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KKC · Skin Cosmetic Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics

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Kyoto Shisui No Additive Cosmetics
Our company takes many times and effort on the quality of the product from the spirit that we want women in the world to really face their own skin. And we use plenty of more expensive ingredients such as nano-hyaluronic acid and fullerene in order to maintain transparent bare skin and prevent skin oxidation. "We are always concerned that the complexion is bad, and we worry about it." We are working on skincare to cultivate skin on a steady basis without missing delicate and delicate places that everyone cares about.
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24.66  U.S. Dollar
KKC Soap 120g Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics
[en] It is a high-quality beauty soap that prevents rough skin and skin aging. Since the stimulating ingredient is cut to 0, the surfactant does not remain only by flowing the elastic foam ✦ Female ◯ sensitive skin ◯ baby ◯ male ◯ Please use it with the whole family. -Very good draining-Skin stress ZERO-A bad smell is also clean "KKC soap + with a pocket-type lather net" With aging of the beautiful skin ingredients for a long time, natural drying for three months. It is handmade one by one that pays attention to quality and comfort carefully in the kettle firing method. Glossy and clean washing is no longer an option.撫 Please gently boil your face.で も Even in wet seasons, the whole body bath will keep your skin smooth and clean all day long.洗 い Washes very comfortably and moist even in dry season.頭皮 Keep your scalp gently and clean, your hair will be smooth and smooth.
64.13  U.S. Dollar
KKC · Skin Cosmetic Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics
[en] 作 り Create a foundation for beautiful skin! ✦ 導 き Continues to lead to a well-painted pottery skin.驚 き Even though it is comfortable to use, it has amazing moisture retention ability!へ For 24 hours moisturizing beautiful skin KKC · Skin Lotion also suppresses the pigment melanin of the skin by activating the ions and creates a skin-friendly environment to keep the skin healthy against reddish skin with weak barrier You The skin's inherent water retention function is activated, and it is developed into a well-watered and healthy skin filled with excellent penetration and antioxidant power, amino acids and cosmetic ingredients. The skin softened by the induction of ionized water keeps the nutrients of the essence all day long and leads to a well-believable and healthy skin. You can use it for men such as dry and sebum secretion trouble skin etc.
59.19  U.S. Dollar
KKC · Off Cleansing Kyoto Shimizu No Additives Cosmetics
[en] Acupuncture stimulation to ZERO! Non oil!に Even though it is only one step of cleansing, the pores are tightened and turned into a plump bright skin. The skin is familiar and moisturizing ingredients quickly penetrate into the stratum corneum to work deep into the pores. It adheres firmly to the skin and floats dirt. The moisturizing care of natural plant ingredients such as high purity natural squalane with a high degree of penetration of ionized water and a high purity of 99.9 will prepare your skin fresh. Excellent cleansing for clean bare skin with zero skin stress. Let's give plenty of rewards to your skin that is full of tiredness and softness. Just lightly boil! There is no oil, etc. attached to your face or hands just by pouring it away.
59.19  U.S. Dollar
KKC Off face washing foam
[en] Kyoto Sumimizu Additive-free cosmetics The skin's “oil”, “moisture”, “pH” and other well-balanced cleansing protects and enhances the skin's barrier function. Glossy し Moist ✦ Clean skin Environment, air pollution, sweat, sebum, etc. are likely to increase bacteria, but the ion bactericidal activity can neutralize pH and prevent the growth of bacteria. The ionized water base penetrates quickly and sterilizes the pores and regulates sebum secretion of pores and leads to acne care. It is a plant cleansing ingredient that naturally removes dirt and dead skin from the skin surface and promotes skin turnover. The elastic foam adsorbs the dirt behind the pores and makes the skin clean and pure. Even in a busy morning, 2 push bubbles are handy.
108.52  U.S. Dollar
KKC · skin beauty essence 30 ml
[en] Luxury aging care & skin savior rich beauty ingredients focus on the root cause of skin problems!プ ル Prunpurun from the inside of your skin! The stains, wrinkles, pores, ultraviolet rays, etc. give the stratum corneum deep moisturizing to the skin by aging, and protect both inside and outside. Aging care method! KKC · skin essence is nutritionally supplied with more than 40 kinds of luxurious beauty ingredients. While performing the (fullerene) antioxidant active ingredient is adsorbed in the antioxidant main ingredient combination to prevent the oxidation safely and persistently (transparent to dullness) to maintain a clear skin all day long! ☑ Product features ❶⇙❷⇙❸⇙ Shiny ✦ Wet white snow skin "Successive care, it leads to a beautiful and smooth skin for 24 hours in a short time care." ※ Fullerene "fullerene": World Nobel Prize Winner · Antioxidant component By eliminating active oxygen and radicals, it has a skin effect and is excellent in antioxidant power. ※ 30ml of beauty essence & 15ml use an airless bottle to prevent internal solution from touching the outside air during use and to prevent contamination by bacteria.
59.19  U.S. Dollar
KKC · skin beauty essence 15 ml
[en] Prunpurun from the inside of your skin! ✦ Rich cosmetic ingredients, intensive care of the root cause of skin problems!シ ミ Stain, wrinkles, pores, UV, etc. Gives the skin a deep moisturizing layer by aging and protects both inside and outside Aging care method! The KKC Skin Beauty Solution absorbs active oxygen with a (fullerene) antioxidant main component combination, and safely and persistently prevents oxidation while supplying nutrition completely with 40 or more types of luxury beauty ingredients ( I will maintain clear skin all day long! It is also recommended for the area around the eyes, such as the area of the beak. ☑ Product Features 最適 Suitable for age skin and sensitive skin skin care Non-oil serum! Glossy and moist moisturizing white snow skin "Takes short-time care for 24 hours, leading to a beautiful, shiny and transparent skin for beautiful skin." ※ Fullerene "fullerene": World-class antioxidative ingredient, Nobel Prize award Eliminating active oxygen and radicals Have an effect on skin and are excellent in antioxidant power. ※ 30ml & 15ml of cosmetic solution, Use an airless bottle to prevent internal solution from touching the outside air during use and to prevent contamination by bacteria.
Product description:
✦ 美肌の土台作り! ✦

◎ 継続により肌理の整った陶器肌へと導きます。
◎ サッパリした使い心地なのに、驚きの水分維持力!
◎ 24時間 潤いに満ちた美肌へ 

KKC・スキン 化粧水は、  又イオンの活性化により皮膚の色素メラニンを抑え、バリアの弱い赤み肌などに対して皮膚をすこやかに保つよう肌に優しい環境を作ります。肌本来の持つ水分保持機能が活性化し、優れた浸透力と抗酸化力、アミノ酸と美容成分で  潤いに満ちた健康な地肌に育てます。


作り为美丽肌肤打造基础! ✦导き继续导致涂有良好涂层的陶器皮肤。惊き尽管使用起来很舒服,但它具有惊人的保湿能力!へ24小时保湿美丽肌肤KKC·Skin Lotion通过激活离子抑制皮肤色素黑色素,营造亲肤环境,保持肌肤健康,抵御红色皮肤,屏障较弱你。皮肤固有的保水功能被激活,它被发展成一个充分浇水和健康的皮肤,充满了极好的渗透和抗氧化能力,氨基酸和化妆品成分。通过电离水的诱导软化的皮肤整天保持精华的营养,并导致一个良好的可信和健康的皮肤。你可以用它来干燥和皮脂分泌麻烦皮肤等男性。
作 り Create a foundation for beautiful skin! ✦ 導 き Continues to lead to a well-painted pottery skin.驚 き Even though it is comfortable to use, it has amazing moisture retention ability!へ For 24 hours moisturizing beautiful skin KKC · Skin Lotion also suppresses the pigment melanin of the skin by activating the ions and creates a skin-friendly environment to keep the skin healthy against reddish skin with weak barrier You The skin's inherent water retention function is activated, and it is developed into a well-watered and healthy skin filled with excellent penetration and antioxidant power, amino acids and cosmetic ingredients. The skin softened by the induction of ionized water keeps the nutrients of the essence all day long and leads to a well-believable and healthy skin. You can use it for men such as dry and sebum secretion trouble skin etc.
り り ¡Crea una base para una piel hermosa! ✦ 導 き Continúa conduciendo a la piel de cerámica bien pintada.き き ¡Aunque es cómodo de usar, tiene una increíble capacidad de retención de humedad!へ Durante 24 horas hidratando la piel hermosa KKC · La loción para la piel también suprime el pigmento melanina de la piel al activar los iones y crea un ambiente agradable para la piel para mantener la piel sana contra la piel rojiza con barrera débil Usted La función de retención de agua inherente de la piel está activada, y se convierte en una piel bien regada y saludable con una excelente penetración y poder antioxidante, aminoácidos e ingredientes cosméticos. La piel suavizada por la inducción de agua ionizada mantiene los nutrientes de la esencia durante todo el día y da lugar a una piel sana y creíble. Puede usarlo para hombres como secas y problemas de secreción de sebo, etc.
作り為美麗肌膚打造基礎! ✦導き繼續導致塗有良好塗層的陶器皮膚。驚き儘管使用起來很舒服,但它具有驚人的保濕能力!へ24小時保濕美麗肌膚KKC·Skin Lotion通過激活離子抑制皮膚色素黑色素,營造親膚環境,保持肌膚健康,抵禦紅色皮膚,屏障較弱你。皮膚固有的保水功能被激活,它被發展成一個充分澆水和健康的皮膚,充滿了極好的滲透和抗氧化能力,氨基酸和化妝品成分。通過電離水的誘導軟化的皮膚整天保持精華的營養,並導致一個良好的可信和健康的皮膚。你可以用它來乾燥和皮脂分泌麻煩皮膚等男性。
✦ 피부의 토대 만들기! ✦ ◎ 계속하여 질감을 갖춘 도자기 피부로 가꾸어줍니다. ◎ 사파리 한 느낌인데, 놀라운 수분 유지력! ◎ 24 시간 수분듯한 피부에 KKC 스킨 로션은 또 이온의 활성화로 피부의 색소 멜라닌을 억제 장벽이 약한 붉은 피부 등에 대해 피부를 건강하게 유지 피부 친화 환경을 조성 있습니다. 피부 본래가 가지는 수분 유지 기능을 활성화하고 우수한 침투력과 항산화 력 아미노산과 미용 성분으로 수분듯한 건강한 두피로 가꾸어줍니다. 이온수의 유도로 부드러워 진 피부 미용액 영양소를 하루 종일 유지 피로 모르고 건강한 피부로 가꾸어줍니다. 건조 및 피지 분비 트러블 피부 등 남성 분들도 사용 가능.
作りสร้างรากฐานสำหรับผิวสวย! ✦導きยังคงนำไปสู่ผิวเครื่องปั้นดินเผาที่ทาสีอย่างดี驚きแม้ว่าจะใช้งานได้สะดวก แต่ก็มีความสามารถในการกักเก็บความชื้นได้อย่างน่าทึ่ง!へให้ผิวชุ่มชื้นสวยตลอด 24 ชั่วโมง KKC ·โลชั่นบำรุงผิวยังยับยั้งการสร้างเม็ดสีเมลานินของผิวด้วยการกระตุ้นไอออนและสร้างสภาพแวดล้อมที่เป็นมิตรกับผิวเพื่อให้ผิวแข็งแรงต่อผิวแดงกับสิ่งกีดขวางที่อ่อนแอ คุณ ฟังก์ชั่นการกักเก็บน้ำตามธรรมชาติของผิวถูกเปิดใช้งานและได้รับการพัฒนาเป็นผิวที่มีน้ำและมีสุขภาพดีที่เต็มไปด้วยพลังการซึมผ่านและสารต้านอนุมูลอิสระที่ดีเยี่ยมกรดอะมิโนและส่วนผสมเครื่องสำอาง ผิวที่อ่อนนุ่มโดยการเหนี่ยวนำของน้ำที่แตกตัวเป็นไอออนช่วยให้สารอาหารของสาระสำคัญตลอดทั้งวันและนำไปสู่ผิวที่น่าเชื่อถือและมีสุขภาพดี คุณสามารถใช้กับผู้ชายเช่นผิวแห้งและซีบัมหลั่งปัญหา
Tạo lớp nền cho làn da đẹp!導 Tiếp tục dẫn đến một lớp da gốm được sơn tốt.き Mặc dù rất thoải mái khi sử dụng, nó có khả năng giữ ẩm đáng kinh ngạc! Trong 24 giờ dưỡng ẩm cho làn da đẹp KKC · Skin Lotion cũng ức chế sắc tố melanin của da bằng cách kích hoạt các ion và tạo môi trường thân thiện với làn da để giữ cho làn da khỏe mạnh chống lại làn da đỏ với hàng rào yếu. Bạn Chức năng giữ nước vốn có của da được kích hoạt, và nó được phát triển thành một làn da được tưới nước tốt và khỏe mạnh với khả năng thẩm thấu và chống oxy hóa tuyệt vời, axit amin và các thành phần mỹ phẩm. Làn da được làm mềm nhờ cảm ứng của nước ion hóa giữ cho các chất dinh dưỡng của tinh chất suốt cả ngày và dẫn đến một làn da khỏe mạnh và đáng tin cậy. Bạn có thể sử dụng nó cho nam giới như da khô và tiết bã nhờn.
り Créez une base pour une belle peau! ✦ 導 き Continue à donner une peau de poterie bien peinte.き Même s'il est confortable à utiliser, il possède une incroyable capacité de rétention de l'humidité!へ Pendant 24 heures, hydrater la belle peau KKC · Lotion pour la peau supprime également le pigment mélanique de la peau en activant les ions et crée un environnement favorable à la peau pour maintenir la peau en bonne santé contre la peau rougeâtre avec une barrière fragile Vous La fonction de rétention d'eau inhérente à la peau est activée et elle se développe en une peau saine et bien arrosée, dotée d'excellents pouvoirs de pénétration et antioxydant, d'acides aminés et d'ingrédients cosmétiques. La peau adoucie par l’induction d’eau ionisée conserve les nutriments de l’essence toute la journée et donne une peau crédible et saine. Vous pouvez l'utiliser pour les hommes tels que les sécrétions sèches et de sébum, les problèmes de peau, etc.
り り Crie uma base para uma pele bonita!き 導 き Continua a levar a pele de cerâmica bem pintada.き き Mesmo que seja confortável de usar, tem incrível capacidade de retenção de umidade!へ Durante 24 horas, hidratação da pele bonita KKC · Skin Lotion também suprime o pigmento melanina da pele, ativando os íons e cria um ambiente favorável à pele para manter a pele saudável contra a pele avermelhada com barreira fraca Você A função inerente de retenção de água da pele é ativada e é desenvolvida em uma pele bem regada e saudável, com excelente poder de penetração e antioxidante, aminoácidos e ingredientes cosméticos. A pele suavizada pela indução de água ionizada mantém os nutrientes da essência durante todo o dia e leva a uma pele bem crível e saudável. Você pode usá-lo para homens como secar e secreção de sebo problemas de pele etc.
作 り Crea una base per una pelle bella! ✦ 導 き Continua a portare a una pelle di ceramica ben dipinta.驚 き Anche se è comodo da usare, ha un'incredibile capacità di ritenzione dell'umidità!へ Per 24 ore idratante della pelle bella KKC · Lozione per la pelle sopprime anche il pigmento melanina della pelle attivando gli ioni e crea un ambiente adatto alla pelle per mantenere la pelle sana contro la pelle rossastra con barriera debole te. La funzione inerente alla ritenzione idrica della pelle è attivata e si sviluppa in una pelle sana e ben idratata, ricca di eccellente potere penetrante e antiossidante, aminoacidi e ingredienti cosmetici. La pelle ammorbidita dall'induzione di acqua ionizzata mantiene i nutrienti dell'essenza per tutto il giorno e porta a una pelle sana e credibile. Puoi usarlo per uomini come secchezza e secrezione sebacea, problemi di pelle, ecc.
作 り Buat asas untuk kulit yang cantik! ✦ ص き Terus membawa kepada kulit tembikar yang dicat dengan baik.驚 き Walaupun ia selesa untuk digunakan, ia mempunyai keupayaan pengekalan lembapan yang luar biasa!へ Untuk 24 jam pelembab kulit yang cantik KKC · Losyen Kulit juga menekan pigmen melanin kulit dengan mengaktifkan ion dan mewujudkan persekitaran yang mesra kulit untuk menjaga kulit yang sihat terhadap kulit merah dengan halangan yang lemah Anda Fungsi pengekalan air yang sedia ada kulit diaktifkan, dan ia menjadi kulit yang disiram dan sihat dengan penembusan yang sangat baik dan kuasa antioksidan, asid amino dan bahan kosmetik. Kulit yang melembutkan oleh induksi air terionisasi mengekalkan nutrien intipati sepanjang hari dan membawa kepada kulit yang boleh dipercayai dan sihat. Anda boleh menggunakannya untuk lelaki seperti kering dan rembesan sebum masalah kulit dan sebagainya.
り り Создайте основу для красивой кожи!き 導 き Продолжает приводить к хорошо окрашенной глиняной коже.き き Несмотря на то, что его удобно использовать, он обладает удивительной способностью удерживать влагу!へ В течение 24 часов увлажняет красивую кожу. KKC · Лосьон для кожи также подавляет пигментный меланин кожи, активируя ионы, и создает благоприятную для кожи среду, которая сохраняет кожу здоровой против красноватой кожи со слабым барьером. вы. Активируется функция удержания воды в коже, и она превращается в хорошо увлажненную и здоровую кожу, наполненную превосходной проникающей и антиоксидантной способностью, аминокислотами и косметическими ингредиентами. Кожа, смягченная под воздействием ионизированной воды, сохраняет питательные вещества в течение всего дня и способствует здоровой и правдоподобной коже. Вы можете использовать его для мужчин, таких как сухость кожи, проблемы с секрецией кожного сала и т.д.
作 り Stwórz fundament dla pięknej skóry! ✦ 導 き Nadal prowadzi do dobrze pomalowanej skóry ceramicznej.驚 き Mimo że jest wygodny w użyciu, ma niesamowitą zdolność zatrzymywania wilgoci!へ Przez 24 godziny nawilżając piękną skórę KKC · Balsam do skóry tłumi również barwnikową melaninę skóry, aktywując jony i tworząc środowisko przyjazne dla skóry, aby utrzymać skórę zdrową przed czerwonawą skórą ze słabą barierą Ty Własna funkcja zatrzymywania wody w skórze jest aktywowana i przekształca się w dobrze nawodnioną i zdrową skórę wypełnioną doskonałą penetracją i mocą antyoksydacyjną, aminokwasami i składnikami kosmetycznymi. Skóra zmiękczona przez indukcję wody zjonizowanej utrzymuje składniki odżywcze esencji przez cały dzień i prowadzi do wiarygodnej i zdrowej skóry. Możesz go używać dla mężczyzn, takich jak skóra z problemami suchości i wydzielania sebum itp.
り り إنشاء الأساس لبشرة جميلة! ✦ 導 き لا يزال يؤدي إلى الجلد الفخار رسمت جيدا.き き رغم أنها مريحة في الاستخدام ، إلا أنها تتمتع بقدرة مذهلة على الاحتفاظ بالرطوبة!へ لمدة 24 ساعة ، ترطيب البشرة الجميلة KKC · غسول الجلد أيضًا يقمع الميلانين الصباغ للجلد عن طريق تنشيط الأيونات ويخلق بيئة ملائمة للبشرة للحفاظ على صحة البشرة ضد الجلد المحمر بحاجز ضعيف لك. يتم تنشيط وظيفة الاحتفاظ بالمياه الكامنة في البشرة ، ويتم تطويرها لتصبح بشرة صحية جيدة تملأ بالاختراق الممتاز وقوة مضادة للأكسدة والأحماض الأمينية والمكونات التجميلية. يحافظ الجلد الناعم عن طريق تحريض الماء المؤين على العناصر الغذائية للجوهر طوال اليوم ويؤدي إلى بشرة جيدة وصحية. يمكنك استخدامه للرجال مثل جفاف البشرة وإفراز الزهم.
作 り Lag et fundament for vakker hud! ✦ 導 き Fortsetter å føre til en godt malt keramikkhud.驚 き Selv om det er behagelig å bruke, har den utrolig fuktighetskrevende evne!へ I 24 timer fuktighetsgivende, vakker hud KKC · Skin Lotion undertrykker også pigmentmelaninet i huden ved å aktivere ionene og skaper et hudvennlig miljø for å holde huden frisk mot rødaktig hud med svak barriere deg. Hudens inneboende vannretensjonsfunksjon er aktivert, og den er utviklet til en velvannet og sunn hud fylt med utmerket penetrasjon og antioxidant kraft, aminosyrer og kosmetiske ingredienser. Huden myknet ved induksjon av ionisert vann holder næringsstoffene i essensen hele dagen og fører til en god troverdig og sunn hud. Du kan bruke den til menn som tørr og sebum sekresjon problem hud etc.
作 り Opret et fundament for smuk hud! ✦ 導 き Fortsætter med at føre til velmalet keramikhud.驚 き Selvom det er behageligt at bruge, har det fantastisk fugtighedsbevarende evne!へ I 24 timer fugtgivende smuk hud KKC · Skin Lotion undertrykker også pigmentets melanin ved at aktivere ionerne og skaber et hudvenligt miljø for at holde huden sund mod rødlig hud med svag barriere dig. Hudens iboende vandretention er aktiveret, og den er udviklet til en velvandet og sund hud fyldt med fremragende penetration og antioxidantkraft, aminosyrer og kosmetiske ingredienser. Huden blødgjort ved induktion af ioniseret vand holder næringsstoffer af essensen hele dagen lang og fører til en vel troværdig og sund hud. Du kan bruge den til mænd som tør og sebum sekretion problem hud osv.
作 り Skapa en grund för vacker hud! ✦ 導 き Fortsätter att leda till välmålade keramikhud.驚 き Trots att den är bekväm att använda, har den fantastiska fukthållande förmåga!へ I 24 timmar fuktgivande vacker hud KKC · Skin Lotion undertrycker också pigmentmelanin i huden genom att aktivera joner och skapar en hudvänlig miljö för att hålla huden frisk mot rödaktig hud med svag barriär dig. Hudens inneboende vätskeretensfunktion är aktiverad och den utvecklas till en välvatt och frisk hud fylld med utmärkt penetration och antioxidantkraft, aminosyror och kosmetiska ingredienser. Huden mjukad genom induktion av joniserat vatten håller växtens näringsämnen hela dagen och leder till en väl trovärdig och hälsosam hud. Du kan använda den för män som torr och sebum utsöndring problem hud etc.
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