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KKC Soap 120g Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics

24.66  U.S. Dollar  (Quantity >=1 )
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Kyoto Shisui No Additive Cosmetics
Our company takes many times and effort on the quality of the product from the spirit that we want women in the world to really face their own skin. And we use plenty of more expensive ingredients such as nano-hyaluronic acid and fullerene in order to maintain transparent bare skin and prevent skin oxidation. "We are always concerned that the complexion is bad, and we worry about it." We are working on skincare to cultivate skin on a steady basis without missing delicate and delicate places that everyone cares about.
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24.66  U.S. Dollar
KKC Soap 120g Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics
[en] It is a high-quality beauty soap that prevents rough skin and skin aging. Since the stimulating ingredient is cut to 0, the surfactant does not remain only by flowing the elastic foam ✦ Female ◯ sensitive skin ◯ baby ◯ male ◯ Please use it with the whole family. -Very good draining-Skin stress ZERO-A bad smell is also clean "KKC soap + with a pocket-type lather net" With aging of the beautiful skin ingredients for a long time, natural drying for three months. It is handmade one by one that pays attention to quality and comfort carefully in the kettle firing method. Glossy and clean washing is no longer an option.撫 Please gently boil your face.で も Even in wet seasons, the whole body bath will keep your skin smooth and clean all day long.洗 い Washes very comfortably and moist even in dry season.頭皮 Keep your scalp gently and clean, your hair will be smooth and smooth.
64.13  U.S. Dollar
KKC · Skin Cosmetic Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics
[en] 作 り Create a foundation for beautiful skin! ✦ 導 き Continues to lead to a well-painted pottery skin.驚 き Even though it is comfortable to use, it has amazing moisture retention ability!へ For 24 hours moisturizing beautiful skin KKC · Skin Lotion also suppresses the pigment melanin of the skin by activating the ions and creates a skin-friendly environment to keep the skin healthy against reddish skin with weak barrier You The skin's inherent water retention function is activated, and it is developed into a well-watered and healthy skin filled with excellent penetration and antioxidant power, amino acids and cosmetic ingredients. The skin softened by the induction of ionized water keeps the nutrients of the essence all day long and leads to a well-believable and healthy skin. You can use it for men such as dry and sebum secretion trouble skin etc.
59.19  U.S. Dollar
KKC · Off Cleansing Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics
[en] Acupuncture stimulation to ZERO! Non oil!に Even though it is only one step of cleansing, the pores are tightened and turned into a plump bright skin. The skin is familiar and moisturizing ingredients quickly penetrate into the stratum corneum to work deep into the pores. It adheres firmly to the skin and floats dirt. The moisturizing care of natural plant ingredients such as high purity natural squalane with a high degree of penetration of ionized water and a high purity of 99.9 will prepare your skin fresh. Excellent cleansing for clean bare skin with zero skin stress. Let's give plenty of rewards to your skin that is full of tiredness and softness. Just lightly boil! There is no oil, etc. attached to your face or hands just by pouring it away.
59.19  U.S. Dollar
KKC Off face washing foam
[en] Kyoto Sumimizu Additive-free cosmetics The skin's “oil”, “moisture”, “pH” and other well-balanced cleansing protects and enhances the skin's barrier function. Glossy し Moist ✦ Clean skin Environment, air pollution, sweat, sebum, etc. are likely to increase bacteria, but the ion bactericidal activity can neutralize pH and prevent the growth of bacteria. The ionized water base penetrates quickly and sterilizes the pores and regulates sebum secretion of pores and leads to acne care. It is a plant cleansing ingredient that naturally removes dirt and dead skin from the skin surface and promotes skin turnover. The elastic foam adsorbs the dirt behind the pores and makes the skin clean and pure. Even in a busy morning, 2 push bubbles are handy.
108.52  U.S. Dollar
KKC · skin beauty essence 30 ml
[en] Luxury aging care & skin savior rich beauty ingredients focus on the root cause of skin problems!プ ル Prunpurun from the inside of your skin! The stains, wrinkles, pores, ultraviolet rays, etc. give the stratum corneum deep moisturizing to the skin by aging, and protect both inside and outside. Aging care method! KKC · skin essence is nutritionally supplied with more than 40 kinds of luxurious beauty ingredients. While performing the (fullerene) antioxidant active ingredient is adsorbed in the antioxidant main ingredient combination to prevent the oxidation safely and persistently (transparent to dullness) to maintain a clear skin all day long! ☑ Product features ❶⇙❷⇙❸⇙ Shiny ✦ Wet white snow skin "Successive care, it leads to a beautiful and smooth skin for 24 hours in a short time care." ※ Fullerene "fullerene": World Nobel Prize Winner · Antioxidant component By eliminating active oxygen and radicals, it has a skin effect and is excellent in antioxidant power. ※ 30ml of beauty essence & 15ml use an airless bottle to prevent internal solution from touching the outside air during use and to prevent contamination by bacteria.
59.19  U.S. Dollar
KKC · skin beauty essence 15 ml
[en] Prunpurun from the inside of your skin! ✦ Rich cosmetic ingredients, intensive care of the root cause of skin problems!シ ミ Stain, wrinkles, pores, UV, etc. Gives the skin a deep moisturizing layer by aging and protects both inside and outside Aging care method! The KKC Skin Beauty Solution absorbs active oxygen with a (fullerene) antioxidant main component combination, and safely and persistently prevents oxidation while supplying nutrition completely with 40 or more types of luxury beauty ingredients ( I will maintain clear skin all day long! It is also recommended for the area around the eyes, such as the area of the beak. ☑ Product Features 最適 Suitable for age skin and sensitive skin skin care Non-oil serum! Glossy and moist moisturizing white snow skin "Takes short-time care for 24 hours, leading to a beautiful, shiny and transparent skin for beautiful skin." ※ Fullerene "fullerene": World-class antioxidative ingredient, Nobel Prize award Eliminating active oxygen and radicals Have an effect on skin and are excellent in antioxidant power. ※ 30ml & 15ml of cosmetic solution, Use an airless bottle to prevent internal solution from touching the outside air during use and to prevent contamination by bacteria.
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▣ お顔は、優しく撫でてください。

▣ 汗の多い季節でも全身浴でお肌がつやつや、一日中清潔なお肌を保ちます。

▣ 乾燥の季節でもとても心地よくしっとりと洗い上げます。

▣ 頭皮を優しく清潔に保ち、髪までがスベスベの指通しになります。  
它是一种高品质的美容香皂,可以防止粗糙的皮肤和皮肤老化。由于刺激成分被切成0,表面活性剂不仅仅通过流动弹性泡沫✦女性◯敏感皮肤◯婴儿◯男性◯请与全家一起使用。 - 非常好的排水 - 皮肤压力ZERO-A难闻的气味也很干净“KKC肥皂+带口袋型泡沫网”随着美丽的皮肤成分老化很长一段时间,自然干燥三个月。在水壶烧制方法中,一个接一个地手工制作,注重质量和舒适性。光泽和干净的洗涤不再是一种选择。抚摸请轻轻煮沸你的脸。でも即使在潮湿的季节,全身沐浴也会让您的皮肤整日保持光滑洁净。洗い即使在干燥的季节也要非常舒适和湿润。头皮保持头皮轻柔干净,头发光滑平滑。
It is a high-quality beauty soap that prevents rough skin and skin aging. Since the stimulating ingredient is cut to 0, the surfactant does not remain only by flowing the elastic foam ✦ Female ◯ sensitive skin ◯ baby ◯ male ◯ Please use it with the whole family. -Very good draining-Skin stress ZERO-A bad smell is also clean "KKC soap + with a pocket-type lather net" With aging of the beautiful skin ingredients for a long time, natural drying for three months. It is handmade one by one that pays attention to quality and comfort carefully in the kettle firing method. Glossy and clean washing is no longer an option.撫 Please gently boil your face.で も Even in wet seasons, the whole body bath will keep your skin smooth and clean all day long.洗 い Washes very comfortably and moist even in dry season.頭皮 Keep your scalp gently and clean, your hair will be smooth and smooth.
它是一種高品質的美容香皂,可以防止粗糙的皮膚和皮膚老化。由於刺激成分被切成0,表面活性劑不僅僅通過流動彈性泡沫✦女性◯敏感皮膚◯嬰兒◯男性◯請與全家一起使用。 - 非常好的排水 - 皮膚壓力ZERO-A難聞的氣味也很乾淨“KKC肥皂+帶口袋型泡沫網”隨著美麗的皮膚成分老化很長一段時間,自然乾燥三個月。在水壺燒製方法中,一個接一個地手工製作,注重質量和舒適性。光澤和乾淨的洗滌不再是一種選擇。撫摸請輕輕煮沸你的臉。でも即使在潮濕的季節,全身沐浴也會讓您的皮膚整日保持光滑潔淨。洗い即使在乾燥的季節也要非常舒適和濕潤。頭皮保持頭皮輕柔乾淨,頭髮光滑平滑。
✦ 피부염 피부 노화를 방지 고품질 미용 비누입니다 ✦ 자극 성분을 0으로 절단하고 있기 때문에, ✦ 탄력 거품을 은근하게 흘리는 것만으로 계면 활성제가 남지 않습니다 ✦ 여성 ◯ 민감한 피부 ◯ 아기 ◯ 남성 ◯ 가족 모두가 사용하십시오. · 은근하게 물 조각이 매우 좋은 피부 스트레스 ZERO 싫은 냄새도 깨끗이 "KKC 비누 + 포켓 식 채찍 인터넷 포함"피부 미용 성분을 장기간 숙성시킨 세 달 동안 자연 건조. 가마솥 직화 제법으로 정중하게 품질과 느낌에 주목 한 하나 하나의 손입니다. 반들 반들 깨끗한 세탁 상승은 이젠 놓을 수 없습니다. ▣ 얼굴은 부드럽게 쓰다듬어주세요. ▣ 땀이 많은 계절에도 전신욕으로 피부가 반들 반들 하루 종일 깨끗한 피부를 유지합니다. ▣ 건조의 계절에도 매우 편안 촉촉하게 씻어냅니다. ▣ 두피를 부드럽게 청결하게 유지하고 머리까지가 미끈 거리는 손가락 통해서입니다.
C'est un savon de beauté de haute qualité qui empêche la peau rugueuse et le vieillissement de la peau. Comme l'ingrédient stimulant est coupé à 0, le tensioactif ne reste pas uniquement en coulant la mousse élastique S'il vous plaît utilisez-le avec toute la famille. -Très bon drainage-Stress de la peau ZERO-Une mauvaise odeur est aussi propre "Savon KKC + avec un filet à poche" Avec le vieillissement des ingrédients de belle peau pendant une longue période, un séchage naturel pendant trois mois. Il est fabriqué à la main un par un et accorde une attention particulière à la qualité et au confort dans la méthode de cuisson à la bouilloire. Un lavage propre et brillant n’est plus une option. Bo S'il vous plaît faites doucement bouillir votre visage.も Même pendant les saisons humides, le bain corporel entier gardera votre peau lisse et propre toute la journée.い い Lavage très confortable et humide même en saison sèche.頭皮 Gardez votre cuir chevelu en douceur et propre, vos cheveux seront lisses et lisses.
Es un jabón de belleza de alta calidad que previene el envejecimiento de la piel áspera y la piel. Dado que el ingrediente estimulante se reduce a 0, el surfactante no se mantiene fluyendo la espuma elástica ✦ Hembra ◯ Piel sensible ◯ Bebé Masculino Por favor utilízalo con toda la familia. -Muy bien drenado- estrés de la piel CERO-Un mal olor también es limpio "Jabón KKC + con una red de espuma de bolsillo" Con el envejecimiento de los hermosos ingredientes de la piel durante mucho tiempo, secado natural durante tres meses. Es uno a uno hecho a mano que presta atención a la calidad y la comodidad con cuidado en el método de cocción de la caldera. Lavado brillante y limpio ya no es una opción.撫 Por favor, hervir suavemente su cara.で も Incluso en las estaciones húmedas, el baño de cuerpo entero mantendrá su piel suave y limpia durante todo el día.洗 い Se lava muy cómodamente y húmedo incluso en la estación seca.頭皮 Mantenga su cuero cabelludo suave y limpio, su cabello quedará liso y suave.
เป็นสบู่ความงามคุณภาพสูงที่ป้องกันไม่ให้ผิวหยาบกร้านและริ้วรอยผิวเนื่องจากส่วนผสมที่ถูกกระตุ้นถูกตัดเป็น 0 สารลดแรงตึงผิวจึงไม่เหลืออยู่เพียงแค่ไหลผ่านโฟมยืดหยุ่น โปรดใช้มันกับทุกคนในครอบครัว - การระบายน้ำที่ดีมาก - ความเครียดจากผิว ZERO- กลิ่นเหม็นยังสะอาด "สบู่ KKC + ตาข่ายล้างกระเป๋า" ด้วยอายุของส่วนผสมผิวที่สวยงามเป็นเวลานานการอบแห้งตามธรรมชาติเป็นเวลาสามเดือน มันเป็นงานฝีมือทีละชิ้นที่ให้ความสำคัญกับคุณภาพและความสะดวกสบายอย่างรอบคอบในวิธีการยิงกาต้มน้ำ การล้างแบบเงาและสะอาดไม่ได้เป็นตัวเลือกอีกต่อไป boil โปรดต้มใบหน้าของคุณเบา ๆ in もแม้ในฤดูฝนอ่างแช่ตัวจะช่วยให้ผิวของคุณเรียบเนียนและสะอาดตลอดทั้งวันいいล้างได้อย่างสบายและชุ่มชื้นแม้ในฤดูแล้ง頭皮รักษาหนังศีรษะของคุณอย่างอ่อนโยนและสะอาดเส้นผมของคุณจะเรียบเนียน
Nó là một loại xà phòng làm đẹp chất lượng cao giúp ngăn ngừa da sần sùi và lão hóa da. Vì thành phần kích thích bị cắt xuống 0, chất hoạt động bề mặt không chỉ tồn tại bằng cách chảy bọt đàn hồi ✦ Da Da nhạy cảm ◯ em bé ◯ nam Hãy sử dụng nó với cả gia đình. -Rất thoát nước tốt-Căng thẳng da ZERO-Mùi hôi cũng sạch "Xà phòng KKC + với lưới bọt dạng túi" Với sự lão hóa của các thành phần làm đẹp da trong một thời gian dài, khô tự nhiên trong ba tháng. Nó được làm thủ công từng cái một chú ý đến chất lượng và sự thoải mái một cách cẩn thận trong phương pháp bắn ấm đun nước. Giặt bóng và sạch sẽ không còn là một lựa chọn. Hãy nhẹ nhàng đun sôi mặt của bạn.も Ngay cả trong mùa mưa, tắm toàn thân sẽ giữ cho làn da của bạn mịn màng và sạch sẽ suốt cả ngày. Rửa rất thoải mái và ẩm ngay cả trong mùa khô. Giữ da đầu nhẹ nhàng và sạch sẽ, tóc bạn sẽ mềm mượt.
É um sabonete de beleza de alta qualidade que previne o envelhecimento áspero da pele e da pele.Uma vez que o ingrediente estimulante é cortado a 0, o surfactante não permanece apenas fluindo a espuma elástica ✦ Feminino ◯ pele sensível ◯ bebê ◯ macho ◯ Por favor use com a família inteira. -Muito bom drenagem-stress da pele ZERO-A cheiro ruim também é limpo "sabão KKC + com uma rede de espuma de bolso" Com o envelhecimento dos ingredientes da pele bonita por um longo tempo, a secagem natural por três meses. É feito à mão, um por um, que presta atenção à qualidade e conforto cuidadosamente no método de queima da chaleira. Lavagem lustrosa e limpa não é mais uma opção.撫 Por favor delicadamente ferver seu rosto.も も Mesmo nas estações chuvosas, todo o banho corporal manterá a sua pele suave e limpa durante todo o dia.い い Lava muito confortavelmente e úmido, mesmo na estação seca.頭皮 Mantenha o couro cabeludo delicadamente e limpo, seu cabelo ficará liso e macio.
È un sapone di bellezza di alta qualità che previene la pelle ruvida e l'invecchiamento della pelle.Quando l'ingrediente stimolante viene tagliato a 0, il tensioattivo non rimane solo facendo scorrere la schiuma elastica ✦ Femmina ◯ pelle sensibile ◯ bambino ◯ maschio ◯ Si prega di usarlo con tutta la famiglia. -Ottimo buon drenante -Strumento della pelle ZERO-Un cattivo odore è anche pulito "Sapone KKC + con una rete di schiuma tascabile" Con l'invecchiamento degli ingredienti della pelle bella per lungo tempo, asciugatura naturale per tre mesi. È fatto a mano uno per uno che presta attenzione alla qualità e al comfort con attenzione nel metodo di cottura del bollitore. Il lavaggio lucido e pulito non è più un'opzione.撫 Si prega di bollire delicatamente il viso.も も Anche nelle stagioni piovose, tutto il bagno del corpo manterrà la pelle liscia e pulita per tutto il giorno.洗 い Lavato molto comodamente e umido anche nella stagione secca.頭皮 Mantieni il cuoio capelluto delicatamente e pulito, i tuoi capelli saranno lisci e levigati.
Ia adalah sabun kecantikan yang berkualiti tinggi yang menghalang penuaan kulit dan kulit yang kasar. Oleh kerana bahan merangsang dipotong hingga 0, surfaktan itu tidak tetap hanya dengan mengalir busa elastik. Sila gunakan dengan seluruh keluarga. -Sangat mengalir yang baik - Tekanan kulit ZERO-A bau busuk juga bersih "Sabun KKC + dengan jenis poket lather bersih" Dengan penuaan bahan-bahan kulit yang indah untuk masa yang lama, pengeringan semulajadi selama tiga bulan. Ia adalah buatan tangan satu demi satu yang memberikan perhatian kepada kualiti dan keselesaan dengan teliti dalam kaedah menembak cerek. Mencuci dan mencuci bersih tidak lagi menjadi pilihan.撫 Sila perlahan-lahan mendidih wajah anda.で も Malah pada musim basah, mandi seluruh badan akan memastikan kulit anda lancar dan bersih sepanjang hari.洗 い Cuci sangat selesa dan lembap walaupun pada musim kering.頭皮 Biarkan kulit kepala anda perlahan dan bersih, rambut anda akan licin dan licin.
Es ist eine hochwertige Schönheitsseife, die raue Haut und Hautalterung verhindert. Da der stimulierende Inhaltsstoff auf 0 reduziert wird, verbleibt das Tensid nicht nur durch Fließen des elastischen Schaums. Bitte benutzen Sie es mit der ganzen Familie. -Sehr gute Drainage-Hautstress ZERO-Ein schlechter Geruch ist auch sauber "KKC-Seife + mit einem Taschenschaumnetz" Bei Alterung der schönen Hautbestandteile für eine lange Zeit, natürliche Trocknung für drei Monate. Es wird nacheinander von Hand gefertigt, wobei Qualität und Komfort bei der Kesselbrennmethode sorgfältig beachtet werden. Glänzendes und sauberes Waschen ist keine Option mehr. Bo Bitte kochen Sie Ihr Gesicht sanft.で も Auch in der Regenzeit hält das Ganzkörperbad Ihre Haut den ganzen Tag glatt und rein.洗 い Wascht auch in der Trockenzeit sehr bequem und feucht.頭皮 Halten Sie Ihre Kopfhaut sanft und sauber, Ihr Haar wird glatt und glatt.
Det är en högkvalitets skönhetsmedel som förhindrar hård hud och hudfördröjning. Eftersom den stimulerande ingrediensen skärs till 0, förblir det ytaktiva ämnet inte bara genom att det elastiska skummet flyter ✦ Kvinnlig ◯ känslig hud ◯ baby ◯ manlig ◯ Använd det med hela familjen. -Mycket bra avtappning -Hudspänning NOLL-En dålig lukt är också ren "KKC-tvål + med ett lammtyp" Med åldring av de vackra hudbeståndsdelarna under lång tid, naturlig torkning i tre månader. Det är handgjort en efter en som uppmärksammar kvalitet och komfort noggrant i vattenkokarens avfyrningsmetod. Glänsande och ren tvätt är inte längre ett alternativ.撫 Vänligen försiktigt koka ditt ansikte.で も Även i våta årstider, kommer hela kroppen badet att hålla din hud smidig och ren hela dagen lång.洗 い tvättar mycket bekvämt och fuktigt även under torrperioden. Håll hårbotten försiktigt och ren, ditt hår blir smidigt och smidigt.
Jest to wysokiej jakości mydło kosmetyczne, które zapobiega starzeniu się skóry i starzeniu się skóry, ponieważ składnik stymulujący jest cięty na 0, środek powierzchniowo czynny nie pozostaje tylko przez płynięcie elastycznej pianki ✦ Kobieta skin skóra wrażliwa ◯ dziecko ◯ mężczyzna ◯ Użyj go z całą rodziną. -Bardzo dobry drenaż-stres związany ze skórą ZERO-nieprzyjemny zapach to również czyste „mydło KKC + z siatką do spieniania kieszonkowego” Dzięki starzeniu się pięknych składników skóry przez długi czas, naturalne suszenie przez trzy miesiące. Jest ręcznie robiony jeden po drugim, zwracając uwagę na jakość i komfort ostrożnie w metodzie wypalania czajnika. Błyszczące i czyste pranie nie jest już opcją.撫 Proszę delikatnie zagotować twarz.で も Nawet w porach mokrych kąpiel całego ciała zapewni skórze gładkość i czystość przez cały dzień. Hes い Myje się bardzo komfortowo i wilgotnie nawet w porze suchej.頭皮 Utrzymuj skórę głowy delikatnie i czysto, włosy będą gładkie i gładkie.
Det er en højkvalitets skønhedssæbe, der forhindrer hård hud og hud aldring. Da den stimulerende ingrediens skæres til 0, forbliver det overfladeaktive middel ikke kun ved at strømme det elastiske skum. Brug det med hele familien. -Meget god dræning -Hudspænding NUL-En dårlig duft er også ren "KKC-sæbe + med lommetyper" Med aldring af de smukke hudbestanddele i lang tid, naturlig tørring i tre måneder. Det er håndlavet en efter en, der lægger vægt på kvalitet og komfort omhyggeligt i kedelbrændingsmetoden. Glans og ren vask er ikke længere en mulighed.撫 Kog venligst forsigtigt dit ansigt.で も Selv i våde årstider vil hele kropsbadet holde din hud glat og ren hele dagen lang.洗 い Vask meget komfortabelt og fugtigt selv i tør sæson. Hold hårbunden forsigtigt og ren, dit hår bliver glat og glat.
Det er en høykvalitets skjønnhetssåpe som forhindrer grov hud og hud aldring. Siden stimulerende ingrediens er kuttet til 0, forblir det overflateaktive stoffet ikke bare ved å flyte elastisk skum ✦ Kvinnelig ◯ sensitiv hud ◯ baby ◯ hann ◯ Vennligst bruk den med hele familien. -Veldig god drenering -Hudspenning NULL-En dårlig lukt er også ren "KKC såpe + med lommetyper" Med aldring av de vakre hudrediensene i lang tid, naturlig tørking i tre måneder. Det er håndlaget en etter en som legger merke til kvalitet og komfort nøye i vannkoker-metoden. Glanset og rent vask er ikke lenger et alternativ.撫 Vennligst forsiktig koker ansiktet ditt.で も Selv i våte årstider, vil hele kroppen badet holde huden jevn og ren hele dagen lang. Vasker Vaskes veldig komfortabelt og fuktig selv i tørr sesong. Hold håret forsiktig og rent, håret ditt vil bli glatt og glatt.
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