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KIKUYA Japanese Cake

Shop(Team) is located in:Japan
Shop Manager
Honke Kikuya

Long-established Japanese-style confection store followed in Nara Prefecture is more than 400 years. Founder 0/1585. Taste of tradition from generation to generation through all eternity, and the depth to be 26 kyuzaemon kikuya eiju will be delivered.

1800  Yen
Green tea sponge cake one Honke Kikuya
3240  Yen
Kiku No Sato 10 Piece Set / Honke Kikuya
3520  Yen
Jelly 4 pieces (shiunji assorted 2-chestnut yokan 2) upstream / kikuya
840  Yen
Chestnut yokan Kuri Yokan (Chestnut) and upstream kikuya
840  Yen
Seiryukan Yokan / Honke Kikuya
840  Yen
Shiunkan Yokan/ Honke Kikuya
3520  Yen
Yokan Set of 4Bars (2 Seiryukan,​ 1 Shiunkan,​ 1 Kuri Yokan) Japanese Cake/ Honnke Kikuya
3520  Yen
Yokan 4 Stick Set (2 Seiryukan,​ 2 Kuri Yokan) Japanese Yokan/Honnke Kikuya
1670  Yen
Kiku No Sato 5 Piece Set Oshiruko (sweet dessert soup)/ Honnke Kikuya