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Junior and senior high school students' illustrations 200 cute uniforms and accessories 200 items Large book-2018/9/10

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Popularity set picture book
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Cut flowers Rose pictorial book 1000 Part volume Book-2014/10/1
[zh] 产品描述内容介绍近年来,目前分布在国内的切花玫瑰品种分为上下刊物,并通过拍摄各品种的照片采集和引进1000多个品种。这是一款前所未有的切花玫瑰图画书。不仅花的特写,而且包括叶子和茎的花形以易于理解的方式广泛发布。很容易看出每个品种的差异,很容易看到。上市品种不仅包括国内生产,还包括进口品种,并展示种鸡繁育品种,稀有品种,强弱香气等。您可以享受各种各样的品种,包括畅销品种和有限的区域,以及新的趋势品种。不仅是那些喜欢玫瑰的人,还有花艺设计师,花店和制作人“我可以使用”一本切花玫瑰的图画书,最终版! “上卷”分为“红色”,“粉红色”,“双色”等526种,“下卷”分为“绿色”,“白色”,“黄色”,“橙色”,“棕色”,“米色”,“紫色”等474我们发布。关于作者Shigeru Iiyama:Kajigaya Flora Market(Kasagaya Flora Market加入公司,Flower Auctions Japan Co.,Ltd.,Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Ota Market Flower Division,1990)。加入Flower Auction Japan Co.,Ltd。后,他担任Cut Flower销售经理。这两家公司将作为长期的竞争对手,在全国各地的生产区域旅行。
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Cut flowers Rose pictorial book 1000 First Volume-2014/10/1
[en] Content introduction In recent years, the varieties of cut flower roses currently distributed in Japan are divided into upper and lower publications, and photographs of all varieties are introduced and taken down. It is an unprecedented cut flower rose picture book. Not only the close-up of the flower, but also the flower form including the leaves and stems is widely posted in an easy-to-understand manner. It is easy to see the difference in each breed and easy to see. The listed varieties include not only domestic production but also imported varieties, and show breeder breeding varieties, rare varieties, strong and weak aroma etc. You can enjoy a wide variety of varieties, including long-selling varieties and limited areas, as well as new varieties of trends. Not only those who like roses but also flower designers, florists and producers “I can use” a pictorial book of a rose of cut flowers, definitive edition! "Upper volume" is classified into "Red" "Pink" "Bicolor" 526 types, "Lower volume" is classified into "Green" "White" "Yellow" "Orange" "Brown" "Beige" "Purple" and others 474 We publish. About the author Shigeru Iiyama: Kajigaya Flora Market (Kasagaya Flora Market joined the company, Flower Auctions Japan Co., Ltd., Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Ota Market Flower Division, 1990). After joining Flower Auction Japan Co., Ltd., he served as Cut Flower Sales Manager. The two companies will work as long-time rose competitors and travel around production areas across the country.
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Grow: The Art of Koyamori (English) Large Book-20/18/20
[zh] 描述这是加拿大年轻艺术家/插画家Koyamori(也称为Maruti_Bitamin)的第一个艺术收藏品。在过去的五年中,她通过在Instagram,Tumblr和Twitter账户上定期分享她的迷人插图而引起了人们的注意。这项工作随着它的发展而收集,并涉及选择专门创建的新插图。主要使用水彩墨水,Koya-mochi的高度想象力,但亲密的插图包含丰富多彩的自然元素,如植物,生物,水和星星,以及超级可爱的卡通风格的人物我会以它为特色。可翻转防尘套包括背面的日本版封面。这两个封面都是为这本期待已久的书专门绘制的新插图。回顾“在成长中的工作:Koyamori的艺术不需要描述。相反,它是一个颜色和图像的演示,以帮助为你正在观看的角色创建一个故事。” - The Nerdy Girl Express “动感,古怪,巧妙的设计和引人注目的布局使其成为创造力和满足感的良好来源。” - 收藏家角落
19.53  U.S. Dollar
Megaphiliamono Kubo Works (KITORA) Paperback – 2018/12/20
[en] Content introduction If a giant creature appears in front of the eyes ...? Collection of illustrations of healing and awe mixed 1st works of rare painter, thing Kubo that continues to draw a profound world. It contains a large number of illustrations, such as the "Blessing Chapter" where giant creatures bring healing, and the "Awe" Chapter, which evokes reverence, as well as making and review of all works. Contents (from the "BOOK" database) It is a journey similar to a miracle. Kubo's first art collection of up-and-coming illustrators. Also includes the popular Giant Creatures Series and a series of drawn works.
29.95  U.S. Dollar
Vaporization heat Daisuke Richard Works large book-2018/8/19
[en] Content introduction The first drawing book of the hottest illustrator, Daisuke Richard! The first drawing book of the illustrator "Daisuke Richard", which has attracted many supporters from overseas, focusing on young people and other collaborators with various companies and artists, has finally appeared. In addition to the drawn work for this book and the work in the commercial field, we add corrections and corrections to many of the original works we have published so far, and have collected over 170 carefully selected illustrations from the early days of the activity to the present! This book is a must-see for fans, including about 70 cm wide cover illustration making, unpublished rough sketches, work commentaries by the artist himself, and back stories of characteristic work motifs drawn repeatedly. Please have a look at the world of the girls who are dazed by Mr Daisuke Richard. Contents (from "BOOK" database) Illustrator, Daisuke Richard's first drawing book. A collection of over 170 carefully selected illustrations with corrections / modifications to many of the original works presented so far, in addition to drawn works for this book and works in the commercial domain! Show all item descriptions
25.75  U.S. Dollar
Art of JC Leyendecker The Art of JC LEYENDECKER Paperback (Soft Cover)-2016/10/20
[en] Content introduction JC Leyen Dekka, who drew many works during the golden age of American illustration and was one of the largest and most popular artists, drew the hearts of the masses with stylish and impressive depictions of handsome men and glamor women. I grabbed you. Also known as "Lyendecker Look", the pattern that you can see immediately plays a role in creating the face of the country of America, from which many designs still known are created, creating a brand in advertising It came to be done. However, until now, little is known about the person behind the art. The illustration drawn by Norman Rockwell, called "The Takumi of the Magazine Cover", and later given to us by Leyden Decker, displayed the covers of all major magazines. Also in the ad, he drew works to support the promotion of a wide range of products, from cutting-edge men's clothing to ivory soap and Kellogg's corn flakes. However, the most well-known is probably the portrait of the Arrow Collar Man, which became the first sex symbol as a man, and the first ad star to gain popularity from both sexes. This refined and elegant image of the gentle gentleman makes the hearts of millions of people who saw it squeeze a gorgeous lifestyle into a thriving society. However, there are few people who know that this Arrow-colored man's model was Charles Beach, the long-time lover of Leyen Dekker. Leyendecker did not talk in detail about his private life, as he escaped from the world's snoop on homosexuality. In this book, along with the cover of more than 600 originals, photographs, advertisements, and magazines of Leyen Deker, we unravel the many mysteries that have remained until today, revealing the true image. Comment from the publisher "JC LEYENDECKER" ABRAMS, 2008, translated version.
15.98  U.S. Dollar
Marguerite Fly Works Book Paperback-20/18/20
[en] Content introduction Popular illustrator Fly draws love of youthful youth and young girls. The long-awaited first work collection! The high color rendering printing technology Brilliant Palette (R) beautifully reproduces the original colors of the work. (Brilliant Palette (R) is a registered trademark of Koseido) ■ Contents Chapter 1 Innocence Chapter 2 Passion of youth Chapter 3 Love unrequited Chapter 4 Secret love Index Afterword About the author Fly: living in Tokyo. Cartoon house, illustrator. From the anime "From the Tomorrow of the Coloring World" (Shunsuke Sugawara / Director: PAWORKS) Character drafts, manga version "Kemono Friends-Welcome to Japari Park!-" (Kemono Friends Project Planning / Drafts / KADOKAWA / Monthly Shonen Ace), " Weak characters Yuzaki-kun (Yakyu Yuki / Shogakkan / Gagaga Bunko) illustrations, "comic Yurihime" (Ichijinsha) 2018 cover charge etc. Show all product descriptions
17.76  U.S. Dollar
Junior and senior high school students' illustrations 200 cute uniforms and accessories 200 items Large book-2018/9/10
[en] Content introduction Collecting more than 200 drawn works of clothing characters and accessories, focusing on items used by school girls in school life. Also includes item making, numerous sketches and interviews. You may enjoy it by saying, "I wore this! Have it!" It is one book that can be enjoyed in various ways, such as making it a reference for drawing materials for uniforms. Comments from publishers The first collection of works by commercial manga artists whose works have been uploaded to SNS. In addition to drawn works, a large number of popular works on SNS
15.98  U.S. Dollar
Question 7 Works 1017 Book (soft cover)-March 23, 2017
[en] Content introduction "1017" is a collection of commercial first works of Mr. Kenshi! A collection of commercial first works of illustrators who work in character design of popular online games. A comment is added to the illustration of 117 points by the author's own choice including the drawing down with a little bit. Also included are a number of illustrations that have been revised and corrected for this work collection. Furthermore there is also a making commentary of the illustration drawn down. A weird boy / girl wearing a costume with a dream that is particular about the details. This is a long-awaited book for fans who can enjoy the unique and unique Qin 7 world that their unique sensibility spins. Contents (From the "BOOK" database) Includes 117 illustrations by author's choice including drawing down. There is also a commentary on making, and the illusionary boys and girls in costumes with dreams stuck to the details. This is a long-awaited book for fans who can enjoy the unique unique 7 worlds of unique sensibility!
Product description:
Content introduction Collecting more than 200 drawn works of clothing characters and accessories, focusing on items used by school girls in school life. Also includes item making, numerous sketches and interviews. You may enjoy it by saying, "I wore this! Have it!" It is one book that can be enjoyed in various ways, such as making it a reference for drawing materials for uniforms. Comments from publishers The first collection of works by commercial manga artists whose works have been uploaded to SNS. In addition to drawn works, a large number of popular works on SNS
女子中高生が学校生活で用いるアイテムを中心に、着衣の人物や小物の描きおろし作品を200点以上収録。 アイテムのメイキングや多数の素描、インタビューも掲載。 「こんなの着てた! 持ってた! 」と見て楽しむもよし、 制服の描法資料として参考にするなど様々な楽しみ方の出来る1冊です。

Inhaltseinführung Sammeln von mehr als 200 gezeichneten Kleidungsstücken und Kleidungsstücken, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf den Artikeln liegt, die Schülerinnen im Schulleben verwenden. Enthält auch Artikel, zahlreiche Skizzen und Interviews. Sie können es genießen, indem Sie sagen: "Ich habe es getragen! Haben Sie es!" Es ist ein Buch, das auf verschiedene Weise genossen werden kann, beispielsweise als Referenz für das Zeichnen von Material für Uniformen. Kommentare der Verleger Die erste Sammlung von Werken kommerzieller Manga-Künstler, deren Werke bei SNS hochgeladen wurden. Neben gezeichneten Arbeiten, eine große Anzahl von populären Werken auf SNS
Introdução ao conteúdo Colecionar mais de 200 obras desenhadas de personagens e acessórios de roupa, com foco nos itens usados pelas meninas da escola na vida escolar. Também inclui a criação de itens, numerosos esboços e entrevistas. Você pode apreciá-lo dizendo: "Eu usei isso! Tenham!" É um livro que pode ser apreciado de várias maneiras, como torná-lo uma referência para materiais de desenho para uniformes. Comentários dos editores A primeira coleção de trabalhos de artistas de mangá comerciais cujos trabalhos foram enviados para o SNS. Além de trabalhos desenhados, um grande número de trabalhos populares em SNS
Introducción al contenido Recopilación de más de 200 obras dibujadas de personajes de prendas de vestir y accesorios, que se centran en los elementos utilizados por las niñas de la escuela en la vida escolar. También incluye la elaboración de artículos, numerosos bocetos y entrevistas. Puede disfrutarlo diciendo: "¡Usé esto! ¡Téngalo!" Es un libro que se puede disfrutar de varias maneras, como por ejemplo, para que sea un material de dibujo para uniformes. Comentarios de los editores La primera colección de obras de artistas de manga comerciales cuyos trabajos se han cargado en SNS. Además de los trabajos dibujados, un gran número de trabajos populares en SNS
Giới thiệu nội dung Thu thập hơn 200 tác phẩm được vẽ từ các nhân vật và phụ kiện quần áo, tập trung vào các vật phẩm được sử dụng bởi các nữ sinh trong đời sống học đường. Cũng bao gồm làm vật phẩm, nhiều bản phác thảo và các cuộc phỏng vấn. Bạn có thể thích nó bằng cách nói, "Tôi đã mặc cái này! Có nó!" Đó là một cuốn sách có thể được thưởng thức theo nhiều cách khác nhau, chẳng hạn như làm cho nó trở thành một tài liệu tham khảo để vẽ các vật liệu cho đồng phục. Nhận xét từ các nhà xuất bản Bộ sưu tập tác phẩm đầu tiên của các họa sĩ truyện tranh thương mại có tác phẩm đã được tải lên SNS. Ngoài các tác phẩm được vẽ, một số lượng lớn các tác phẩm phổ biến trên SNS
การแนะนำเนื้อหารวบรวมงานเขียนตัวละครและเครื่องประดับมากกว่า 200 ชิ้นโดยเน้นไปที่ไอเท็มที่เด็กนักเรียนใช้ในชีวิตการเรียน รวมถึงการทำไอเท็มสเก็ตช์และการสัมภาษณ์จำนวนมาก คุณอาจสนุกกับมันด้วยการพูดว่า "ฉันสวมนี่สิ! มีเลย!" มันเป็นหนังสือเล่มหนึ่งที่สามารถเพลิดเพลินได้หลายวิธีเช่นทำให้เป็นข้อมูลอ้างอิงสำหรับการวาดภาพวัสดุสำหรับเครื่องแบบ ความคิดเห็นจากผู้เผยแพร่ชุดแรกของผลงานโดยศิลปินมังงะเชิงพาณิชย์ที่มีการอัพโหลดผลงานไปยัง SNS นอกจากผลงานที่วาดแล้วผลงานยอดนิยมจำนวนมากใน SNS
내용 소개 여자 중고생이 학교 생활에서 사용하는 아이템을 중심으로 착의의 인물이나 소품의 일러스트 작품을 200 점 이상수록. 아이템의 제작 및 다수의 소묘 인터뷰도 게재. "이런 입었다! 가지고 있었다!"라고보고 즐기는 것도 좋고, 유니폼 描法 자료로 참고할 등 다양한 즐거움이있는 1 권입니다. 출판사의 의견 SNS에 올린 작품이 인기의 상업 만화가에 의한 첫 작품집. 신작 작품 외에도 SNS에서 인기있는 작품도 다수 게재
Introduction au contenu Recueillir plus de 200 œuvres dessinées de personnages et d'accessoires vestimentaires, en mettant l'accent sur les objets utilisés par les écolières dans la vie scolaire. Comprend également la fabrication d’articles, de nombreux croquis et interviews. Vous pouvez l’apprécier en disant: «Je portais ceci! L’avoir!». C’est un livre qui peut être apprécié de différentes manières, comme en faire une référence pour le matériel de dessin des uniformes. Commentaires des éditeurs La première collection d'œuvres d'artistes de manga commerciaux dont les œuvres ont été téléchargées sur SNS. En plus des œuvres dessinées, un grand nombre d’œuvres populaires sur SNS
Introduzione al contenuto Raccolta di oltre 200 lavori disegnati di personaggi e accessori di abbigliamento, incentrati sugli oggetti usati dalle ragazze della scuola nella vita scolastica. Comprende anche la creazione di oggetti, numerosi schizzi e interviste. Potresti godertelo dicendo: "L'ho indossato! Have it!" È un libro che può essere apprezzato in vari modi, come renderlo un riferimento per disegnare materiali per uniformi. Commenti degli editori La prima raccolta di opere di artisti manga commerciali le cui opere sono state caricate su SNS. Oltre alle opere disegnate, un gran numero di lavori popolari su SNS
Pengenalan kandungan Mengumpul lebih daripada 200 karya lukisan pakaian dan aksesori pakaian, memfokuskan kepada item yang digunakan oleh gadis sekolah dalam kehidupan sekolah. Juga termasuk pembuatan item, banyak sketsa dan temu bual. Anda boleh menikmatinya dengan berkata, "Saya memakai ini! Memilikinya!" Ini adalah satu buku yang boleh dinikmati dalam pelbagai cara, seperti membuat rujukan untuk menarik bahan untuk pakaian seragam. Komen dari penerbit Koleksi pertama karya oleh artis manga komersial yang karyanya telah dimuat naik ke SNS. Selain kerja-kerja yang disediakan, sejumlah besar karya popular di SNS
Innehållsförteckning Samla in mer än 200 tecknade tecken och tillbehör till kläder, med inriktning på saker som används av skolflickor i skollivet. Innehåller också objekttillverkning, många skisser och intervjuer. Du kan njuta av det genom att säga, "Jag hade det här! Ha det!" Det är en bok som kan avnjutas på olika sätt, som att göra det en hänvisning till ritningsmaterial för uniformer. Kommentarer från utgivare Den första samlingen av verk av kommersiella mangakonstnärer vars verk har laddats upp till SNS. Förutom ritningar, ett stort antal populära verk på SNS
Innholdsinnføring Samle inn mer enn 200 tegnet klær og tilbehør, med fokus på ting brukt av skolepiger i skolelivet. Inkluderer også gjenstander, mange skisser og intervjuer. Du kan nyte det ved å si "Jeg hadde dette! Ha det!" Det er en bok som kan nytes på ulike måter, for eksempel å gjøre det til en referanse for tegnematerialer til uniformer. Kommentarer fra utgivere Den første samlingen av arbeider av kommersielle manga artister som har blitt lastet opp til SNS. I tillegg til tegnet verk, er et stort antall populære verk på SNS
Wprowadzenie treści Gromadzenie ponad 200 rysowanych dzieł postaci i akcesoriów odzieżowych, skupiających się na przedmiotach używanych przez szkolne dziewczęta w życiu szkolnym. Obejmuje również tworzenie przedmiotów, liczne szkice i wywiady. Możesz cieszyć się tym, mówiąc: „Nosiłem to! Komentarze wydawców Pierwsza kolekcja dzieł artystów mangi komercyjnych, których prace zostały przesłane do SNS. Oprócz rysowanych prac, duża liczba popularnych utworów na SNS
Indholdsfortegnelse Indsamling af mere end 200 tegnede beklædningsgenstande og tilbehør, der fokuserer på varer, der bruges af skolepiger i skolelivet. Inkluderer også genstande, mange skitser og interviews. Du kan godt lide det ved at sige "Jeg havde det her!" Det er en bog, der kan nydes på forskellige måder, som f.eks. At gøre det til en henvisning til tegning af materialer til uniformer. Kommentarer fra udgivere Den første samling af værker af kommercielle manga kunstnere, hvis værker er blevet uploadet til SNS. Ud over tegnet værker er et stort antal populære værker på SNS
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