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Grow: The Art of Koyamori (English) Large Book-20/18/20

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Popularity set picture book
Popularity set picture book
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[zh] 产品描述内容介绍近年来,目前分布在国内的切花玫瑰品种分为上下刊物,并通过拍摄各品种的照片采集和引进1000多个品种。这是一款前所未有的切花玫瑰图画书。不仅花的特写,而且包括叶子和茎的花形以易于理解的方式广泛发布。很容易看出每个品种的差异,很容易看到。上市品种不仅包括国内生产,还包括进口品种,并展示种鸡繁育品种,稀有品种,强弱香气等。您可以享受各种各样的品种,包括畅销品种和有限的区域,以及新的趋势品种。不仅是那些喜欢玫瑰的人,还有花艺设计师,花店和制作人“我可以使用”一本切花玫瑰的图画书,最终版! “上卷”分为“红色”,“粉红色”,“双色”等526种,“下卷”分为“绿色”,“白色”,“黄色”,“橙色”,“棕色”,“米色”,“紫色”等474我们发布。关于作者Shigeru Iiyama:Kajigaya Flora Market(Kasagaya Flora Market加入公司,Flower Auctions Japan Co.,Ltd.,Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Ota Market Flower Division,1990)。加入Flower Auction Japan Co.,Ltd。后,他担任Cut Flower销售经理。这两家公司将作为长期的竞争对手,在全国各地的生产区域旅行。
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[en] Content introduction In recent years, the varieties of cut flower roses currently distributed in Japan are divided into upper and lower publications, and photographs of all varieties are introduced and taken down. It is an unprecedented cut flower rose picture book. Not only the close-up of the flower, but also the flower form including the leaves and stems is widely posted in an easy-to-understand manner. It is easy to see the difference in each breed and easy to see. The listed varieties include not only domestic production but also imported varieties, and show breeder breeding varieties, rare varieties, strong and weak aroma etc. You can enjoy a wide variety of varieties, including long-selling varieties and limited areas, as well as new varieties of trends. Not only those who like roses but also flower designers, florists and producers “I can use” a pictorial book of a rose of cut flowers, definitive edition! "Upper volume" is classified into "Red" "Pink" "Bicolor" 526 types, "Lower volume" is classified into "Green" "White" "Yellow" "Orange" "Brown" "Beige" "Purple" and others 474 We publish. About the author Shigeru Iiyama: Kajigaya Flora Market (Kasagaya Flora Market joined the company, Flower Auctions Japan Co., Ltd., Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Ota Market Flower Division, 1990). After joining Flower Auction Japan Co., Ltd., he served as Cut Flower Sales Manager. The two companies will work as long-time rose competitors and travel around production areas across the country.
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Grow: The Art of Koyamori (English) Large Book-20/18/20
[zh] 描述这是加拿大年轻艺术家/插画家Koyamori(也称为Maruti_Bitamin)的第一个艺术收藏品。在过去的五年中,她通过在Instagram,Tumblr和Twitter账户上定期分享她的迷人插图而引起了人们的注意。这项工作随着它的发展而收集,并涉及选择专门创建的新插图。主要使用水彩墨水,Koya-mochi的高度想象力,但亲密的插图包含丰富多彩的自然元素,如植物,生物,水和星星,以及超级可爱的卡通风格的人物我会以它为特色。可翻转防尘套包括背面的日本版封面。这两个封面都是为这本期待已久的书专门绘制的新插图。回顾“在成长中的工作:Koyamori的艺术不需要描述。相反,它是一个颜色和图像的演示,以帮助为你正在观看的角色创建一个故事。” - The Nerdy Girl Express “动感,古怪,巧妙的设计和引人注目的布局使其成为创造力和满足感的良好来源。” - 收藏家角落
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Megaphiliamono Kubo Works (KITORA) Paperback – 2018/12/20
[en] Content introduction If a giant creature appears in front of the eyes ...? Collection of illustrations of healing and awe mixed 1st works of rare painter, thing Kubo that continues to draw a profound world. It contains a large number of illustrations, such as the "Blessing Chapter" where giant creatures bring healing, and the "Awe" Chapter, which evokes reverence, as well as making and review of all works. Contents (from the "BOOK" database) It is a journey similar to a miracle. Kubo's first art collection of up-and-coming illustrators. Also includes the popular Giant Creatures Series and a series of drawn works.
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Vaporization heat Daisuke Richard Works large book-2018/8/19
[en] Content introduction The first drawing book of the hottest illustrator, Daisuke Richard! The first drawing book of the illustrator "Daisuke Richard", which has attracted many supporters from overseas, focusing on young people and other collaborators with various companies and artists, has finally appeared. In addition to the drawn work for this book and the work in the commercial field, we add corrections and corrections to many of the original works we have published so far, and have collected over 170 carefully selected illustrations from the early days of the activity to the present! This book is a must-see for fans, including about 70 cm wide cover illustration making, unpublished rough sketches, work commentaries by the artist himself, and back stories of characteristic work motifs drawn repeatedly. Please have a look at the world of the girls who are dazed by Mr Daisuke Richard. Contents (from "BOOK" database) Illustrator, Daisuke Richard's first drawing book. A collection of over 170 carefully selected illustrations with corrections / modifications to many of the original works presented so far, in addition to drawn works for this book and works in the commercial domain! Show all item descriptions
26.5  U.S. Dollar
Art of JC Leyendecker The Art of JC LEYENDECKER Paperback (Soft Cover)-2016/10/20
[en] Content introduction JC Leyen Dekka, who drew many works during the golden age of American illustration and was one of the largest and most popular artists, drew the hearts of the masses with stylish and impressive depictions of handsome men and glamor women. I grabbed you. Also known as "Lyendecker Look", the pattern that you can see immediately plays a role in creating the face of the country of America, from which many designs still known are created, creating a brand in advertising It came to be done. However, until now, little is known about the person behind the art. The illustration drawn by Norman Rockwell, called "The Takumi of the Magazine Cover", and later given to us by Leyden Decker, displayed the covers of all major magazines. Also in the ad, he drew works to support the promotion of a wide range of products, from cutting-edge men's clothing to ivory soap and Kellogg's corn flakes. However, the most well-known is probably the portrait of the Arrow Collar Man, which became the first sex symbol as a man, and the first ad star to gain popularity from both sexes. This refined and elegant image of the gentle gentleman makes the hearts of millions of people who saw it squeeze a gorgeous lifestyle into a thriving society. However, there are few people who know that this Arrow-colored man's model was Charles Beach, the long-time lover of Leyen Dekker. Leyendecker did not talk in detail about his private life, as he escaped from the world's snoop on homosexuality. In this book, along with the cover of more than 600 originals, photographs, advertisements, and magazines of Leyen Deker, we unravel the many mysteries that have remained until today, revealing the true image. Comment from the publisher "JC LEYENDECKER" ABRAMS, 2008, translated version.
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Marguerite Fly Works Book Paperback-20/18/20
[en] Content introduction Popular illustrator Fly draws love of youthful youth and young girls. The long-awaited first work collection! The high color rendering printing technology Brilliant Palette (R) beautifully reproduces the original colors of the work. (Brilliant Palette (R) is a registered trademark of Koseido) ■ Contents Chapter 1 Innocence Chapter 2 Passion of youth Chapter 3 Love unrequited Chapter 4 Secret love Index Afterword About the author Fly: living in Tokyo. Cartoon house, illustrator. From the anime "From the Tomorrow of the Coloring World" (Shunsuke Sugawara / Director: PAWORKS) Character drafts, manga version "Kemono Friends-Welcome to Japari Park!-" (Kemono Friends Project Planning / Drafts / KADOKAWA / Monthly Shonen Ace), " Weak characters Yuzaki-kun (Yakyu Yuki / Shogakkan / Gagaga Bunko) illustrations, "comic Yurihime" (Ichijinsha) 2018 cover charge etc. Show all product descriptions
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Junior and senior high school students' illustrations 200 cute uniforms and accessories 200 items Large book-2018/9/10
[en] Content introduction Collecting more than 200 drawn works of clothing characters and accessories, focusing on items used by school girls in school life. Also includes item making, numerous sketches and interviews. You may enjoy it by saying, "I wore this! Have it!" It is one book that can be enjoyed in various ways, such as making it a reference for drawing materials for uniforms. Comments from publishers The first collection of works by commercial manga artists whose works have been uploaded to SNS. In addition to drawn works, a large number of popular works on SNS
Product description:
描述这是加拿大年轻艺术家/插画家Koyamori(也称为Maruti_Bitamin)的第一个艺术收藏品。在过去的五年中,她通过在Instagram,Tumblr和Twitter账户上定期分享她的迷人插图而引起了人们的注意。这项工作随着它的发展而收集,并涉及选择专门创建的新插图。主要使用水彩墨水,Koya-mochi的高度想象力,但亲密的插图包含丰富多彩的自然元素,如植物,生物,水和星星,以及超级可爱的卡通风格的人物我会以它为特色。可翻转防尘套包括背面的日本版封面。这两个封面都是为这本期待已久的书专门绘制的新插图。回顾“在成长中的工作:Koyamori的艺术不需要描述。相反,它是一个颜色和图像的演示,以帮助为你正在观看的角色创建一个故事。” - The Nerdy Girl Express “动感,古怪,巧妙的设计和引人注目的布局使其成为创造力和满足感的良好来源。” - 收藏家角落
内容紹介これは、カナダの若手アーティスト/イラストレーター、コヤモリ(Maruti_Bitaminとしても知られる)による最初のアートコレクションです。過去5年間、彼女は彼女のInstagram、Tumblr、Twitterのアカウントで彼女の魅力的なイラストを定期的に共有することを通して注目を集めています。この作品は成長しながら収集され、特別に作成された新しいイラストの選択を伴います。主に水彩インクを使用して、コヤモリの非常に想像力があるが、親密なイラストは植物、生き物、水と星のようなカラフルな自然の要素を取り入れて、そしてまた超かわいい漫画風のキャラクターを呼び物にします。リバーシブルダストジャケットは裏側に日本語版からのカバーが含まれています。どちらの表紙もこの待望の本のために特別に描かれた新しいイラストです。レビュー "成長の中での仕事:コヤモリの芸術は説明を必要としません。むしろそれはあなたが見ているキャラクターのために物語を作成するのに役立つ色と画像のプレゼンテーションです。" - The Nerdy Girl Express "Motion、風変わりな、巧妙なデザインと人目を引くレイアウトは創造性のおいしいそして満足のいく宝庫になります。」 - コレクターズコーナー
Beschreibung Dies ist die erste Kunstsammlung des jungen kanadischen Künstlers / Illustrators Koyamori (auch bekannt als Maruti_Bitamin). In den letzten fünf Jahren hat sie durch regelmäßiges Teilen ihrer faszinierenden Illustrationen auf ihren Instagram-, Tumblr- und Twitter-Konten auf sich aufmerksam gemacht. Diese Arbeit wird während des Wachstums gesammelt und beinhaltet die Auswahl einer neuen, speziell erstellten Illustration. In erster Linie mit Aquarelltinte, dem fantasievollen Koya-Mochi, werden in intimen Illustrationen farbenfrohe natürliche Elemente wie Pflanzen, Lebewesen, Wasser und Sterne sowie niedliche Zeichentrickfiguren im Cartoon-Stil verwendet Ich werde es zeigen. Der reversible Schutzumschlag enthält auf der Rückseite eine Abdeckung aus der japanischen Version. Beide Umschläge sind neue Illustrationen, die speziell für dieses lang erwartete Buch gezeichnet wurden. Rezension "Work in Growth: Die Kunst von Koyamori braucht keine Beschreibung. Vielmehr handelt es sich um eine Präsentation von Farben und Bildern, die beim Erstellen einer Story für den Charakter, den Sie gerade sehen, hilft." - The Nerdy Girl Express "Bewegung, schrulliges, durchdachtes Design und auffälliges Layout machen es zu einer guten Quelle für Kreativität und Zufriedenheit." - Collectors Corner
Descrição Esta é a primeira coleção de arte de uma jovem artista / ilustradora canadense, Koyamori (também conhecida como Maruti_Bitamin). Nos últimos cinco anos, ela atraiu a atenção por meio do compartilhamento regular de suas ilustrações fascinantes em suas contas do Instagram, Tumblr e Twitter. Este trabalho é coletado à medida que cresce e envolve a seleção de uma nova ilustração criada especificamente. Principalmente usando tinta aquarela, o altamente imaginativo do Koya-mochi, mas ilustrações íntimas incorporam elementos naturais coloridos como plantas, criaturas, água e estrelas, e também personagens de estilo cartoon super fofo Eu vou apresentar isso. A sobrecapa reversível inclui uma capa da versão japonesa no verso. Ambas as capas são novas ilustrações desenhadas especificamente para este livro tão esperado. Revisão "Trabalho em Crescimento: A Arte de Koyamori Não Precisa de uma Descrição. É uma Apresentação de Cores e Imagens para Ajudar a Criar uma História para o Personagem que Você Está Assistindo." - The Nerdy Girl Express "Movimento, design inteligente e perspicaz e layout atraente fazem dele uma boa fonte de criatividade e satisfação." - Collectors Corner
Descripción Esta es la primera colección de arte de un joven artista / ilustrador canadiense, Koyamori (también conocido como Maruti_Bitamin). Durante los últimos cinco años, ha captado la atención mediante el intercambio regular de sus fascinantes ilustraciones en sus cuentas de Instagram, Tumblr y Twitter. Este trabajo se recopila a medida que crece e implica la selección de una nueva ilustración creada específicamente. Principalmente con tinta de acuarela, el muy imaginativo de Koya-mochi, pero las ilustraciones íntimas incorporan elementos naturales de colores como plantas, criaturas, agua y estrellas, y también personajes súper lindos con dibujos animados. Lo presentaré. La sobrecubierta reversible incluye una cubierta de la versión japonesa en el reverso. Ambas cubiertas son nuevas ilustraciones dibujadas específicamente para este libro tan esperado. Revisión "El trabajo en crecimiento: el arte de Koyamori no necesita una descripción. Más bien es una presentación de colores e imágenes para ayudar a crear una historia para el personaje que estás viendo". - Nerdy Girl Express "El movimiento, el diseño extravagante, inteligente y el diseño llamativo lo convierten en una buena fuente de creatividad y satisfacción". - Collectors Corner
Mô tả Đây là bộ sưu tập nghệ thuật đầu tiên của một họa sĩ / họa sĩ minh họa trẻ người Canada, Koyamori (còn được gọi là Maruti_B Vitamin). Trong năm năm qua, cô đã thu hút được sự chú ý thông qua việc chia sẻ thường xuyên các minh họa hấp dẫn của mình trên các tài khoản Instagram, Tumblr và Twitter của mình. Công việc này được thu thập khi nó phát triển và liên quan đến việc lựa chọn một minh họa mới được tạo ra một cách cụ thể. Chủ yếu sử dụng mực màu nước, trí tưởng tượng cao của Koya-mochi, nhưng minh họa thân mật kết hợp các yếu tố tự nhiên đầy màu sắc như thực vật, sinh vật, nước và ngôi sao, và cả các nhân vật theo phong cách hoạt hình siêu dễ thương Tôi sẽ giới thiệu nó. Áo khoác bụi có thể đảo ngược bao gồm một vỏ bọc từ phiên bản tiếng Nhật ở mặt sau. Cả hai bìa là hình minh họa mới được vẽ riêng cho cuốn sách được chờ đợi từ lâu này. Đánh giá "Công việc trong tăng trưởng: Nghệ thuật của Koyamori không cần mô tả. Thay vào đó là phần trình bày về màu sắc và hình ảnh để giúp tạo ra một câu chuyện cho nhân vật bạn đang xem." - Nerdy Girl Express "Chuyển động, kỳ quặc, thiết kế thông minh và bố cục bắt mắt làm cho nó trở thành một nguồn sáng tạo và sự hài lòng tốt." - Góc sưu tập
คำอธิบายนี่เป็นคอลเล็กชั่นศิลปะชิ้นแรกโดย Koyamori ศิลปิน / นักวาดภาพประกอบชาวแคนาดา (หรือที่รู้จักในชื่อ Maruti_Bitamin) ในช่วงห้าปีที่ผ่านมาเธอได้รับความสนใจผ่านการแบ่งปันภาพประกอบที่น่าสนใจของเธอในบัญชี Instagram, Tumblr และ Twitter ของเธอ งานนี้รวบรวมเมื่อเติบโตขึ้นและเกี่ยวข้องกับการเลือกภาพประกอบใหม่ที่สร้างขึ้นโดยเฉพาะ โดยพื้นฐานแล้วการใช้หมึกสีน้ำความคิดสร้างสรรค์สูงของ Koya-mochi แต่ภาพประกอบส่วนตัวได้รวมองค์ประกอบทางธรรมชาติที่มีสีสันเช่นพืชสิ่งมีชีวิตน้ำและดวงดาวและตัวการ์ตูนสไตล์น่ารักสุด ๆ ฉันจะทำมัน แจ็คเก็ตฝุ่นแบบพลิกกลับได้มีฝาปิดจากเวอร์ชั่นญี่ปุ่นที่ด้านหลัง ทั้งสองปกเป็นภาพประกอบใหม่ที่วาดขึ้นโดยเฉพาะสำหรับหนังสือเล่มนี้ที่รอคอยมานาน ทบทวน "งานในการเติบโต: ศิลปะของโคยาโมริไม่ต้องการคำอธิบาย แต่มันเป็นการนำเสนอสีและรูปภาพเพื่อช่วยสร้างเรื่องราวสำหรับตัวละครที่คุณกำลังดู" - The Nerdy Girl Express "การเคลื่อนไหวการเล่นโวหารการออกแบบที่ชาญฉลาดและรูปแบบที่สะดุดตาทำให้เป็นแหล่งความคิดสร้างสรรค์และความพึงพอใจที่ดี" - มุมนักสะสม
내용 소개 이것은 캐나다의 젊은 아티스트 / 일러스트 레이터, 코야모리 (Maruti_Bitamin라고도 함)에 의한 최초의 아트 컬렉션입니다. 지난 5 년 동안 그녀는 그녀의 Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter 계정에서 그녀의 매력적인 일러스트를 정기적으로 공유하는 것을 통해 주목을 받고 있습니다. 이 작품은 성장하면서 수집 된 특수하게 조작 된 새로운 일러스트의 선택을 포함한다. 주로 수채화 잉크를 사용하여 코야모리 매우 상상력이 있지만, 친밀한 일러스트는 식물, 동물, 물과 별처럼 화려한 자연의 요소를 도입하고, 또한 슈퍼 귀여운 만화 스타일의 캐릭터를 끌어 당김합니다. 뒤집을 먼지 자켓 뒷면에 일본어 버전에서 커버가 포함되어 있습니다. 어떤 표지도이 대망의 책을 위해 특별히 그려진 새로운 일러스트입니다. 리뷰 "성장 속에서의 일 : 코야모리 예술은 설명을 필요로하지 않습니다. 오히려 그것은 당신이보고있는 캐릭터에 대한 이야기를 작성하는 데 도움이 색상과 이미지의 프레젠테이션입니다."- The Nerdy Girl Express "Motion 색다른 성공적인 디자인과 눈길을 끄는 레이아웃은 독창성 맛있는 그리고 만족스러운 보물입니다."- 소장 코너
الوصف هذه هي المجموعة الفنية الأولى لفنان / رسام كندي شاب ، كوياموري (المعروف أيضًا باسم Maruti_Bitamin). خلال السنوات الخمس الماضية ، جذبت الانتباه من خلال المشاركة المنتظمة في الرسوم التوضيحية الرائعة على حسابات Instagram و Tumblr و Twitter. يتم جمع هذا العمل أثناء نموه وينطوي على اختيار رسم توضيحي جديد تم إنشاؤه على وجه التحديد. باستخدام الحبر المائي بشكل أساسي ، وهو خيال Koya-mochi للغاية ، لكن الرسوم التوضيحية الحميمة تتضمن عناصر طبيعية ملونة مثل النباتات والمخلوقات والمياه والنجوم ، بالإضافة إلى شخصيات رائعة على غرار الرسوم المتحركة أنا سوف ميزة ذلك. تشتمل سترة الغبار القابلة للعكس على غطاء من الإصدار الياباني على الجانب الخلفي. كلا الغلافين عبارة عن رسوم توضيحية جديدة مرسومة خصيصًا لهذا الكتاب الذي طال انتظاره. مراجعة "العمل في النمو: فن Koyamori لا يحتاج إلى وصف. إنه عرض للألوان والصور للمساعدة في إنشاء قصة للشخصية التي تشاهدها." - The Nerdy Girl Express "الحركة ، والتصوير الغريب ، والتصميم المذهل ، يجعلها مصدرًا جيدًا للإبداع والرضا." - Collectors Corner
描述這是加拿大年輕藝術家/插畫家Koyamori(也稱為Maruti_Bitamin)的第一個藝術收藏品。在過去的五年中,她通過在Instagram,Tumblr和Twitter賬戶上定期分享她的迷人插圖而引起了人們的注意。這項工作隨著它的發展而收集,並涉及選擇專門創建的新插圖。主要使用水彩墨水,Koya-mochi的高度想像力,但親密的插圖包含豐富多彩的自然元素,如植物,生物,水和星星,以及超級可愛的卡通風格的人物我會以它為特色。可翻轉防塵套包括背面的日本版封面。這兩個封面都是為這本期待已久的書專門繪製的新插圖。回顧“在成長中的工作:Koyamori的藝術不需要描述。相反,它是一個顏色和圖像的演示,以幫助為你正在觀看的角色創建一個故事。” - The Nerdy Girl Express “動感,古怪,巧妙的設計和引人注目的佈局使其成為創造力和滿足感的良好來源。” - 收藏家角落
Description Il s'agit de la première collection d'art d'un jeune artiste / illustrateur canadien, Koyamori (également connu sous le nom de Maruti_Bitamin). Au cours des cinq dernières années, elle a attiré l'attention en partageant régulièrement ses fascinantes illustrations sur ses comptes Instagram, Tumblr et Twitter. Ce travail est collecté au fur et à mesure de sa croissance et implique la sélection d'une nouvelle illustration créée spécifiquement. Utilisant principalement de l'encre pour aquarelle, le très imaginatif du Koya-mochi, des illustrations intimes incorporent des éléments naturels colorés tels que des plantes, des créatures, de l'eau et des étoiles, ainsi que des personnages de style dessin animé Je vais le présenter. La jaquette réversible comprend une housse de la version japonaise au verso. Les deux couvertures sont de nouvelles illustrations spécialement conçues pour ce livre attendu depuis longtemps. Réviser "Le travail en croissance: l’art de Koyamori n’a pas besoin de description. C’est plutôt une présentation de couleurs et d’images pour aider à créer une histoire pour le personnage que vous regardez." - The Nerdy Girl Express "Mouvement, design original et astucieux et disposition attirante en font une bonne source de créativité et de satisfaction." - Le coin des collectionneurs
Penerangan Ini adalah koleksi seni pertama oleh artis Kanada / ilustrator muda, Koyamori (juga dikenali sebagai Maruti_Bitamin). Selama lima tahun yang lalu, dia telah mendapat perhatian melalui perkongsian biasa ilustrasi menariknya di akaun Instagram, Tumblr, dan Twitternya. Kerja ini dikumpulkan kerana ia tumbuh dan melibatkan pemilihan ilustrasi baru yang dibuat khusus. Terutamanya menggunakan dakwat cat air, yang sangat imajinatif Koya-mochi, namun ilustrasi intim menggabungkan elemen semulajadi yang berwarna-warni seperti tumbuhan, makhluk, air dan bintang-bintang, dan juga watak-watak gaya kartun yang sangat comel Saya akan memaparkannya. Jaket debu berbalik termasuk penutup dari versi Jepun di belakang. Perlindungan kedua adalah ilustrasi baru yang disediakan khusus untuk buku lama yang ditunggu-tunggu ini. Tinjau "Kerja dalam Pertumbuhan: Seni Koyamori Tidak Perlu Penerangan. Sebaliknya Ini adalah Pembentangan Warna dan Imej untuk Membantu Mencipta Cerita untuk Watak Anda Menonton" - The Nerdy Girl Express "Reka bentuk gerakan, unik, pintar dan susun atur menarik menjadikannya sumber kreativiti dan kepuasan yang baik." - Corner Pengumpul
Descrizione Questa è la prima collezione d'arte di un giovane artista / illustratore canadese, Koyamori (noto anche come Maruti_Bitamin). Negli ultimi cinque anni, ha raccolto attenzione attraverso la condivisione regolare delle sue affascinanti illustrazioni sui suoi account Instagram, Tumblr e Twitter. Questo lavoro viene raccolto man mano che cresce e comporta la selezione di una nuova illustrazione creata appositamente. Principalmente usando l'inchiostro ad acquerello, l'immaginifico del Koya-mochi, ma le illustrazioni intime incorporano elementi naturali colorati come piante, creature, acqua e stelle, e anche personaggi in stile cartoon super carini Lo mostrerò. La sovraccoperta reversibile include una cover dalla versione giapponese sul retro. Entrambe le copertine sono nuove illustrazioni disegnate appositamente per questo libro tanto atteso. Revisione "Lavorare nella crescita: l'arte di Koyamori non ha bisogno di una descrizione, piuttosto è una presentazione di colori e immagini per aiutare a creare una storia per il personaggio che si sta guardando." - The Nerdy Girl Express "Il movimento, il design bizzarro e intelligente e il layout accattivante ne fanno una buona fonte di creatività e soddisfazione." - Collectors Corner
Beskrivning Detta är den första konstsamlingen av en ung kanadensisk konstnär / illustratör, Koyamori (även känd som Maruti_Bitamin). Under de senaste fem åren har hon fått uppmärksamhet genom regelbunden delning av hennes fascinerande illustrationer på hennes Instagram-, Tumblr- och Twitter-konton. Detta arbete samlas in när det växer och innebär att man väljer en ny illustration som skapats specifikt. Primärt använda vattenfärg bläck, den mycket fantasifulla av Koya-mochi, men intima illustrationer innehåller färgglada naturliga element som växter, varelser, vatten och stjärnor, och också super söta tecknadstilstilar Jag kommer att presentera den. Den reversibla dammjackan innehåller ett skydd från den japanska versionen på baksidan. Båda omslagen är nya illustrationer ritade specifikt för denna efterlängtade bok. Recension "Arbeta i tillväxt: Koyamoriens konst behöver inte en beskrivning. Det är snarare en presentation av färger och bilder som hjälper till att skapa en historia för karaktären du tittar på." - The Nerdy Girl Express "Motion, quirky, smart design och iögonfallande layout gör det till en bra källa till kreativitet och tillfredsställelse." - Collectors Corner
Beskrivelse Dette er den første kunstsamling af en ung canadisk kunstner / illustrator, Koyamori (også kendt som Maruti_Bitamin). I de sidste fem år har hun fået opmærksomhed gennem regelmæssig deling af hendes fascinerende illustrationer på hendes Instagram, Tumblr og Twitter konti. Dette arbejde samles, når det vokser og indebærer udvælgelsen af en ny illustration, der er oprettet specifikt. Først og fremmest ved brug af akvarelblæk, den meget fantasifulde af Koya-mochi, men intime illustrationer indarbejder farverige naturlige elementer som planter, væsner, vand og stjerner og også super søde tegneserie-stil tegn Jeg vil fungere det. Den reversible støvjakke indeholder et cover fra den japanske version på bagsiden. Begge omslag er nye illustrationer tegnet specielt til denne efterlængte bog. Gennemgå "Arbejde i vækst: Koyamori's kunst behøver ikke en beskrivelse. Det er snarere en præsentation af farver og billeder, der hjælper med at skabe en historie for det tegn, du ser." - The Nerdy Girl Express "Motion, quirky, smart design og iøjnefaldende layout gør det til en god kilde til kreativitet og tilfredshed." - Collectors Corner
Beskrivelse Dette er den første kunstsamlingen av en ung kanadisk kunstner / illustratør, Koyamori (også kjent som Maruti_Bitamin). De siste fem årene har hun fått oppmerksomhet gjennom regelmessig deling av sine fascinerende illustrasjoner på hennes Instagram, Tumblr og Twitter-kontoer. Dette arbeidet samles etter hvert som det vokser og involverer valg av en ny illustrasjon som er opprettet spesielt. Først og fremst ved hjelp av akvarell blekk, den svært fantasifulle av Koya-mochi, men intime illustrasjoner innlemme fargerike naturlige elementer som planter, skapninger, vann og stjerner, og også super søte tegneserie-stil tegn Jeg vil fungere med det. Den reversible støvjakken inneholder et deksel fra den japanske versjonen på baksiden. Begge dekslene er nye illustrasjoner som er tegnet spesielt for denne etterlengtede boken. Gjennomgå "Arbeid i vekst: Kunsten i Koyamori trenger ikke en beskrivelse. Det er snarere en presentasjon av farger og bilder for å bidra til å lage en historie for karakteren du ser." - The Nerdy Girl Express "Bevegelse, quirky, smart design og iøynefallende layout gjør det til en god kilde til kreativitet og tilfredshet." - Collectors Corner
ISBN-13: 978-4756251213
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