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Melati (Melati) 【Halal correspondence cosmetics】

Shop(Team) is located in:Japan

About Melati Melati is a word meaning "jasmine (flower name)" in Indonesian. A country with the most Islamic population (or fellow) in the world in Indonesia. In that country, Melati, which is regarded as a symbol of a wise and pure woman, was made the name of this item. I would like to lead the Muslim people to a more intelligent and pure woman ... I made "Melati" with such thought.

34.72  U.S. Dollar
Melati White Gel (Halal Cosmetics Cosmetics)
31.07  U.S. Dollar
Melati UV Care Cream (Halal Cosmetics Cosmetics)
25.59  U.S. Dollar
Melati Makeup Remover (Halal Cosmetics Cosmetics)