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Higuchi Yuko Art Works CIRCUS Paperbacks-20/19/20

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[en] Content introduction If a giant creature appears in front of the eyes ...? Collection of illustrations of healing and awe mixed 1st works of rare painter, thing Kubo that continues to draw a profound world. It contains a large number of illustrations, such as the "Blessing Chapter" where giant creatures bring healing, and the "Awe" Chapter, which evokes reverence, as well as making and review of all works. Contents (from the "BOOK" database) It is a journey similar to a miracle. Kubo's first art collection of up-and-coming illustrators. Also includes the popular Giant Creatures Series and a series of drawn works.
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[en] Content introduction JC Leyen Dekka, who drew many works during the golden age of American illustration and was one of the largest and most popular artists, drew the hearts of the masses with stylish and impressive depictions of handsome men and glamor women. I grabbed you. Also known as "Lyendecker Look", the pattern that you can see immediately plays a role in creating the face of the country of America, from which many designs still known are created, creating a brand in advertising It came to be done. However, until now, little is known about the person behind the art. The illustration drawn by Norman Rockwell, called "The Takumi of the Magazine Cover", and later given to us by Leyden Decker, displayed the covers of all major magazines. Also in the ad, he drew works to support the promotion of a wide range of products, from cutting-edge men's clothing to ivory soap and Kellogg's corn flakes. However, the most well-known is probably the portrait of the Arrow Collar Man, which became the first sex symbol as a man, and the first ad star to gain popularity from both sexes. This refined and elegant image of the gentle gentleman makes the hearts of millions of people who saw it squeeze a gorgeous lifestyle into a thriving society. However, there are few people who know that this Arrow-colored man's model was Charles Beach, the long-time lover of Leyen Dekker. Leyendecker did not talk in detail about his private life, as he escaped from the world's snoop on homosexuality. In this book, along with the cover of more than 600 originals, photographs, advertisements, and magazines of Leyen Deker, we unravel the many mysteries that have remained until today, revealing the true image. Comment from the publisher "JC LEYENDECKER" ABRAMS, 2008, translated version.
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[en] Content introduction Collecting more than 200 drawn works of clothing characters and accessories, focusing on items used by school girls in school life. Also includes item making, numerous sketches and interviews. You may enjoy it by saying, "I wore this! Have it!" It is one book that can be enjoyed in various ways, such as making it a reference for drawing materials for uniforms. Comments from publishers The first collection of works by commercial manga artists whose works have been uploaded to SNS. In addition to drawn works, a large number of popular works on SNS
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Question 7 Works 1017 Book (soft cover)-March 23, 2017
[en] Content introduction "1017" is a collection of commercial first works of Mr. Kenshi! A collection of commercial first works of illustrators who work in character design of popular online games. A comment is added to the illustration of 117 points by the author's own choice including the drawing down with a little bit. Also included are a number of illustrations that have been revised and corrected for this work collection. Furthermore there is also a making commentary of the illustration drawn down. A weird boy / girl wearing a costume with a dream that is particular about the details. This is a long-awaited book for fans who can enjoy the unique and unique Qin 7 world that their unique sensibility spins. Contents (From the "BOOK" database) Includes 117 illustrations by author's choice including drawing down. There is also a commentary on making, and the illusionary boys and girls in costumes with dreams stuck to the details. This is a long-awaited book for fans who can enjoy the unique unique 7 worlds of unique sensibility!
Product description:
内容介绍艺术家Higuchi Yuko的最新艺术书籍,吸引了来自世界各地和日本的关注。这是一本关于粉丝杂志和必备品的书,其中全身的作品以224页的大量出版,此外,还出版了本书(“怯怯卑怯蝙蝠”)的16页。出版商第一部作品“Higuchi Yuko Works”(Shosha)的评论是一系列与作品完全不同的作品,没有出现在世界上的作品,也充满了几乎看不到粉丝的珍贵作品。
Content introduction The latest art book of the artist, Higuchi Yuko, which is attracting attention from around the world as well as Japan. This is a book of fan magazines and must-haves, in which the works of the whole body are published in a large volume of 224 pages, and further, the 16 pages drawn for this book ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠") are also posted. Comments from the publisher 1st work collection "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) is a collection of works that are completely different from the works, works that did not appear in the world, is also full of valuable works that hardly see the fans.

Inhaltseinführung Die neueste Kunstsammlung des Malers, Higuchi Yuko, der sowohl aus der ganzen Welt als auch aus Japan auf sich aufmerksam macht. Dies ist ein Buch mit Fan-Magazinen und Must-Haves, in dem die Werke des gesamten Körpers in einem großen Umfang von 224 Seiten veröffentlicht werden, und außerdem werden die 16 für dieses Buch gezeichneten Seiten ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠") veröffentlicht. Kommentare aus dem Verlag 1. Werksammlung "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) ist eine Sammlung von Werken, die sich völlig von den Werken unterscheiden, Werke, die nicht auf der Welt erschienen, und auch voller wertvoller Werke, die die Fans kaum sehen.
Introdução de conteúdo O mais recente livro de arte do artista, Higuchi Yuko, que está atraindo a atenção de todo o mundo, assim como do Japão. Este é um livro de revistas de fãs e must-haves, no qual os trabalhos de todo o corpo são publicados em um grande volume de 224 páginas, e ainda, as 16 páginas desenhadas para este livro ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠") também são postadas. Comentários da editora 1ª obra coleção "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) é uma coleção de obras que são completamente diferentes das obras, obras que não apareceram no mundo, também é repleta de trabalhos valiosos que dificilmente veem os fãs.
Введение в содержание Последняя коллекция произведений искусства Higuchi Yuko, привлекающая внимание всего мира и Японии. Это книга фанатских журналов и обязательных материалов, в которой произведения всего тела публикуются в большом объеме в 224 страницы, и, кроме того, 16 страниц, нарисованных для этой книги ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠"), также опубликованы. Комментарии издателя 1-го сборника работ «Higuchi Yuko Works» (Шоша) представляют собой сборник произведений, которые полностью отличаются от произведений, произведений, которых не было в мире, также полны ценных работ, которые вряд ли увидят поклонники.
Introducción de contenido El último libro de arte del artista, Higuchi Yuko, que está atrayendo la atención de todo el mundo y Japón. Este es un libro de revistas y artículos imprescindibles para fanáticos, en el que las obras de todo el cuerpo se publican en un gran volumen de 224 páginas y, además, se publican las 16 páginas dibujadas para este libro ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠"). Los comentarios de la primera colección de obras del editor "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) es una colección de obras que son completamente diferentes de las obras, obras que no aparecieron en el mundo, también están llenas de obras valiosas que casi no ven los fans.
การแนะนำเนื้อหาหนังสือศิลปะล่าสุดของศิลปิน Higuchi Yuko ซึ่งดึงดูดความสนใจจากทั่วโลกเช่นเดียวกับญี่ปุ่น นี่คือหนังสือของนิตยสารแฟนคลับและสิ่งที่ต้องห้ามซึ่งผลงานของทั้งร่างกายได้รับการตีพิมพ์ในปริมาณมากถึง 224 หน้าและยิ่งไปกว่านั้นยังมีการวาดภาพ 16 หน้าสำหรับหนังสือเล่มนี้ ความคิดเห็นจากคอลเล็กชั่นผลงานของผู้จัดพิมพ์ครั้งที่ 1 "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) เป็นคอลเล็กชั่นงานที่แตกต่างอย่างสิ้นเชิงจากงานที่ไม่ปรากฏในโลกนี้
내용 소개 일본뿐만 아니라 세계에서 주목 받고있는 화가 히구찌유우코의 최신 화집. 혼신의 작품을 224 페이지라는 대 볼륨으로 올려 더욱 책을위한 신작 작품 16 페이지 ( "비겁한 박쥐 ')에도 게재 된 팬 군침도 · 핸드북 한 권입니다. 출판사의 의견 1st 작품집 "히구찌유우코 작품집」(소사 간)은 모든 다른 작품을수록하고 세상에 나오지 않았던 작품 대부분 팬도보고되지 않은 귀중한 작품도 가득합니다.
مقدمة المحتوى أحدث مجموعة فنية من الرسام هيجوتشي يوكو التي تجذب الانتباه من العالم وكذلك اليابان. هذا كتاب من مجلات المعجبين وأولئك الذين لا بد من نشرهم ، حيث يتم نشر أعمال الجسم كله في مجلد كبير من 224 صفحة ، وكذلك ، يتم نشر الصفحات الـ 16 المرسومة لهذا الكتاب ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠"). تعليقات مجموعة العمل الأولى للناشر "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) هي عبارة عن مجموعة من الأعمال التي تختلف تمامًا عن الأعمال ، والأعمال التي لم تظهر في العالم ، كما أنها مليئة بالأعمال القيمة التي بالكاد ترى المشجعين.
內容介紹藝術家Higuchi Yuko的最新藝術書籍,吸引了來自世界各地和日本的關注。這是一本關於粉絲雜誌和必備品的書,其中全身的作品以224頁的大量出版,此外,還出版了本書(“怯怯卑怯蝙蝠”)的16頁。出版商第一部作品“Higuchi Yuko Works”(Shosha)的評論是一系列與作品完全不同的作品,沒有出現在世界上的作品,也充滿了幾乎看不到粉絲的珍貴作品。
Introduction au contenu Le dernier livre d'art de l'artiste, Higuchi Yuko, attire l'attention du monde entier ainsi que du Japon. Il s'agit d'un livre de magazines de fans et de must-have, dans lequel les œuvres de tout le corps sont publiées dans un volume important de 224 pages. Les 16 pages de ce livre ("卑怯 蝙蝠") sont également postées. Commentaires de l'éditeur La 1ère collection d'œuvres "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) est une collection d'œuvres complètement différentes des œuvres, œuvres qui n'apparaissent pas dans le monde, regorge également d'œuvres de valeur qui ne voient guère les fans.
Pengenalan kandungan Buku seni terbaru dari artis, Higuchi Yuko, yang menarik perhatian dari seluruh dunia serta Jepun. Ini adalah buku majalah penggemar dan mesti mempunyai, di mana karya seluruh badan diterbitkan dalam jumlah besar 224 muka surat, dan seterusnya, 16 halaman yang ditarik untuk buku ini ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠") juga disiarkan. Komen-komen daripada penerbitan karya 1 penerbit "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) adalah koleksi karya yang sama sekali berbeza dengan karya-karya, karya yang tidak muncul di dunia, juga penuh dengan karya-karya berharga yang tidak dapat dilihat para peminat.
Wprowadzenie do treści Najnowsza książka artystyczna Higuchi Yuko, która przyciąga uwagę zarówno z całego świata, jak i Japonii. Jest to książka z czasopismami i fanami, w których prace całego ciała są publikowane w dużej objętości 224 stron, a ponadto 16 stron narysowanych dla tej książki („卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠”) jest również publikowanych. Komentarze z pierwszej kolekcji wydawniczej „Higuchi Yuko Works” (Shosha) to zbiór prac, które są całkowicie różne od dzieł, które nie pojawiły się na świecie, a także pełne cennych dzieł, które prawie nie widzą fanów.
Introduzione al contenuto L'ultimo libro d'arte dell'artista, Higuchi Yuko, che sta attirando l'attenzione di tutto il mondo e del Giappone. Questo è un libro di fan magazine e must have, in cui le opere di tutto il corpo sono pubblicate in un grande volume di 224 pagine, e inoltre, sono pubblicate anche le 16 pagine disegnate per questo libro ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠"). Commenti dell'editore 1a collezione di lavoro "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) è una raccolta di opere completamente diverse dalle opere, opere che non appaiono nel mondo, è anche piena di opere preziose che difficilmente vedono i fan.
Indholdsfortegnelse Den nyeste kunstbog af kunstneren Higuchi Yuko, der tiltrækker opmærksomhed fra hele verden og Japan. Dette er en bog med fan magasiner og must-haves, hvor værkerne af hele kroppen offentliggøres i en stor mængde på 224 sider, og desuden er de 16 sider, der er tegnet for denne bog ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠") også publiceret. Kommentarer fra udgiveren 1. Arbejdssamling "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) er en samling af værker, der er helt forskellige fra værkerne, værker, der ikke forekom i verden, er også fulde af værdifulde værker, der næppe ser fansen.
Innehåll Introduktion Den senaste konstsamlingen av målare, Higuchi Yuko som lockar uppmärksamhet från världen och Japan. Det här är en bok med fläktmagasiner och must-haves, där hela kroppsarbeten publiceras i en stor volym på 224 sidor, och vidare är de 16 sidorna som ritats för denna bok ("卑怯 卑怯 蝙蝠") också publicerade. Kommentarer från förlaget Första arbetskollektionen "Higuchi Yuko Works" (Shosha) är en samling verk som är helt annorlunda än de verk, verk som inte kom ut i världen, är också fulla av värdefulla verk som knappt ser fansen.
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