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Kasumi grass earrings

Үнэ 8.04 АНУ-ын доллар
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-Gallery HIRUNEneco'S GALLERY introduction to Carpe diem. In Latin means "pick of the day the flower". In our daily lives for a moment [Nice]. Gallery theme is flowers and light. 
Color having the daily care. When I saw the balance, nice!, sense I think is important to. Come follow us we ♥ ︎ Twitter on the packaging felt. Please see your Bridal ︎-hiruneneco introduce young thing making love. In the old days often drew pictures. Research on the emotional culture of the philosophy department at the University. More expensive but I think I want to make the mundane things that only works. Works through edge is that you want sent messages. If there is something you can feel. Flower and black cats are like ☆.-.:* °
Энэ дэлгүүрийн бусад алдартай зүйлс
14.43  АНУ-ын доллар
Flower hoop earrings.
[en] Like real flowers fresh flowers with a double. It is a feel rather than a flat nylon flowers, petals and the thickness. Gold design ball added grain. accented with luxurious 16 kgf. Cute is very adult-like finish. Wedding ceremonies and wedding photos is recommended....
31.97  АНУ-ын доллар
Glimmered Moon-朧月. 16 K Matt coating geometric earrings 16 kgf k16gf modern simple 14 kgf
[en] coating is 16 k. Glimmered Moon-朧月. Strain, torsion, Mattei St. Is a piece of sparkly glitz and perfection is far, but felt its depth and core strength. It seems like I'm shaken and bleed in the Moon reflected in the water shakes pizazz with Matt, so. The dish is perfect for a strong, mature woman. Is a match for even the casual style and the party scene. Coordinated and cute Matt gold necklace is for sale. ( ˙º̬˙ )و ̑̑
11.88  АНУ-ын доллар
Kasumi grass antique ring ♡ Mai (MAU)
[en] Kasumi is a grass antique rings, Mai (MAU). Haze of night flowers in soft shades locked the grass.... Antique color ring size adjustment is possible. I think no. 11, no. 12, no. 13, no. 14, no. 15, as is is not or. Type not available type of ring is a bit different, as a fifth side. Please note. Sprinkles are small gold grains. Just a simple plus and glitz and more in the presence of the ring. Good compatibility with the yukata and kimono.
8.95  АНУ-ын доллар
Sherpas ♡ cosmoneyby universe earrings resin Opal cosmic patterns
[en] It is 1 cm small droplet shell earrings. For shades is equal to two times is not, in a sense, one-of-is.... Are dark like the opal. Does not interfere with style, so small would fit in any clothes. Crush the shells
26.49  АНУ-ын доллар
Hydrangea chain earrings ♡ Sakura hydrangea hydrangea Bijou Swarovski 16 kgf
[en] The dried flowers of the hydrangea chain earrings. Loose curves are hanging from the back of the ears is more and more like a woman. Asymmetry is shaking Swarovski in only one direction. Piercing is 16 k coating, so you can use long.
3.65  АНУ-ын доллар
Evening primrose. yellow resin dandelion cosmic night sky earrings manmaru dried Kasumi grass blue
[en] Fragment is a listen-only price. ( ˙º̬˙ )و ̑̑ Your piercing with the asymmetrical? Would like a set Interaural would amount to 2. In the night sky or floating in the moonlit night, reflected in the gleaming flower. It is a beautiful contrast of Navy, haze grass. Kasumi instead of stars, grass steak. The nature of the work, there are bubbles. Haze has become a grass surface comfortably into such impression. Haze is created can be changed, such as red, blue and yellow grass, so message us. Pierced part is you can change the resin. If you do not contact the pierced part of golden metal fittings. Only metal can change earrings also. Resin Kasumi grass dried flowers, Star night sky earrings resin earrings
7.13  АНУ-ын доллар
Oriental flower pierced heart hoop earrings rainbow gradient modern petal hibiscus Hawaiian
[en] 3 put together a beautiful gradient size different from the petals. Tip of the day as nothing more than sweet Oriental beads. The dish like fragrance of the tropical atmosphere. Ideal for wedding ceremonies and wedding photos.
17.17  АНУ-ын доллар
[A little light] hydrangea piercing leafpias Swarovski hook earring resin heart
[en] Resin-sealed or haze grass finish Oriental gold earrings. Flowers that are out and take a close look, from a distance it looks deep marble. When hair turned up as cute rear gold Oriental will sway. Is a different impression in the before and after work. Flowers are available in various colors. Please contact us. It is possible the earrings.
8.04  АНУ-ын доллар
Oriental marble earrings heart Royal Blue Kasumi grass gold resin resin earrings hook earring manmaru Oriental mother day Sea Sky Blue earrings
[en] Resin-sealed or haze grass finish Oriental gold earrings. Flowers that are out and take a close look, from a distance it looks deep marble. When hair turned up as cute rear gold Oriental will sway. Is a different impression in the before and after work. Flowers are available in various colors. Please contact us. It is possible the earrings.
18.09  АНУ-ын доллар
Aquarium heart glass dome Kasumi grass dried hook earring sphere manmaru snowdome resin earrings
[en] It is about 1.8 cm. The sphere itself has used 1.6 cm. Blur think water, the dried flower of grass under deep blue. Expressed the flower that blooms in the Lake. Metal earrings, plastic hook earring is modifiable. Rapunzel Ariel Glass dome earrings Haze grass Dried flowers Hologram
24.66  АНУ-ын доллар
Rebecca wine red hydrangea chain earrings resin earrings resin modern studs asymmetric metal swinging gold wedding Japanese pattern geometry art
[en] It is a real hydrangea chain earrings. Chain earrings behind the stick is 7 cm and 7 cm hydrangea with a chain. Feminine curves and softly elegant chain. Wine red is the color of the hydrangeas have a presence there. At one point an asymmetric studs and is very adult-like finish. Your looking for femininity. The made to order from. Your dates will be a little bit. Also, if you request.
10.96  АНУ-ын доллар
Kasumi grass piercing ♡ villas manmaru resin Hawaiian dried hemisphere mold
[en] Puffy boobs-reflections during rain, dew, flower, confined to cut out the moment reflected. (*^_^*) 1.8 cm. Is the presence of accessories.... You can, but MOM assured grain type. Fluffy dress, even in casual style. Resort is recommended.
19.91  АНУ-ын доллар
Gold ivy. simple ivynecklace k16gf16kgf Ivy drop Art Nouveau Oriental 14 kgf
[en] It is a gilded Ivy [Gold ivy]. Ivy is a symbol of love and. Is a gift to someone sounds even better might be. Top's Matt Oriental motifs. It is in the Art Nouveau, moist atmosphere. Think ease of use to the party, of course, good well with everyday use and suits for the (* ^ __ ^ *) Each necklace is top is 2.3 x 1.8 cm. 6 mm thick. Presence and tastefully finished. The chain's 39.5 cm. Neither does not electrir easily for 16 kgf. We sell matching Matt gold earrings, please see.
7.13  АНУ-ын доллар
Bouquet of flowers necklace Alice in Wonderland ♡ country fairy Wonderland story Alice gold antique Kasumi grass resin Pearl Moon Moon Pocket Watch rabbit stars glitter reversible Tinkerbell Rapunzel
[en] In the world of Alice in Wonderland, a small bouquet of flowers. Kasumi twinkle in the night sky, with a bud of the grass and Pearl. Rabbits are back, so named in the reversible. I click on 70 inch leather cord. With the length you like. (*^_^*)
13.7  АНУ-ын доллар
Geometric earrings. shell glass square circle resin resin frame natural modern earthy Japanese yukata simple stained glass
[en] It is a geometrical combination of modern accessories. Create a transparent glass circle. Resin encapsulation, so is gentle and soft color. (^^) Japanese yukata as well as cute sushi, neutral shades to a simple outfit. Circle is less than 1 cm, 2 cm in length. PIA spurts come back of the hemisphere. If square is better will hook earring. Please write in the notes column.
11.88  АНУ-ын доллар
Waiting for rain hydrangea ring ♡ resin hydrangea hydrangea fluorite stone Pebble
[en] It is filled with stone fluorite resin ring. (^^) Shades like soft rain waiting for hydrangea, soft. Just wanted to leave the atmosphere of the fluorite also has a glazed surface, but has become a little distorted, so beautiful and taste. On the heels are cute. (*´︶`*) Size: 10-11
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こちらはかすみ草ピアス 【あの日の空】になります。
Now listing in haze grass piercing series of images.
The size is 1.4 cm.
Haze is the grass Pierce [day blank].
大小是 1.4 厘米。
霾是皮尔斯 [天空白] 草。
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