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Hello, my name is 'Q'. While working as a stage prop House, work production and sales. The material is wool felt. Attracted to the colour we can put the color flexible modeling of clay with wool felt-like, oil painting, space and animals are making hats and accessories on the theme. From 2015, has begun. Please and thank you!

109.62  US Dollar
Kejser pingvin pilot Hat
109.62  US Dollar
Barn pingvin pilot Hat
155.3  US Dollar
Cockatiel ensartet vinter hovedbeklædninger
164.43  US Dollar
Ensartet vinter hovedbeklædninger af Macaw
118.76  US Dollar
Får med barn
20.1  US Dollar
Jorden og månen øreringe
21.92  US Dollar
Verden globe øreringe
73.08  US Dollar
Jorden hat (Navy)
91.35  US Dollar
Månen beret
20.1  US Dollar
Af jorden og månen øreringe
146.16  US Dollar
Frog jagt
173.57  US Dollar
Papegøje ensartet vinter hovedbeklædninger
100.49  US Dollar
Isbjørn Hat
100.49  US Dollar
Giant Panda Hat
118.76  US Dollar
Panda Hat