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Yale Gakuen has sent over 80,000 students to the world. Graduates who have studied advanced education and vocational education are now active in society. When I also visit the company I will see a person who expresses my lively expression "I am an alumni student", and I will be thankful for words. It is exactly the moment that I am proud and it is also the starting point that I have been thinking about this project as my career. I sincerely hope that they will grow up as human resources who can contribute to society through self-fulfillment while still keeping in mind the realization of the dreams of graduates. "I want to become, myself" is a word expressing Yale's mission, but I will continue to keep my heart in mind to train people who are always conscious of others and useful for others

18.27  U.S. Dollar
Tickets for participating in the 12th International Human Resource Utilization Network Exchange Meeting