energy per grain 2.3 kcal protein 0.129 g lipid 0.172 g carbohydrate 0.069 g sodium 0.406 mg dietary fiber 0.017 g
197.32  U.S. Dollar
HOT supplement
[en] HOT supplement Contents / 252 g (one package total weight 4.2 g × 60 package) Raw material name / inulin (diator fiber), dextrin, L-carnitine L-tartrate, konjac imo, coenzyme Q10, sugar, citric acid, flavor, sweetener (Sucralose), Vitamin B1 Hydrochloride, Gelatin, Vitamin B2, Calcium Pantothenate, Nicotinamide, Vitamin C Citric Acid-Containing Food Dissolve in water or hot water etc. 1-2 capsules daily. <If you are trying this,> If you are underexercised. If you are stressful. If you are not immersed in a water bath. If you like food and drink to cool your body. People who are good at it Extreme tension and "cold sweat" People who have salt restriction People labeled with nutrients (per 1 pack 4.2g) Energy 16.72kcal Protein 0.11g Lipid 0.04g Carbohydrate 3.97g Sodium 0mg Dietary Fiber 0.017g
44.4  U.S. Dollar
Sesame Gold
[zh] 芝麻素金含量/ 45.5克(100片×1片总重455毫克,1片含量300毫克)原料/芝麻肽(含芝麻素),芝麻油,加工淀粉,甘油,多糖增稠剂,可可粉该产品是精心挑选的食用芝麻油。可以服用10mg或更多的芝麻素和2片。不要用水或温水叮咬,每天使用2-3片作为指导。 <像这样的人已经尝试过>那些对健康有益的人如果你想要年轻,你想要变老如果你喝得好,工作得很好的人很难氧化!由于“芝麻素金”含有不会氧化的成分,因此它的形状可以显示内容物,以便安全地送到顾客手中。 (如果含量被氧化以表明抗氧化作用的影响,则没有意义。)芝麻素金颗粒营养适应症(每2片)能量6.55千卡蛋白质0克脂质0.60克碳水化合物0.29克钠0.90毫克芝麻素10毫克<力量不会因年龄而损失! ! >健康力量芝麻长期以来被称为营养食品。它含有钙,铁,镁,锌,矿物质,蛋白质,膳食纤维,烟酸,维生素A和B,维生素E,叶酸均衡,在植物性食品中,它具有最高的营养价值。我可以这么说。 Beauty Power Sesamin支持芝麻种子中含有的“芝麻青菜”等芝麻成分的年轻。芝麻素黄金是一种有效摄入芝麻的补充剂。芝麻素可能会随着时间的推移而沉淀,但质量没有问题。
78.93  U.S. Dollar
Blue tea
[en] Blue tea Contents / 45g (1.5g × 30 package) Ingredient name / butterfly bean petal Put a pack of tea in a 2-liter plastic bottle and keep in a refrigerator overnight. How to eat other prepared Blue-Tea ・ If lemon or lemon extract is added, the color changes from blue to reddish purple. Please drink while enjoying the color change. Add lemon and honey and enjoy as herbal tea.・ We put Blue-Tea which had you make as usual into ice making machine (not mechanical type) and make ice with freezer. It can be put anywhere, so it's easy to eat. <This person has been tried> A purple-blue flower that can be seen in tropical climate areas where hair loss, thinning hair, and gray hair are anxious to feel body decline with age is in Japanese name It is called "cutter bean". Blue-purple of the petals is a natural pigment, a type of polyphenol "delphinidin" created to protect eyes from ultraviolet light. For various troubles that decline with age ... It is known that the petals of the blue flower "Chojima" are rich in anthocyanins that work to suppress the active enzyme that is the cause of aging. "Anthocyanin" is plenty in blue that finger is dyed just by touching petals of butterfly bean! Anthocyanin is a nice ingredient that works with age-related problems such as body weakness, hair and eye fatigue.
246.65  U.S. Dollar
Flash - inspiration ~
[en] Flash rare-light-Internal content / 45g (weight of one tablet 250mg / 1 internal content 190mg) × 180 particles raw material / Yamabushitake extract, dextrin, phosphatidylserine (soybean derived), fern extract, Skeletium, Tortuosaum Extract, HPMC Calcium Stearate, Vitamin B12 Improve the Brain! Yamabushitake The power Yamabushitake is a nutritious food rich in helicenone, beta-glucan, dietary fiber, and vitamin B, and has been used as a court food since ancient times in China. Among them, "Helicenone" is an ingredient that is not contained in Yamabushitake, and it is a substance that supports the mental health of the brain that can not be taken with other foods. Since helicenone provides nutrients to the substance NGF, which is a nerve cell growth factor, it prevents the dissipation of nerve cells and works not only on the decline of NGF by age-matched brain but also on NGF of young brain cells. Will Beta-glucan is an ingredient that enhances the body's inherent self-defense system, and is included in many mushrooms such as Agarisk, but it is still one or two types. Yamabushitake contains five types of β-glucan of different nature. ● Please enjoy it with water or white water, using 3 to 6 tablets daily as a guide.
246.65  U.S. Dollar
[en] Waterberry Content / 96g (240 tablets × 1 tablet total weight 400 mg, 1 tablet content 250 mg) Raw materials / Bilberry extract powder, DHA-containing purified fish oil, black bean soybean seed coat extract powder, cassis extract powder, marigold extract, Butterfly bean petal powder, Dunaliella carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, gelatin, medium-chain fatty acid triglycerides, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester, beeswax, plant lecithin rich in wild species whiteberry grown in Northern Europe Long-sunshine use Northern Europe Bilberry is said to survive UV rays and contains anthocyanins that resynthesize eye and brain signal transmission. The characteristics of anthocyanins have been confirmed to strengthen capillaries in the eye and to feed nutrients in weakened eyes. This is useful for restoring visual function and improving focus adjustment. It is said to promote the resynthesis of rhodopsin, a pigment component that exists in the retina of the eye, and has the effect of preventing or improving eyestrain and maintaining vision. Do not chew with 4 to 6 tablets a day with water or white water. <This person has been tried> It is hard to see the thing There are many disc work It is difficult to focus it Driving the car <six powers of water berry> Anthocyanin specific to bilberry Essential fatty acid Black bean seed coat extract Proanthocyanin spice specific Anthocyanins Butterfly-specific delphinidin Nordic native Bilberry is attracting attention as a fruit containing about four to five times as much anthocyanins as blueberries native to North America. The reason for the high anthocyanin content is in Scandinavian white nights where the sun does not sink all day.
78.93  U.S. Dollar
Japanese food supplement cartilage component health supplement
[en] Japanese food supplements / 72 g (1 tablet 300 mg × 240 particles) Raw material name / glucosamine hydrochloride, A cartilage extract, green mussel powder, MSM, N-acetylglucosamine, weathered shell powder, muscle and bone grass extract powder, cellulose, Sucrose fatty acid ester, fine particle silicon dioxide (including shrimp and crab as a part of the raw material) <Woraku created from chondroitin from Hokkaido Wakauchii's ray A> The fish (Gangei) caught in Hokkaido Wakkanai are Hokkaido and Tohoku It has been used for a long time in some parts of the region. Ay's bones are mostly made of cartilage. Chondroitin as well as non-denatured type II collagen are also abundantly contained. Weathered shellfish calcium has been weathered by exposing the fossil layer of the clam shellfish about 20 million years ago to the fault in Kuromatsu in Yakumo-cho, Hokkaido. Weathering causes low activation and is valuable as calcium that does not cause so-called calcium paradox. This weathered shellfish calcium is inactive calcium and is called good calcium. Green mussels are called New Zealand natives Mario "miracle shells" and have been eating for many years as nutritious food. It contains a lot of minerals and amino acids. Do not chew with 4 to 8 tablets daily with water or lukewarm water. Cartilage components, which are actively compensated every day, are difficult to eat even in the normal diet and tend to run out with age. The "muscle component" that supports the strength of the walk and the "cartilage component" necessary to keep it going smoothly can be taken at one time. Nutritional ingredient indication / energy 8.29 kcal protein per 8 tablets (2400 mg) 0.72 g sodium 10.36 mg carbohydrate 1.36 g lipid 0.07 g
226.91  U.S. Dollar
[zh] 含量/ 90g(1片总重量300mg)×300粒原料/ L-抗坏血酸2-葡萄糖苷,鱼胶原肽(明胶),低聚果糖,啤酒酵母(大豆),结晶纤维素,海藻糖,硬脂酸钙,微粒请每天用水或白水使用5至10片二氧化硅。 <这个人被尝试了>注意健康的人注意美容的人容易感到压力的人容易疲劳的人
234.81  U.S. Dollar
Source sugar tea
[en] Raw sugar tea Contents 225g (9g × 25 bags) Raw material name / pale rice, bark Raw material origin name / Hokkaido origin, from Mexico 1 cup of tea pack in boiling water of 600ml, please boil for 20 minutes. You can drink until the color disappears. Even if repeated three times as a guide, please simmer equally. In addition, you may drink even if it is warm or cooled. It is possible to make it for about a week and store it in the refrigerator. No preservatives are used. Please have tea early. Tea may become cloudy or precipitate, but there is no problem with ingredients or quality. In rare cases, you may not be fit for your constitution. If you are not feeling well, please stop temporary use. Boiling with metal can react with metal and cause discoloration of its contents. Please avoid heat and humidity, please keep in a place out of the sun. In addition, please close the chuck firmly after opening. <This person has been tried> ● If the body is languid, it is easy to break the physical condition ● If you are motives, breathlessness, dizziness is easy ● If you take sugar well ● If you are easily tired , Have sought a cure in the natural world. There were various natural plants that helped me out. ■ Heian period teaching Heian period books, Genji's story [light source] In other words, Michinaga Fujiwara is said to be the first diabetes patient in Japan. During that time, the number of obese people increased, and diabetes was regarded as a plague and was very feared. Kuuyaya was drinking brown rice tea to cure the plague. Michinaga Fujiwara also drinks brown rice tea and is said to have been a dozen years after becoming diabetic. Brown rice contains a lot of ingredients called "gava". The brain gives out a proper command and enhances the work in the body. ■ The teachings of the Mayan civilization In Mexico, "Tetoustre" was taken from the time of the Mayan civilization, and it has been inherited from the 16th century to the 17th century as a folk remedies. I could maintain my health by ingesting and drinking the bark of "Teutoustre". Teutoesutore is now abundantly containing the "epicatechin" of interest.
98.66  U.S. Dollar
Somatized S (increased type) calcium supplement
[en] Name: Processed food raw material containing lactic acid bacteria production Raw material name: Weathered shellfish powder, brewer's yeast, calcium stearate ★ hold the key to immune activity ★ It is said to be the vitality of the ancient life "Somacid", which has existed for over 3 billion years ago Somatocid Nutritional indication: 1 tablet (350mg) Energy 0.61kcal Carbohydrate 0.18g Protein 0.01g Sodium 0.62mg Lipid 0.01g If you enjoy Please eat 6-10 tablets daily with water or white water.
57.22  U.S. Dollar
Somatid S calcium supplement
[en] Name: Processed food raw material containing lactic acid bacteria producing material: Weathered shellfish powder, brewer's yeast, calcium stearate ★ Hold the key to immune activity ★ Anthropomorphism "Somachid", which has existed for over 3 billion years "Somachid" is said to be the life force of immortality Nutritional ingredient indication: In 1 tablet (350 mg) Energy 0.61 kcal Carbohydrate 0.18 g 0.01 g of protein Sodium 0.62 mg 0.01 g of lipid If you enjoy Please eat 6 to 10 tablets a day with water or white water.
67.09  U.S. Dollar
[en] Botanical lactic acid bacteria K - 1 is not a living bacterium but a sterilized fungus. It is resistant to heat resistance and works to promote the increase of serotonin (neurotransmitter) in the intestine. Serotonin in the intestine acts on the function of the gastrointestinal tract and encourages a "peristaltic movement" that carries the intestinal contents to the anus. Recommended for this person ● For people with constipation ● For those who want smooth bowel movement ● For those who are concerned about rough skin ● those who are concerned about stuffy stomach
Product description:

クエン酸含有食品 1日1~2包を目安に、水またはお湯などに溶かしてお召し上がりください。



エネルギー 16.72kcal
たんぱく質 0.11g
脂質    0.04g
炭水化物  3.97g
ナトリウム 0mg
食物繊維  0.017g
HOT补充剂内容物/ 252克(一包总重量4.2克×60包)原料名称/菊粉(diator纤维),糊精,左旋肉碱L-酒石酸盐,魔芋imo,辅酶Q10,糖,柠檬酸,香精,甜味剂(三氯蔗糖),维生素B1盐酸盐,明胶,维生素B2,泛酸钙,烟酰胺,维生素C含柠檬酸的食物溶于水或热水等。每日1-2粒。 <如果你正在尝试这个,>如果你的运动量不足。如果你有压力。如果你没有沉浸在水浴中。如果你喜欢食物和饮料让你的身体凉爽。如果你的手和脚都很温暖,但你会感觉到一个冷酷的人触摸到你身体中心的腹部。擅长的人极度紧张和“冷汗”有盐限制的人显示盐的人营养成分适应症(每包4.2g)能量16.72kcal蛋白质0.11g脂肪0.04g碳水化合物3.97g钠0mg膳食纤维0.017g
Suplemento HOT Contenido / 252 g (peso total de un paquete 4.2 g x paquete de 60) Nombre de la materia prima / inulina (fibra diator), dextrina, L-carnitina L-tartrato, konjac imo, coenzima Q10, azúcar, ácido cítrico, sabor, edulcorante (Sucralosa), clorhidrato de vitamina B1, gelatina, vitamina B2, pantotenato de calcio, nicotinamida, vitamina C Los alimentos que contienen ácido cítrico se disuelven en agua o agua caliente, etc. 1-2 cápsulas diarias. <Si está intentando esto,> Si no está sometido a baja ejercicio. Si está estresado. Si no está sumergido en un baño de agua. Si le gusta la comida y la bebida, enfríe su cuerpo. Personas que lo hacen bien Tensión extrema y "sudor frío" Personas que tienen restricción de sal Personas que muestran sal Indicación del componente nutricional (por 1 paquete 4.2g) Energía 16.72kcal proteína 0.11g lípido 0.04g carbohidrato 3.97g sodio 0mg fibra dietética 0.017g
HOT補充劑內容物/ 252克(一包總重量4.2克×60包)原料名稱/菊粉(diator纖維),糊精,左旋肉鹼L-酒石酸鹽,魔芋imo,輔酶Q10,糖,檸檬酸,香精,甜味劑(三氯蔗糖),維生素B1鹽酸鹽,明膠,維生素B2,泛酸鈣,煙酰胺,維生素C含檸檬酸的食物溶於水或熱水等。每日1-2粒。 <如果你正在嘗試這個,>如果你的運動不足。如果你有壓力。如果你沒有沉浸在水浴中。如果你喜歡食物和飲料來冷卻你的身體。擅長的人極度緊張和“冷汗”有鹽限制的人顯示鹽的人營養成分適應症(每包4.2g)能量16.72kcal蛋白質0.11g脂肪0.04g碳水化合物3.97g鈉0mg膳食纖維0.017g
HOT 보조 식품 내용량 / 252g (한 포 총중량 4.2g × 60 포) 원재료 명 / 이눌린 (식이 섬유), 덱스트린, L 자 카르니틴 L- 주석산 소금, 곤약 감자, 코엔자임 Q10, 설탕, 구연산, 향료, 감미료 (수크랄로스), 비타민 B1 염산염, 젤라틴, 비타민 B2, 판토텐산 칼슘, 니코틴산 아미드, 비타민 C 구연산 함유 식품 1 일 1 ~ 2 포를 기준으로 물 또는 온수 등에 녹여 드세요. <이런 분들이 시도되고 있습니다> 운동 부족으로 스트레스가 많은 쪽 욕조에 잠기지 않는 것이 몸을 차게하는 음식 음료를 좋아하는 사람 손발은 따뜻한하지만, 몸의 중심 인 배를 만져 찬 사람 땀 잘 흘리는 사람 최고 긴장 "식은 땀 '을 흘리는 사람 염분 제한이있는 사람 영양 성분 표시 (1 포 4.2g 당) 에너지 16.72kcal 단백질 0.11g 지질 0.04g 탄수화물 3.97g 나트륨 0mg식이 섬유 0.017g
HOT supplement Contents / 252 g (one package total weight 4.2 g × 60 package) Raw material name / inulin (diator fiber), dextrin, L-carnitine L-tartrate, konjac imo, coenzyme Q10, sugar, citric acid, flavor, sweetener (Sucralose), Vitamin B1 Hydrochloride, Gelatin, Vitamin B2, Calcium Pantothenate, Nicotinamide, Vitamin C Citric Acid-Containing Food Dissolve in water or hot water etc. 1-2 capsules daily. <If you are trying this,> If you are underexercised. If you are stressful. If you are not immersed in a water bath. If you like food and drink to cool your body. People who are good at it Extreme tension and "cold sweat" People who have salt restriction People labeled with nutrients (per 1 pack 4.2g) Energy 16.72kcal Protein 0.11g Lipid 0.04g Carbohydrate 3.97g Sodium 0mg Dietary Fiber 0.017g
Bổ sung HOT Nội dung / 252 g (một gói tổng trọng lượng 4.2 g × 60 gói) Tên nguyên liệu / inulin (chất xơ diator), dextrin, L-Carnitine L-tartrate, konjac imo, coenzyme Q10, đường, axit citric, hương vị, chất tạo ngọt (Sucralose), Vitamin B1 Hydrochloride, Gelatin, Vitamin B2, Canxi Pantothenate, Nicotinamide, Vitamin C Citric Acid có chứa thực phẩm hòa tan trong nước hoặc nước nóng, vv 1-2 viên mỗi ngày. <Nếu bạn đang thử điều này,> Nếu bạn không bị ảnh hưởng. Nếu bạn căng thẳng. Nếu bạn không đắm mình trong bồn nước. Nếu bạn thích thức ăn và đồ uống để làm mát cơ thể. Những người giỏi về nó Căng thẳng cực độ và "đổ mồ hôi lạnh" Những người bị hạn chế muối Những người có muối Chỉ định thành phần dinh dưỡng (mỗi 1 gói 4.2g) Năng lượng 16,72kcal protein 0,11g lipid 0,04g carbohydrate 3,97g natri 0mg chất xơ chế độ ăn uống 0,017g
Suplemen HOT Kandungan / 252 g (satu pakej jumlah berat 4.2 g × 60 pakej) Nama bahan mentah / inulin (serat diator), dextrin, L-carnitine L-tartrate, konjac imo, coenzyme Q10, gula, asid sitrik, (Sucralose), Vitamin B1 Hydrochloride, Gelatin, Vitamin B2, Kalsium Pantothenate, Nicotinamide, Vitamin C Citric Acid-Containing Food Larutkan dalam air atau air panas dan sebagainya 1-2 kapsul setiap hari. <Jika anda mencuba ini,> Jika anda tidak dibersihkan, jika anda tertekan Jika anda tidak direndam dalam mandi air, jika anda suka makanan dan minuman yang menyejukkan badan anda, jika tangan dan kaki anda hangat, tetapi anda merasakan orang yang sejuk menyentuh perut yang merupakan pusat badan anda. Orang yang pandai itu Ketegangan melampau dan "peluh sejuk" Orang yang mempunyai sekatan garam Orang yang memaparkan garam Petunjuk komponen nutrisi (setiap 1 paket 4.2g) Tenaga 16.72kcal protein 0.11g lipid 0.04g karbohidrat 3.97g natrium 0mg serat makanan 0.017g
Supplément CHAUD Contenu / 252 g (poids total d'un paquet: 4,2 g × 60 paquets) Nom de la matière première / inuline (fibre diator), dextrine, L-tartrate de L-carnitine, konjac, Coenzyme Q10, sucre, acide citrique, arôme, édulcorant (Sucralose), chlorhydrate de vitamine B1, gélatine, vitamine B2, pantothénate de calcium, nicotinamide, aliment contenant de l'acide citrique de vitamine C Dissoudre dans de l'eau ou de l'eau chaude, etc. 1-2 capsules par jour. <Si vous essayez ceci,> Si vous êtes sous-exercé, si vous êtes stressant, si vous n'êtes pas immergé dans un bain-marie, si vous aimez les aliments et les boissons qui refroidissent votre corps, si vos mains et vos pieds sont chauds, mais que vous sentez une personne froide toucher le ventre qui est au centre de votre corps. Les gens qui sont bons à la tension Extrême tension et "sueur froide" Les personnes qui ont une restriction de sel Les personnes qui affichent du sel Indication des composants nutritionnels (par 1 paquet de 4.2g) Energie 16.72kcal Protéine 0.11g Lipide 0.04g Glucide 3.97g Sodium 0mg Fibre alimentaire 0.017g
Supplemento HOT Contenuto / 252 g (un pacchetto di peso totale di 4,2 g × 60 di prodotto) Nome della materia prima / inulina (fibra di diatore), destrina, L-carnitina L-tartrato, konjac imo, coenzima Q10, zucchero, acido citrico, aroma, edulcorante (Sucralosio), Vitamina B1 Cloridrato, Gelatina, Vitamina B2, Calcio Pantotenato, Nicotinamide, Vitamina C Acido citrico contenente alimenti Sciogliere in acqua o acqua calda, ecc. 1-2 capsule al giorno. <Se stai provando questo,> Se non sei sotto sforzo Se sei stressante Se non sei immerso in un bagno d'acqua Se ti piace mangiare e bere per rinfrescare il tuo corpo. Persone che ne sono all'altezza Tensioni estreme e "sudore freddo" Persone che hanno restrizioni saline Persone che mostrano sale Indicazione componente nutrizionale (per 1 confezione 4,2 g) Energia 16,82 kcal proteine 0,11 g lipidi 0,04 g carboidrati 3,97 g sodio 0 mg fibre alimentari 0,017 g
Suplemento QUENTE Conteúdo / 252 g (pacote com um peso total 4,2 g × 60 embalagem) Nome da matéria prima / inulina (fibra de diatéria), dextrina, L-carnitina L-tartarato, konjac imo, coenzima Q10, açúcar, ácido cítrico, sabor, adoçante (Sucralose), Cloridrato de Vitamina B1, Gelatina, Vitamina B2, Pantotenato de Cálcio, Nicotinamida, Vitamina C Alimento Contendo Ácido Cítrico Dissolver em água ou água quente, etc. 1-2 cápsulas por dia. Se você está tentando isso, se você está subexercisado. Se você é estressante. Se você não está imerso em um banho de água. Se você gosta de comida e bebida que resfriar seu corpo. Se suas mãos e pés estão quentes, mas você sente uma pessoa fria tocando a barriga que é o centro do seu corpo. Pessoas que são boas nisso Extrema tensão e "suor frio" As pessoas que têm restrição de sal As pessoas que exibem sal Indicador de componente nutricional (por 1 pacote 4,2 g) Energia 16.72kcal proteína 0.11g lipídica 0.04g carboidrato 3.97g sódio 0mg fibra dietética 0.017g
HEIßER Supplement Inhalt / 252 g (Packung Gesamtgewicht 4,2 g × 60 Packung) Name des Rohmaterials / Inulin (Diatorfaser), Dextrin, L-Carnitin L-Tartrat, Konjac Imo, Coenzym Q10, Zucker, Zitronensäure, Aroma, Süßungsmittel (Sucralose), Vitamin B1-Hydrochlorid, Gelatine, Vitamin B2, Kalziumpantothenat, Nikotinamid, Vitamin C-Zitronensäure-haltige Lebensmittel In Wasser oder heißem Wasser usw. lösen. 1-2 Kapseln täglich. <Wenn Sie dies versuchen,> Wenn Sie untererzogen sind, wenn Sie anstrengend sind, wenn Sie nicht in ein Wasserbad eingetaucht sind, wenn Sie Essen und Trinken mögen, um Ihren Körper zu kühlen? Menschen, die gut darin sind Extreme Anspannung und "kalter Schweiß" Personen mit Salzbeschränkung Mit Nährstoffen gekennzeichnete Personen (pro Packung 4,2 g) Energie 16,72 kcal Protein 0,11 g Lipid 0,04 g Kohlenhydrate 3,97 g Natriumdioxid 0 mg Ballaststoffe 0,017 g
Varmt tillägg Innehåll / 252 g (en förpackning totalvikt 4,2 g × 60 förpackning) Råmaterialnamn / inulin (diatorfiber), dextrin, L-karnitin L-tartrat, konjac imo, koenzym Q10, socker, citronsyra, smak, sötningsmedel (Sukralos), vitamin B1-hydroklorid, gelatin, vitamin B2, kalciumpantotenat, nikotinamid, vitamin C Citronsyrhaltig mat Lös upp i vatten eller varmt vatten etc. 1-2 kapslar dagligen. <Om du försöker detta,> Om du är underexercerad. Om du är stressig. Om du inte nedsänktes i ett vattenbad. Om du gillar mat och dryck för att kyla din kropp. Människor som är bra på det Extrema spänningar och "kall svett" Personer som har saltrestriktion Människor som visar salt Näringskomponentindikering (per 1 paket 4,2 g) Energi 16,72kcal protein 0,11 g lipid 0,04 g kolhydrat 3,97 g natrium 0 mg dietfibrer 0,017 g
Varmt supplement Innhold / 252 g (en pakke totalvekt 4,2 g × 60 pakke) Råmateriale navn / inulin (diatorfiber), dextrin, L-karnitin L-tartrat, konjac imo, koenzym Q10, sukker, sitronsyre, smak, søtningsmiddel (Sucralose), Vitamin B1 Hydroklorid, Gelatin, Vitamin B2, Kalsium Pantothenat, Nikotinamid, Vitamin C Sitronsyreholdig mat Oppløs i vann eller varmt vann etc. 1-2 kapsler daglig. <Hvis du prøver dette,> Hvis du er underutøvd. Hvis du er stressende. Hvis du ikke er nedsenket i et vannbad. Hvis du liker mat og drikke for å avkjøle kroppen din. Folk som er gode på det Ekstrem spenning og "kald svette" Folk som har saltrestriksjon Folk som viser salt Næringsinnholdsindikasjon (per 1 pakke 4,2 g) Energi 16,72kcal protein 0,11 g lipid 0,04 g karbohydrat 3,97 g natrium 0 mg diettfibre 0,017 g
Varmt tilskud Indhold / 252 g (en pakke totalvægt 4,2 g × 60 pakke) Råmateriale navn / inulin (diatorfiber), dextrin, L-carnitin L-tartrat, konjac imo, coenzym Q10, sukker, citronsyre, smag, sødemiddel (Sucralose), Vitamin B1 Hydrochlorid, Gelatine, Vitamin B2, Calcium Pantothenat, Nicotinamid, Vitamin C Citronsyreholdige fødevarer Opløs i vand eller varmt vand mv 1-2 kapsler dagligt. <Hvis du prøver dette,> Hvis du er underudøvet Hvis du er stresset Hvis du ikke er nedsænket i et vandbad Hvis du kan lide mad og drikke, der afkøler din krop. Hvis dine hænder og fødder er varme, men du føler en kold person, der rører maven, der er centrum for din krop. Mennesker der er gode til det Ekstreme spændinger og "koldsved" Personer, der har saltrestriktion Folk der viser salt Næringsindholdsindikation (pr 1 pakke 4,2 g) Energi 16,72kcal protein 0,11 g lipid 0,04 g kulhydrat 3,97 g natrium 0 mg diætfiber 0,017 g






暴饮暴食,压力和缺乏运动等因素使身体降温并不罕见。有必要建立身体有意识地温暖身体。 Pokka Poka在柠檬酸循环中!温暖你的身体并保持凉爽顺畅的新陈代谢活动厌倦了燃烧的乳酸HOT补充剂旨在通过将柠檬酸循环移动到理论速度的3倍来提高你的体温。通过应用生物化学家HA Krebs的理论(柠檬酸循环或TCA循环)来增加细胞运动量来制备“HOT补充剂”。根据HA Krebs博士的理论,通过将细胞运动量增加一倍(相当于运动时的体重),可以将体温(热量)增加约1度并释放约200千卡。此外,柠檬酸循环还用于快速燃烧作为疲劳物质的乳酸并将其从体内排出。柠檬酸循环也被称为TCA循环,它是控制我们生活中最需要的身体细胞的循环之一。食物被分解成体内的各种物质,并转化为八种酸,主要是柠檬酸,它们转化为能量,废物,汗液和体外释放的代谢活动作为呼吸。柠檬酸在促进人类60万亿细胞中每一个中的柠檬酸循环的代谢活动中起重要作用。该TCA回路将食物分解为热量,二氧化碳和水。此外,TCA回路还具有快速燃烧作为疲劳物质的乳酸并将其排出体外的作用。
No es raro que factores como comer en exceso, el estrés y la falta de ejercicio para enfriar el cuerpo. Es necesario construir el cuerpo para calentar el cuerpo intencionalmente. Pokka Poka en el ciclo del ácido cítrico! Caliente su cuerpo y manténgalo fresco Actividad metabólica suave Cansado de la quema de los suplementos HOT de ácido láctico están diseñados para elevar la temperatura de su cuerpo al mover el ciclo del ácido cítrico a 3 veces la velocidad teórica. El "suplemento HOT" se realizó aplicando la teoría (ciclo del ácido cítrico o ciclo del TCA) del bioquímico HA Krebs para aumentar la cantidad de movimiento celular. Según la teoría del Dr. HA Krebs, es posible aumentar la temperatura corporal (cantidad de calor) en aproximadamente 1 grado y liberar aproximadamente 200 kcal duplicando la cantidad de movimiento celular (equivalente a la que se produce durante el ejercicio). Además, el ciclo del ácido cítrico también sirve para quemar el ácido láctico, que es una sustancia de fatiga, y descargarlo rápidamente del cuerpo. El ciclo del ácido cítrico también se conoce como ciclo TCA, que es uno de los ciclos que controlan las células del cuerpo más necesarias para que vivamos nuestras vidas. Los alimentos se descomponen en varias cosas en el cuerpo y se convierten en ocho ácidos, principalmente ácido cítrico, que se convierten en energía, productos de desecho, sudor y actividades metabólicas liberadas fuera del cuerpo como respiración. El ácido cítrico desempeña un papel importante en la facilitación de la actividad metabólica del ciclo del ácido cítrico en cada una de las 60 billones de células humanas. Este circuito de TCA descompone los alimentos en calor, dióxido de carbono y agua. Además, el circuito de TCA también tiene la función de quemar rápidamente el ácido láctico, que es una sustancia de fatiga, y descargarlo fuera del cuerpo.
暴飲暴食,壓力和缺乏運動等因素使身體降溫並不罕見。有必要建立身體有意識地溫暖身體。 Pokka Poka在檸檬酸循環中!溫暖你的身體並保持涼爽順暢的新陳代謝活動厭倦了燃燒的乳酸HOT補充劑旨在通過將檸檬酸循環移動到理論速度的3倍來提高你的體溫。通過應用生物化學家HA Krebs的理論(檸檬酸循環或TCA循環)來增加細胞運動量來製備“HOT補充劑”。根據HA Krebs博士的理論,通過將細胞運動量增加一倍(相當於運動時的體重),可以將體溫(熱量)增加約1度並釋放約200千卡。此外,檸檬酸循環還用於快速燃燒作為疲勞物質的乳酸並將其從體內排出。檸檬酸循環也被稱為TCA循環,它是控制我們生活中最需要的身體細胞的循環之一。食物被分解成體內的各種物質,並轉化為八種酸,主要是檸檬酸,它們轉化為能量,廢物,汗液和體外釋放的代謝活動作為呼吸。檸檬酸在促進人類60萬億細胞中每一個中的檸檬酸循環的代謝活動中起重要作用。該TCA迴路將食物分解為熱量,二氧化碳和水。此外,TCA迴路還具有快速燃燒乳酸(一種疲勞物質)並將其排出體外的作用。
과식이나 스트레스, 운동 부족 등 몸을 차게 요인에 부족함이 없다 현대. 의도적으로 몸을 따뜻하게 몸 만들기를 해 나가는 것이 필요합니다. 구연산 사이클에 몸 따끈 따끈! 몸을 따뜻하게 오한 모르는 신진 대사 활동을 원활하게 젖산 연소에서 지칠 줄 모르는 HOT 보조 식품은 구연산 사이클 이론에 3 배의 속도로 이동하여 체온을 올릴 목적으로 만들어진 것입니다. 세포의 운동량을 증가 몸만들기 "HOT 사 프리"는 생화학 자 HA 크렙스 박사의 이론 (구연산 사이클 또는 TCA 회로)를 응용하여 만들었습니다. HA 크렙스 박사의 이론에 따르면, 세포의 기세를 3 배 (운동시와 동등한)함으로써 체온 (열량)를 약 1도 상승시켜 약 200kcal를 방출 할 수있는 것으로 알려져 있습니다. 또한 구연산 사이클은 피로 물질 인 젖산을 빠르게 연소시켜 체외로 배출하는 역할도하고 있습니다. 구연산 사이클은 ··· 별명을 TCA 회로라고도하며, 우리 인간이 생활을 영위하는데있어서 가장 필요한 신체의 세포를 제어하는 사이클의 하나입니다. 음식을 체내에서 여러 가지로 분해시켜 구연산을 중심으로하는 8 종류의 산으로 변화하면서 에너지로 변화시켜 노폐물, 땀, 호흡으로 체외로 방출하는 대사 활동을 말합니다. 구연산은 인간의 60 조개의 세포 하나 하나에서 구연산 사이클이라는 대사 활동을 원활하게 작동하기 중요한 역할을하고 있습니다. 이 TCA 회로는 인간이 음식을 분해 열과 이산화탄소, 물에합니다. 또한 TCA 회로는 피로 물질 인 젖산을 빠르게 연소시켜 체외로 배출하는 역할도합니다.
It is not uncommon for factors such as overeating, stress, and lack of exercise to cool the body. It is necessary to build the body to warm the body intentionally. Pokka Poka in the citric acid cycle! Warm your body and keep it cool Smooth metabolic activity Tired of burning lactic acid HOT supplements are designed to raise your body temperature by moving the citric acid cycle to 3 times the theoretical speed. "HOT supplement" was made by applying the theory (citric acid cycle or TCA cycle) of biochemist HA Krebs to increase the amount of cell movement. According to Dr. HA Krebs's theory, it is possible to increase body temperature (heat amount) by about 1 degree and release about 200 kcal by doubling the amount of cell movement (equivalent to exercise). Furthermore, the citric acid cycle also serves to burn the lactic acid, which is a fatigue substance, quickly and discharge it from the body. Citric acid cycle is also known as TCA cycle, which is one of the cycles that control the cells of the body most necessary for us to live our lives. Foods are broken down into various things in the body and converted into eight acids, mainly citric acid, which are converted to energy, waste products, sweat, and metabolic activities released outside the body as respiration. Citric acid plays an important role in facilitating the metabolic activity of the citric acid cycle in every one of the human's 60 trillion cells. This TCA circuit breaks down food into heat, carbon dioxide, and water. In addition, the TCA circuit also has the role of rapidly burning out the lactic acid, which is a fatigue substance, and discharging it outside the body.
Không có gì lạ khi các yếu tố như ăn quá nhiều, căng thẳng và thiếu tập thể dục để làm mát cơ thể. Nó là cần thiết để xây dựng cơ thể để làm ấm cơ thể có chủ ý. Pokka Poka trong chu trình axit citric! Làm ấm cơ thể và giữ cho nó mát mẻ Hoạt động trao đổi chất mượt mà Mệt mỏi khi đốt cháy axit lactic Các chất bổ sung HOT được thiết kế để tăng nhiệt độ cơ thể của bạn bằng cách di chuyển chu kỳ axit citric lên gấp 3 lần tốc độ lý thuyết. "Bổ sung NÓNG" được thực hiện bằng cách áp dụng lý thuyết (chu trình axit citric hoặc chu trình TCA) của nhà hóa sinh HA Krebs để tăng lượng chuyển động của tế bào. Theo lý thuyết của Tiến sĩ HA Krebs, có thể tăng nhiệt độ cơ thể (lượng nhiệt) khoảng 1 độ và giải phóng khoảng 200 kcal bằng cách tăng gấp đôi lượng chuyển động của tế bào (tương đương với khi tập thể dục). Hơn nữa, chu trình axit citric cũng phục vụ để đốt cháy axit lactic, một chất gây mệt mỏi, nhanh chóng và thải nó ra khỏi cơ thể. Chu trình axit citric còn được gọi là chu trình TCA, đây là một trong những chu trình kiểm soát các tế bào của cơ thể cần thiết nhất để chúng ta sống cuộc sống. Thực phẩm được chia thành nhiều thứ khác nhau trong cơ thể và chuyển thành tám axit, chủ yếu là axit citric, được chuyển hóa thành năng lượng, chất thải, mồ hôi và các hoạt động trao đổi chất được giải phóng ra ngoài cơ thể dưới dạng hô hấp. Axit citric đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong việc tạo điều kiện cho hoạt động trao đổi chất của chu trình axit citric trong mỗi một trong số 60 nghìn tỷ tế bào của con người. Mạch TCA này phân hủy thức ăn thành nhiệt, carbon dioxide và nước. Ngoài ra, mạch TCA cũng có vai trò đốt cháy nhanh axit lactic, một chất gây mệt mỏi và thải ra bên ngoài cơ thể.
Ia tidak biasa untuk faktor seperti makan berlebihan, tekanan, dan kurang senaman untuk menyejukkan badan. Ia perlu untuk membina badan untuk memanaskan badan secara sengaja. Pokka Poka dalam kitaran asid sitrik! Hiburkan badan anda dan teruskan sejuk Aktiviti metabolik lancar Bosan membakar asid laktik Makanan tambahan panas direka untuk meningkatkan suhu badan anda dengan menggerakkan kitaran asid sitrik kepada 3 kali kelajuan teori. "Suplemen panas" dibuat dengan menggunakan teori (kitaran asid sitrik atau kitaran TCA) biokimia HA Krebs untuk meningkatkan jumlah pergerakan sel. Menurut teori Dr. HA Krebs, adalah mungkin untuk meningkatkan suhu badan (jumlah haba) dengan kira-kira 1 darjah dan melepaskan kira-kira 200 kkal dengan menggandakan jumlah pergerakan sel (bersamaan dengan semasa latihan). Selain itu, kitaran asid sitrik juga berfungsi untuk membakar asid laktik, yang merupakan bahan keletihan, dengan cepat dan melepaskannya dari badan. Kitaran asid sitrik juga dikenali sebagai kitaran TCA, yang merupakan salah satu kitaran yang mengawal sel-sel badan yang paling penting bagi kita untuk menjalani kehidupan kita. Makanan dipecah menjadi pelbagai perkara di dalam badan dan ditukar kepada lapan asid, terutamanya asid sitrik, yang ditukar kepada tenaga, produk sisa, peluh, dan aktiviti metabolik yang dikeluarkan di luar tubuh sebagai pernafasan. Asid sitrik memainkan peranan penting dalam memudahkan aktiviti metabolik kitaran asid sitrik dalam setiap sel manusia 60 trilion. Litar TCA ini memecah makanan ke dalam haba, karbon dioksida, dan air. Di samping itu, litar TCA juga mempunyai peranan dengan cepat membakar asid laktik, yang merupakan bahan keletihan, dan mengeluarkannya di luar badan.
Il n’est pas rare que des facteurs tels que la suralimentation, le stress et le manque d’exercice physique refroidissent le corps. Il est nécessaire de construire le corps pour le réchauffer intentionnellement. Pokka Poka dans le cycle de l'acide citrique! Réchauffez votre corps et maintenez-le au frais Activité métabolique douce Fatiguée de brûler de l'acide lactique Les suppléments HOT sont conçus pour augmenter la température de votre corps en déplaçant le cycle de l'acide citrique à 3 fois la vitesse théorique. Le "supplément HOT" a été fabriqué en appliquant la théorie (cycle de l'acide citrique ou cycle du TCA) du biochimiste HA Krebs pour augmenter la quantité de mouvement cellulaire. Selon la théorie du Dr HA Krebs, il est possible d'augmenter la température corporelle (quantité de chaleur) d'environ 1 degré et de libérer environ 200 kcal en doublant le nombre de mouvements cellulaires (équivalent à celui effectué pendant l'exercice). En outre, le cycle de l'acide citrique sert également à brûler rapidement l'acide lactique, une substance fatigante, et à l'évacuer du corps. Le cycle de l'acide citrique est également appelé cycle du TCA, l'un des cycles qui contrôlent les cellules du corps les plus nécessaires à la vie. Les aliments sont décomposés en différents éléments du corps et convertis en huit acides, principalement l'acide citrique, qui sont convertis en énergie, en déchets, en sueur et en activités métaboliques libérées à l'extérieur du corps sous forme de respiration. L'acide citrique joue un rôle important en facilitant l'activité métabolique du cycle de l'acide citrique dans chacune des 60 trillions de cellules humaines. Ce circuit TCA décompose les aliments en chaleur, en dioxyde de carbone et en eau. En outre, le circuit TCA a également pour rôle de brûler rapidement l’acide lactique, qui est une substance de fatigue, et de le rejeter à l’extérieur du corps.
Non è raro che fattori quali eccesso di cibo, stress e mancanza di esercizio fisico raffredino il corpo. È necessario costruire il corpo per riscaldare il corpo intenzionalmente. Pokka Poka nel ciclo dell'acido citrico! Riscaldare il corpo e mantenerlo fresco Attività metabolica fluida Stanco di acido lattico bruciante Gli integratori HOT sono progettati per aumentare la temperatura corporea spostando il ciclo dell'acido citrico a 3 volte la velocità teorica. "Supplemento HOT" è stato realizzato applicando la teoria (ciclo dell'acido citrico o ciclo TCA) del biochimico HA Krebs per aumentare la quantità di movimento cellulare. Secondo la teoria del Dr. HA Krebs, è possibile aumentare la temperatura corporea (quantità di calore) di circa 1 grado e rilasciare circa 200 kcal raddoppiando la quantità di movimento della cellula (equivalente a quella durante l'esercizio). Inoltre, il ciclo dell'acido citrico serve anche a bruciare l'acido lattico, che è una sostanza a fatica, rapidamente e scaricarlo dal corpo. Il ciclo dell'acido citrico è anche noto come ciclo TCA, che è uno dei cicli che controllano le cellule del corpo più necessarie per noi per vivere le nostre vite. Gli alimenti sono suddivisi in varie parti del corpo e convertiti in otto acidi, principalmente acido citrico, che vengono convertiti in energia, prodotti di scarto, sudore e attività metaboliche rilasciati all'esterno del corpo come respirazione. L'acido citrico svolge un ruolo importante nel facilitare l'attività metabolica del ciclo dell'acido citrico in ognuna delle 60 trilioni di cellule umane. Questo circuito TCA suddivide il cibo in calore, anidride carbonica e acqua. Inoltre, il circuito TCA ha anche il ruolo di bruciare rapidamente l'acido lattico, che è una sostanza che affatica e scaricarlo all'esterno del corpo.
Es ist nicht ungewöhnlich für Faktoren wie Überessen, Stress und Bewegungsmangel, um den Körper zu kühlen. Es ist notwendig, den Körper zu bauen, um ihn absichtlich zu erwärmen. Pokka Poka im Zitronensäurezyklus! Wärmen Sie Ihren Körper und halten Sie ihn kühl. Glatte Stoffwechselaktivität Müde von der Verbrennung von Milchsäure HOT-Ergänzungen erhöhen die Körpertemperatur, indem Sie den Zitronensäurezyklus auf das Dreifache der theoretischen Geschwindigkeit bringen. "HEIßER Zusatz" wurde hergestellt, indem die Theorie (Zitronensäurezyklus oder TCA-Zyklus) des Biochemikers HA Krebs angewendet wurde, um das Ausmaß der Zellbewegung zu erhöhen. Nach der Theorie von Dr. HA Krebs ist es möglich, die Körpertemperatur (Wärmemenge) um etwa 1 Grad zu erhöhen und etwa 200 kcal freizusetzen, indem die Zellbewegung verdoppelt wird (entspricht der während des Trainings). Darüber hinaus dient der Zitronensäurezyklus auch dazu, die Milchsäure, eine Ermüdungssubstanz, schnell zu verbrennen und aus dem Körper abzuführen. Zitronensäurezyklus wird auch als TCA-Zyklus bezeichnet. Dies ist einer der Zyklen, die die Körperzellen steuern, die für unser Leben am nötigsten sind. Lebensmittel werden im Körper in verschiedene Bestandteile zerlegt und in acht Säuren umgewandelt, hauptsächlich Zitronensäure, die in Energie, Abfallprodukte, Schweiß und Stoffwechselaktivitäten umgewandelt werden, die außerhalb des Körpers als Atmung freigesetzt werden. Zitronensäure spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Erleichterung der metabolischen Aktivität des Zitronensäurezyklus in jeder der 60 Billionen Zellen des Menschen. Dieser TCA-Kreislauf zerlegt Lebensmittel in Wärme, Kohlendioxid und Wasser. Darüber hinaus hat der TCA-Kreislauf auch die Aufgabe, die Milchsäure, eine Ermüdungssubstanz, schnell auszubrennen und aus dem Körper zu entlassen.
Det är inte ovanligt för faktorer som överätning, stress och brist på motion för att kyla kroppen. Det är nödvändigt att bygga kroppen för att värma kroppen avsiktligt. Pokka Poka i citronsyracykeln! Varm din kropp och håll det lugnt Lätt metabolisk aktivitet Trött på brinnande mjölksyra Varmtillsatser är utformade för att höja din kroppstemperatur genom att flytta citronsyracykeln till 3 gånger den teoretiska hastigheten. "Varmt tillägg" gjordes genom att använda teorin (citronsyracykel eller TCA-cykeln) av biokemist HA Krebs för att öka mängden cellrörelse. Enligt Dr. HA Krebs teori är det möjligt att öka kroppstemperaturen (värmebelopp) med ca 1 grad och släppa omkring 200 kcal genom att fördubbla mängden cellrörelse (motsvarande den som under träning). Vidare tjänar citronsyracykeln också att bränna mjölksyran, som är en utmattningsämne, snabbt och tömma den från kroppen. Citronsyracykel är också känd som TCA-cykel, vilket är en av de cykler som styr cellerna i kroppen som är mest nödvändiga för att vi ska kunna leva våra liv. Livsmedel är uppdelade i olika saker i kroppen och omvandlas till åtta syror, huvudsakligen citronsyra, som omvandlas till energi, avfallsprodukter, svett och metaboliska aktiviteter som frigörs utanför kroppen som andning. Citronsyra spelar en viktig roll för att underlätta den metaboliska aktiviteten för citronsyracykeln i alla människors 60 biljoner celler. Denna TCA-krets bryter ner maten i värme, koldioxid och vatten. Dessutom har TCA-kretsen också den roll att snabbt bränna ut mjölksyran, som är en trötthet, och tömmer den utanför kroppen.
Det er ikke uvanlig for faktorer som overeating, stress og mangel på trening for å avkjøle kroppen. Det er nødvendig å bygge kroppen for å varme kroppen med vilje. Pokka Poka i sitronsyre syklus! Varm kroppen din og hold den kjølig. Glatt metabolsk aktivitet. Lei av å brenne melkesyre. Varmt kosttilskudd er utviklet for å øke kroppstemperaturen ved å flytte sitronsyre syklusen til 3 ganger den teoretiske hastigheten. "HOT supplement" ble gjort ved å anvende teorien (sitronsyre syklus eller TCA syklus) av biokjemiker HA Krebs for å øke mengden av cellebevegelse. Ifølge Dr. HA Krebs teori er det mulig å øke kroppstemperaturen (varmemengden) med ca. 1 grad og slippe om lag 200 kcal ved å fordoble mengden cellebevegelse (tilsvarende det under trening). Dessuten tjener sitronsyre-syklusen også til å brenne melkesyren, som er en tretthetssubstans, raskt og utslipper den fra kroppen. Sitronsyre syklus er også kjent som TCA syklus, som er en av syklusene som kontrollerer kroppene i kroppen som er nødvendig for oss å leve livet vårt. Mat er brutt ned i forskjellige ting i kroppen og omdannet til åtte syrer, hovedsakelig sitronsyre, som omdannes til energi, avfallsprodukter, svette og metabolske aktiviteter utgitt utenfor kroppen som åndedrett. Sitronsyre spiller en viktig rolle i å lette den metabolske aktiviteten til sitronsyre syklusen i hver av menneskets 60 biljoner celler. Denne TCA kretsen bryter ned maten i varme, karbondioksid og vann. I tillegg har TCA-kretsen også en rolle å raskt brenne ut melkesyren, som er en tretthet, og tømmer den utenfor kroppen.
Det er ikke ualmindeligt for faktorer som overspisning, stress og manglende motion for at afkøle kroppen. Det er nødvendigt at opbygge kroppen for at opvarme kroppen med vilje. Pokka Poka i citronsyre cyklus! Varm din krop og hold den kølig Glat metabolisk aktivitet Træt af brændende mælkesyre Varmt kosttilskud er designet til at øge din kropstemperatur ved at flytte citronsyrecyklussen til 3 gange den teoretiske hastighed. "Varmt supplement" blev lavet ved at anvende teorien (citronsyrecyklus eller TCA-cyklus) af biokemist HA Krebs for at øge mængden af cellebevægelse. Ifølge Dr. HA Krebs teori er det muligt at øge kropstemperaturen (varmemængde) med ca. 1 grad og frigive ca. 200 kcal ved at fordoble mængden af cellebevægelse (svarende til under træning). Desuden tjener citronsyrecyklussen også til at forbrænde mælkesyren, som er et træthedssubstans, hurtigt og aflader det fra kroppen. Citronsyrecyklus er også kendt som TCA-cyklus, som er en af de cyklusser, der styrer kroppens celler, der er mest nødvendige for at vi kan leve vores liv. Fødevarer er opdelt i forskellige ting i kroppen og omdannet til otte syrer, hovedsagelig citronsyre, der omdannes til energi, affaldsprodukter, sved og metabolske aktiviteter, der frigives uden for kroppen som åndedræt. Citronsyre spiller en vigtig rolle for at lette den metaboliske aktivitet af citronsyrecyklussen i hver enkelt af menneskets 60 billioner celler. Dette TCA kredsløb sprænger mad i varme, kuldioxid og vand. Derudover har TCA-kredsløbet også den rolle, at man hurtigt brænder ud mælkesyren, et træthedssubstans og udlader det uden for kroppen.
Nie jest niczym niezwykłym, że takie czynniki jak przejadanie się, stres i brak ruchu do chłodzenia ciała. Konieczne jest zbudowanie ciała, aby celowo ogrzać ciało. Pokka Poka w cyklu kwasu cytrynowego! Ogrzej swoje ciało i zachowaj chłód Gładka aktywność metaboliczna Zmęczony spalaniem GORĄCYCH suplementów kwasu mlekowego ma na celu podniesienie temperatury ciała poprzez przesunięcie cyklu kwasu cytrynowego do 3-krotności prędkości teoretycznej. „HOT suplement” powstał dzięki zastosowaniu teorii (cyklu kwasu cytrynowego lub cyklu TCA) biochemika HA Krebsa w celu zwiększenia ilości ruchu komórek. Zgodnie z teorią dr HA Krebsa, możliwe jest zwiększenie temperatury ciała (ilości ciepła) o około 1 stopień i uwolnienie około 200 kcal przez podwojenie ilości ruchu komórek (równoważnego podczas ruchu). Co więcej, cykl kwasu cytrynowego służy również do szybkiego spalania kwasu mlekowego, który jest substancją zmęczeniową, i rozładowania go z organizmu. Cykl kwasu cytrynowego jest również znany jako cykl TCA, który jest jednym z cykli, które kontrolują komórki ciała najbardziej niezbędne dla naszego życia. Pokarmy są rozkładane na różne rzeczy w organizmie i przekształcane w osiem kwasów, głównie kwasu cytrynowego, które są przekształcane w energię, produkty przemiany materii, pot i czynności metaboliczne uwalniane poza ciałem jako oddychanie. Kwas cytrynowy odgrywa ważną rolę w ułatwianiu aktywności metabolicznej cyklu kwasu cytrynowego w każdej z 60 bilionów ludzkich komórek. Ten obwód TCA rozkłada żywność na ciepło, dwutlenek węgla i wodę. Ponadto obwód TCA ma również za zadanie szybkie wypalanie kwasu mlekowego, który jest substancją zmęczeniową, i odprowadzanie go na zewnątrz ciała.
ليس من غير المألوف بالنسبة لعوامل مثل الإفراط في تناول الطعام والإجهاد وقلة ممارسة الرياضة لتبريد الجسم. من الضروري بناء الجسم لتدفئة الجسم عن عمد. Pokka Poka في دورة حامض الستريك! تسخين الجسم والحفاظ عليه بارد النشاط الأيضي السلس تعبت من حرق حمض اللبنيك تم تصميم المكملات الغذائية الساخنة لرفع درجة حرارة الجسم عن طريق تحريك دورة حامض الستريك إلى 3 أضعاف السرعة النظرية. تم إجراء "ملحق ساخن" من خلال تطبيق نظرية (دورة حمض الستريك أو دورة TCA) لعالم الكيمياء الحيوية HA Krebs لزيادة مقدار حركة الخلية. وفقًا لنظرية الدكتور ه. كريبس ، من الممكن زيادة درجة حرارة الجسم (كمية الحرارة) بحوالي 1 درجة وإطلاق حوالي 200 كيلو كالوري عن طريق مضاعفة مقدار حركة الخلية (أي ما يعادل ذلك أثناء التمرين). علاوة على ذلك ، تعمل دورة حامض الستريك أيضًا على حرق حمض اللبنيك ، وهو مادة تعب ، بسرعة وتفريغها من الجسم. تُعرف دورة حمض الستريك أيضًا باسم دورة TCA ، وهي إحدى الدورات التي تتحكم في خلايا الجسم الأكثر ضرورة لنا لنعيش حياتنا. يتم تقسيم الأطعمة إلى أشياء مختلفة في الجسم وتحويلها إلى ثمانية أحماض ، أهمها حمض الستريك ، والتي يتم تحويلها إلى طاقة ، ومنتجات النفايات ، والعرق ، والأنشطة الأيضية التي يتم إطلاقها خارج الجسم كتنفس. يلعب حامض الستريك دورًا مهمًا في تسهيل نشاط التمثيل الغذائي لدورة حمض الستريك في كل خلية من خلايا الإنسان البالغ عددها 60 تريليون. تقسم دائرة TCA الطعام إلى حرارة وثاني أكسيد الكربون والماء. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، فإن دائرة TCA لها دور في حرق حمض اللبنيك بسرعة ، وهي مادة تعب ، وتفريغها خارج الجسم.
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