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逸久 Ikyu

Ikyu sells valuable Japanese traditional products, mainly Osaka-Sakai kitchen knives (Wa Bocho) to customers over the world. Soul entered knives by skilled Japanese craftsmen commits "pleasure of ownership" to the customer who bought.

11.88  u.s. Dollar
Rust Eraser [ Sabitoru ] - Fine
11.88  u.s. Dollar
Rust Eraser [ Sabitoru ] - Medium
11.88  u.s. Dollar
Rust Eraser [Sabitoru] -Rough
6.76  u.s. Dollar
SUPER TOGERU - Strong suppoer for knife sharpening
23.75  u.s. Dollar
【Special Price】Sharpened Santoku-Knife Left-Handed
20.1  u.s. Dollar
Kyomen Shokunin - Mirror finishing cream for kitchen knives
32.89  u.s. Dollar
King Whetstone 1000/6000
493.29  u.s. Dollar
[IKA003-19050]白鋼出刃19.5cmWHITE STEEL 195mm [DEBA]